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OCF to Fenty Write-In: Cease and Desist

The Office of Campaign Finance has issued a "cease and desist" order to the rag-tag bunch of Still Mayor Adrian Fenty diehards who are running a write-in campaign (which is called, Save DC Now).

The order, issued yesterday, says that individuals associated with the Save DC Now used Fenty's primary campaign literature "in violation of the Campaign Finance Act and failed to place the disclosure notices required" on said lit. "The campaign literature was used without the authority of the Fenty 2010 Committee, and the literature was neither donated nor contributed by the Fenty 2010 Committee to the Save DC Now Committee."

OCF says the write-in folk were ordered to stop immediately (like it matters) and could face $500 fines for subsequent violations.

  • joan

    lock up these whack-jobs

  • Peter Rosenstein

    I hope they don't get fined but realize what they did only hurts Adrian Fenty and in the long run our City. No matter how many votes he gets he won't win and it makes him a two time loser since he didn't disavow them loudly and clearly enough.

    We need to unite this City not continue to try to divide it. Adrian Fenty lost the primary not because of what anyone did to him but what he did to himself.

    He had $5 million to run a campaign and couldn't manage to either find a good message or run a good commercial. I think as the article in the Washington Post said the day after the election it is because Adrian did what candidates are told not to do and that is micro-manage their own campaigns. It is like being your own lawyer, it rarely works.

    I hope Adrian finds a good job and moves on. Those running this write in are making that a little more difficult for him. I understand the youth doing this but there are some adults involved that should really know better.

    While I am a Vince Gray supporter I agree that like all politicians he will need to be watched carefully and held to account. But I support him because there is a basic decency about Vince Gray. He actually likes people and through his efforts and his career we know he wants to do what is right for them. He cares about the least among us and that is a good sign. He cares about the civil rights of all people and has acted to move them forward and that is a good sign as well.

    Uniting this City won't be an easy task and I hope that after this failed write-in campaign that the people behind it will join in the effort to unite us.

  • hungrypug

    Peter Rosenstein beats a dead horse (of decrying a poor reelection campaign) while admonishing others not to beat dead horses (by voting for whom they please). [26 words + 1 cliche * 2 uses]

    Gray's veneer of basic decency is wearing off even faster than many of his detractors expected. Even before he has to name a cabinet, he's surrounded himself with the likes of Reuben Charles and Marc Barnes. Gray will have to do better if he expects others to unite behind him.

  • Skipper

    The "One City" shtick is hella lame.

  • Mary

    In a free democracy you can vote for anyone you please. Fenty is still the best candidate for Mayor and will do the most for the city. Anthony Williams ran a write-in campaign when he did not have enough signatures on his petitions to get on the ballot. I don't remember all this nonesense about did he have new signs and literature for his wirte-in campaign, as a matter of fact I don't think he did. Was that done according to the rules or are those rules changing for each candidate? Write-in Fenty and save the city.

  • http://dcjack.org Jack

    "Save the city" -- c'mon, get real. Vincent Gray is as moderate as they come. And Fenty dissipated the city's savings, leaving a fiscal wreck behind. Fenty lost the primary, get over it, move on.

  • KappaNupe

    On Sunday afternoon, a guy was placing Fenty signs on 16th Street, NW starting at Kennedy Street, NW going up to Military Road, NW. I knew this was illegal and I start to go out there on Sunday night and take the Fenty signs down. I hope after Gray becomes the official mayor of the District of Columbia today, Ellie Anderson, Joshua Lopez, Jourdiana Brown, and other Fenty supporters will accept the fact their canidate lost. Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser will be fired in 2012.

  • downtown rez

    Perhaps at the party tonight Gray and Kwame will prevail on Marc Barnes to pay the $860K in taxes that he owes.
    That would help with the "fiscal wreck" you seem to think our finances are, yes?

  • DCDem

    Skirting the law out of arrogant self interest is part and parcel to Adrian Fenty, as well as, his staunchest supporters.

    To them, the law is a trivality to be overcome not followed.

    Their dawn is upon them. They will either step up and help move the city forward or stand on the sidelines for the next 4 years yelping pitifully like Ole' Yeller...

  • Brightwood DC

    Downtown Rez and Truth Hurts, you both seem to be bitter middle age white men. If you don't like black people, then move to middle America with a majority white City Council, mayor, and Governor.

    You both never have anything positive to say regarding blacks. Such negative energy you have.

  • Brightwood DC

    Downtown Rez, the only reason you white guys like Adrian Fenty, Fenty didn't consider himself to be black and he favored whites over blacks by treating them better by building them dog parks and bike lanes.

  • Jacob


    The reason Williams didn't have to buy new signs is that his campaign committee (which purchased the signs) also ran the write-in campaign meaning that the legal text (paid for and authorized by, etc) on the signs was still accurate. In this case, the legal entity which purchased the signs (and is listed in the legal text on them) is not affiliated with the write-in campaign and did not authorize its' use of the signs.

    Adrian Fenty has announced that he does not support the write-in campaign and urged his supporters to vote for Gray. As the write-in effort is not funded/endorsed/authorized by Fenty or the Fenty 2010 committee using signs and other campaign materials which claim otherwise is deceptive and therefore illegal.

  • clevelandpkresident2

    When the write-in campaign fails the next cry from the disgruntled will be "succession".

    Hopefully it will keep them busy and out of the way - while the rest of us work to build a better WDC for ALL the residents not just a privileged few.

  • Navy Yard

    clevelandpkresident2, I think you mean "secession."

    Brightwood DC, way to throw down that race card. I don't know either of the commenters that you reference, but your thoughts sound equally as ingorant. Williams moved the city forward, which Fenty continued, but I guess neither was black enough for you.

    We'll see if Gray can keep the city moving in the right direction while still placating those of the Marion Barry ilk that enjoy a parasitic relationship with DC.

  • Ariadne

    Wow...sitting back hearing the barbs flow back and forth is amazing. I wonder how many of you are miserable DC Govt workers who have been living in terror of the Fenty-man to go on one of his rampages and fire half your office...or better yet...give the nod to a bunch of 20 somethings with no experience and make them your boss at twice your salary! Do I expect Gray to work miracles? No. He didn't go to school at Hogwarts so he can't work magic. However, talking with the people that I know of that have had first hand dealings with him, he is committed to working for and helping people.
    Thats why he gets my vote.


    Adrian Fenty betrayed many black voters in Washington, D.C. by playing racial politics. It was the majority black voters like myself in Ward 4 who campaigned and worked hard to help him unseat the 20 year incumbent Charlene Drew Jarvis. King Fenty deserved to be fired from his kingdom (Wilson Building). Hopefully, other black politicians in the U.S. will learn from King Fenty's mistakes by not turning against the electorate that got them elected into office. I am a Howard University graduate and Howard's Homecoming was last weekend. I'm positive Mayor Adrian M. Fenty didn't attend Howard's Homecoming. I don't recall King Fenty attending a Howard Homecoming in the last 10 years during his tenure in political office. How can you be a Howard graduate and the mayor of Washington, D.C. and not give back to Howard University? This is sad because Mayor Fenty is a graduate of Howard University Law School and he is a member of a black Greek (Divine 9) Fraternity. Mayor Fenty appeared at the mostly gay white high heel race (Grand Marshall) in DuPont Circle and the mostly white gay Capital Pride, but he didn't appear at Howard University's Homecoming. Several years ago, MSNBC did a live program on race relations televised from Howard University. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier was one of the panelist along with several well known black educators, activists, and celebrities. Why wasn't Mayor Adrian M. Fenty not present in the audience? King Adrian M. Fenty distanced himself from the issue of racism and discrimination. I am assuming, in his mind, he feels immune to racism, because he has a white mother?

    Looking at the pictures provided by the Washington Post, the first lady doesn't seem to be happy. It's something strange about this marriage and I suspect, it's not a happy marriage. Many politicians live in glass houses when it comes to their marriages. Many are marriages of convenience in the political area. I predict, this marriage will come to an end in the very near future. An example is the former Governor of New Jersey, James E. McGreevey.
    Shepherd Park Ward 4 resident Ellie Anderson and Josh Lopez both need to crawl back under a bridge with the rest of the trolls.

    Vincent Gray will be the next mayor of the District of Columbia. For many black D.C. voters, their vote for Gray was a vote against King Fenty because Adrian had kicked many black Ward 4 voters as well as other blacks in other D.C. Wards to the curb. King Fenty pimped black D.C. voters for our votes and he didn't have our best interest at heart.
    Once King Fenty leaves office, I hope we never see or hear from him again. Maybe his mentor New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will offer him a cabinet position or he can get a teaching position at Oberlin College in Ohio. Fenty's protege, Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser will be fired from office in 2012 by the Ward 4 voters. Muriel has been a sycophant for King Fenty during her tenure on the Council of the District of Columbia.

    Native Washingtonian
    Former Fenty Supporter

  • Jimbo

    EEK! I hope some of the posters don't meet in a dark alley. Don't we live in a democracy? Doesn't sound like it?

  • Truth Hurts

    I am a black woman and Fenty supporter and the racists attacks on Fenty and his supporters sickens me. FYI - there are blacks who support Fenty. Reading these racist (yes some are outright racist) comments scare me. Fenty made mistakes, for which his campaign suffered, but nearly ALL the reviews showed that he performed and was not reelected because he didn't pander to voters. That may have been a mistake, but DC or the country will never progress if people keep voting for people who they like, rather than the people who can deliver results. That's the same stupid logic you heard from people who said they like Sarah Palin because they can take a drink with her and she was just like them.


    Truth Hurts, I too always thought you were a white male. Maybe you are a man in Drag like Ward 4 Couniclmember Muriel Bowser. Bowser is Fenty in Drag. Bowser was a puppet for King Fenty. LOL LOL

    I am sorry, but personailty do matters to people. No one prefers to vote for an individual who's nasty and lacking social skills. Fenty was racist towards blacks. It's called having a slave mentality. He treated white D.C. residents better and he devalued blacks. I hope I never see Adrian again in life. I lost his personal cell and email address months ago and I blocked him from sending me emails. He will reap what he has sowed.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    I highly doubt that TH is a black woman or that Drez is a biracial, formerly homeless individual, but neither descriptions would change my opinion about their opinions. I'm not Black nor am I lower-income, but heavily favored Gray during this past election season. For anyone to ignore the racial dynamics of DC politics is simply stupid. Fenty ignored this (running a triathalon the Sunday before the primaries) and Gray capitalized on it (visiting every Black Church in DC the Sunday before the primaries). I never thought Fenty was ever particularly focused on one constituency over another. I never thought he was particularly focused on anyone but himself and his friends.
    Everyone who heavily favored the guy just didn't know him that well or were privilege to his behavior towards staffers, the council, or hell, anyone really.