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Vincent Orange: I Am a Winner!

LL received a pretty interesting email thread a minute ago from Vincent Orange, who lost the D.C. Council Chairman's race to Kwame Brown and now wants to be Brown's replacement as an at-large councilmember.

Orange (or someone using an email address Orange used during his campaign) wrote to D.C. Democratic State Committee members (who will get to choose Brown's replacement) in response to an email from a resident who said he would be "very upset" if the committee "appointed a person that your constituents have rejected time and time again."

From: <vo40@aol.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: A voters view.
To: dcdemocraticparty@gmail.com, DC Democratic State Committee <dcdemocrats@googlegroups.com>

Michael Brown was rejected several times and now he is an outstanding at-large Councilmember.

Rushern Baker was rejected several times and now he will be the Prince Georgia's County Executive.

Abraham Lincoln was rejected so many times that it was unbelievable that he became President of the United States.

Vincent is a winner. He won as Ward 5 Councilmember twice; and he won as the Democratic National Committeeman. Each time in his elected position he has been extremely successful. The accomplishments and success are second to none; and are well documented.

In three months, when all the endorsements and money had been locked up, Vincent Orange walked away in the Chairman's race with nearly 48,000 voters believing he should be Chairman.

Don't be fooled. "Life's battles don't always go to the strong or fastest man, but soon or late the man who wins is the one who thinks he can."

GOD is in charge! And he will deliver Vincent Orange when he is ready. Vincent Orange is a very blessed man and GOD is preparing him to serve mankind very well.

The beauty about democracy is that it boils down to the one person, one vote theory. The majority prevails. Michael Brown was rejected several times and now he is an outstanding at-large Councilmember.

Those Democratic State Committee members with smart phones are likely reading Orange's email right now over free drinks at the Buddha Bar provided by one of Orange's rivals, Jacque Patterson.

  • Southeast Resident

    The only reason why VO may lock this seat up is by default. The State Committee doesn't seem to have many other better choices. The State Committee would be smart in collecting some of that left over VO campaign cash for that seat. He certainly makes for a better choice than a serial slacker like Patterson, or Leo "Preacher" Alexander, Michael "Whitey" Brown, Debbie "undercover" Royster or Clark "Rent a Cop" Ray.


    Vincent Orange is an opportunist troll!

  • American Rogue

    Vincent Orange made the serious mistake of ignoring the power of senior citizens in ward 5. Two ladies, senior residents of ward 5, were the lead of a contingent seeking Orange's assistance when he was still on the council: several halfway houses in and around the same neighborhood (20th street N.E.) which was - and still is a violation of DC law. Due to the fact that Mr. Orange did not return their calls, these ladies, being from the real "old school" went to his home (re: “You Sir work for us....”). Orange sat there bugged-eyed and told the ladies that he "had more important things to do!" He has lost every election since then! He may get this seat by default, but I assure you the very next time he needs to earn votes, the citizen's network has put him permanently of the person no grata list!

  • GoodThoughts

    Ah! The plot thickens!!

    I rec'd the EXACT SAME EMAIL -- after using the 'Contact Us' button at DC Democratic State Committee website http://www.dcdsc.org

    I had written in to express my concerns as a voter that the committee might APPOINT a candidate that voters had just declined to ELECT.

    DC Democratic State Committee forwarded my email to VO's personal email account.

    When I called the committee about this breach of my privacy after having used their website (my email included my address, etc.) I was informed that every email sent to their website goes to all of the committee members (VO included)via an email list.
    1. That's an odd policy and should be noted on the site before one uses the 'Contact Us' link. But I won't contest it.
    2. HOWEVER the email thread shows that the webmaster forwarded my mail to the email list AND CCed VO's personal acct -- taking the time to ensure that Orange noticed my comment about him and ensuring that I get the (what now appears as) auto-generated crazy mail from that account.

    We need to hold DC Democratic State Committee accountable for this.

  • how it works

    The Democratic voters just chose Kwame Brown to be their candidate to run for Council Chair, after a bruising battle with Vincent Orange.

    Orange, when he was a Council member, sued the sitting chair and other members of council.

    If Orange thinks Kwame Brown and the other Democrats on Council will now support his efforts to the SELECTED after he failed to get ELECTED, he is exceptionally delusional, even for a DC politician.

  • downtown rez

    I'm still shocked and dismayed that the Dem ticket will run someone so fiscally irresponsible for council chair.
    Having personal debts in one thing. Being sued by multiple banks for debts incurred over bling- cars and boats-is another.
    DC needs to move past electing irresponsible fools.

  • Concerned

    If the party nominates someone who the city rejected it would be slap in the face to the residents. If the democratic party is serious about building here - they they should let the people decide in the special election.

    Vincent Orange just seems he needs a job. I remember when he said that he wouldn't be interested in returning back to the Council if he wasn't elected Chair. He had a "different skillset" since being a Pepco executive. Given the state of Pepco - I wouldn't elect him.

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  • nunyabiz

    "Michael Brown was rejected several times and now he is an outstanding at-large Councilmember.:

    Good grief. Michael Brown's representation comes nowhere near "outstanding", especially since he is frequently "standingOUTside" of WMATA board meetings chatting on his cell. Starting the spiel with that lie is enough reason to not take Vince Orange seriously.

  • Eric

    That rather bizarre message probably best demonstrates why he should not be elected tot the Council. While not privy to the inner workings/machinations of the selection process I am hard pressed to not believe there are more qualified candidates available for this important position.

  • Wonder Woman

    @Downtown Rez Preach!

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