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Fire Chief Dennis Rubin Says Goodbye

Dennis RubinFriday afternoon breaking news from WTOP and the Post, D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin is stepping down to be a fireman in the Dominican Republic resort town of Sosua be a consultant until he figures out what he wants to do next.

Rubin has decided to let the city know by sending out this mass email to his contacts:

From: Rubin, Dennis (FEMS) [mailto:Dennis.Rubin@dc.gov]
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 2:37 PM
Subject: Contact Information For Dennis Rubin
Hello Everyone:

Attached is my new contact information. Please start using this information immediately. I will be leaving the District of Columbia Fire Department effective January 2, 2011 as the new Administration takes over. My current plan is to provide consultant services until I find a full time position that is a good fit for me. I wanted everyone to know how to maintain contact with me and thank everyone for their support during the last four years. What a great opportunity that Mayor Fenty has provided and I will leave this great City without regret.

In other public safety news, Police Chief Cathy Lanier said on the Kojo Nnamdi Show today that she likes her current gig and would like to keep it.

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    I like Police Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier and I hope she stays around to continue to be our Police Chief.

  • Southeast Resident

    The off loading of baggage continues. Good riddance to this liar and part of the King Fenty cover up to give city assets away. The only reason that no one got jail time on this is because it was exposed. I hope that he will not be consulting for the DC government anytime soon. I also hope that Grandpa Munster Nickles, Neil "no show" Albert, clueless Mr. Walsh at Department of Employment Services, deadbeat section 8 tenant friend LaRuby May at DC Housing Authority, and Peaceoholics best friend Leila Edmonds at the Department of Housing are the next ones pushed out the door.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    @ Ward4NDC....I normally agree with you brother, but Lanier needs to go too. Gray needs to started flesh.Empty them all out and started with his own people. Trust me on this one. She needs to go.

  • Sigmund Freud

    Lanier should stay. Gray will make a tweak or two that will make her even better.

  • dcresident8

    Lanier has to go. Gray has to start fresh. Lanier is tied closely with Peter Nickles who she raves about. There are so many racial issues in MPDC and Lanier and Nickles were able to cover them up. Now they will come out. Gray is not beholden to you Lanier lovers. She is toast, no matter what she tell kojo.

  • Terry Miller

    I guess Rubin must have gotten the message that he did not stand a chance in the new regime. But I am confused by his e-mail, becuase it sounds like he is going to be consulting, while still working as Fire/EMS Chief. And if he is, should he be sending out his contact information using the official D.C. internet.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    #3. Should be "Gray needs to started fresh". My bad...

  • http://dcjack.org Jack

    Former MPD Chief Ramsey politely resigned as of the first day of Fenty's tenure, to allow Fenty to name his own chief of police. Lanier ought to do the same, instead of clinging to her post.

    As for Chief Lanier, has anybody noticed that robberies are up in the District since her arrival? During Ramsey's years, robberies averaged 3500 per year. During Lanier's tenure, the average has been 4000 per year. Not only does this bespeak ineffective police tactics, it's a statistic that the MPD sweeps under the rug, hoping nobody will notice.

  • http://www.dino-dc.com deangold

    Hey Jack, does she get any credit for reducing murder rates dramatically? I guess not.

  • tired

    Hey deangold those were FBI stats.

  • tired

    She needs to go.

  • http://www.facebook.com Joseph Martin

    Chief Dennis Rubin was always extremely helpful, immediately accessible and highly responsive and most informative during my years in the Mayor's Office of Community Relations and Services serving in Wards 2 and 4 during the Fenty Administration.

    I cannot thank Chief Rubin enough for the help that he and his colleagues provided on the many fire scenes, so many tragic, to which I had to respond in my years in the Mayor's Office.

    I will never forget his personal helpfulness and time and heroic work of the hundreds of first responders at the scene of the Metro train crash near Ft. Totten.

    It was an honor to know and work with this gentleman.

    Joseph Martin

  • Not Impressed

    Ask the people (the firemen) who do the work in the streets what they think of Dennis Rubin. I think you'll get a very different opinion.

  • DC RES

    Dennis Rubin is a fraud. Yes, he kisses up to the mayor and the mayor's staff publicly. Responsive, he is not. Time has proven that Dennis lacks substance. His performance while head of DC Fire clearly indicates that he does not have the education, knowledge, skills, nor leaderships ability to head a big city department.

    More than ninety percent of the members of DC Fire are happy to see Rubin resign. He is a poor manager. Rubin has worsened relations inside the department, between the union and members, and amongst the department and the community. Rubin has been uncooperative and ineffective with the DC City Council. I think he has done enough.

  • blkwrestl

    Lanier needs to go She covered for Fenty beating his wife and shuttliing her to PG Hospital. Cover up. Rubin needs to go he made a mess in Atlanta and here, Just ask the fire persons on the street both here and in Atlanta

  • Truth Hurts

    Yeah, the new mayor should get rid of everyone (especially if they're not black) hired during the last four years. They lie, steal, cheat, and cover it all up. Word has it some are even gay. Clean house.

    It's time to get paid.

  • TA

    I agree that Chief Lanier should politely resign the way former DC Police Chief Ramsey did so Gray can pick his own person for that job. She was hand picked right out of Fenty's Ward so Gray needs to find someone he wants in that position.

  • SuperS

    He should leave,and so should Brian Lee for telling a woman who was going on Maternity leave that her pregnacy didn't happen on the job, so why should we be responsible for your Maternity Leave. When clearly it is in the agency's by-laws that they should let a pregnant woman go on light duty until such time she goes on maternity leave.

    They already have a lawsuit for not hiring black men a and now this anti-woman issue is horrible. Please office of Inspector General investigate.

  • TaxPayer26

    It waould be irresponsibe for the new mayor to retain Cathy Lanier as the police chief. She was found GUILTY of RETALIATING against employees on two seperate occassions. She has proven herself to be a liability to any agency.

  • http://se mjones

    Aren't Homicides down across the country? In fact every major city in the States have recorded declines in homicides over the last 4 years, so when you say SHE reduced homicides, please do your research. In relation to Stats, Robberies are up and the number of people shot or stabbed have steadily increased in dc, the only thing is they havent died. That can be attributed to modern technology or poor aim, but you cant credit the police for that.

    She needs to go and go quick. Can anyone say they see more officers on the streets? How about officers doing something differently now? The All hands on Deck plan puts hundreds of officers on the street 2 days out of the month but if they arent directed, taught, or lead to do anything proactive, then its a waste of time....

    The new mayor needs to bring in someone with experience in the area of leadership and crime fighting......

  • SEdcDude

    I don't know who was worst, this idiot Rubin or that coon bear Adrian Thomas, former chief who allowed the mass insodus of WHITE, out of town hires which I'm sure lent a hand in the racial issues that made the dept. increasingly impervious to fairness today!

    What's ironic though is that that UNCLE TOM Thompson encouraged WHITE priviledge while "heavy handing" BLACKS simultaneously, BLACKS would eat there own but "look the other way" when WHITES were the defendants (WILLIE LYCNCH) so that example I'm sure played accordingly into why BLACK firefighters had to file a civil suit and ultimately FOOL RUBIN is stepping down....the damage is done..........

  • S MING


  • S MING


  • Donald G. Heffner

    Fire Chief Dennis Rubin is without a doubt one of the most trained and educated Fire Chiefs in the United States. People of D.C. have lost a great one! I have been a Fire Chief in Pennsylvania of two different fire dept.'s , so I feel I have the knowledge and experience to comment on Chief Rubin's tenure as fire chief. Not only has Chief Rubin demonstrated great leadership, but he has also dealt with a budget that is always in chaos! I have first hand experience dealing with local government and almost every single one has no understanding of what it takes to be a fireman or a fire chief nor does the public know about what it takes to be a firefighter or a fire chief. Judging by the negative comments on this page, their a few idiots in D.C. Chief Rubin will be missed!

  • rcr

    I can speak on both a professional and personnel level about Rubin. I worked under him in Atlanta and know him personnelly and I am proud to say that. He could get more done in a short peroid of time with little budget than anyone I have ever known. He brought Atlanta back from extinction after 8 years of a fire chief that had set us back 25 years. I only know part of what happened in DC but I wish he were back in Atlanta.

  • dcfd rocks

    Has anyone of you ever been a police officer or firefighter. I just cant believe you dirt bags bashing rubin and lanier. You guys think it is easy running the police and fire then you go do it. and good luck with it
    because you will get ripped to pieces. Get a LIFE all of you. Chief Rubin helped me out when no other chief would even talk to me. so much for your theories. the dc residents need to grow up and stop bashing and start helping

  • Ricardo Cabeza

    Hey folks, DCRes is absolutely right. "The Rube" simply goes from place to place, screws up the fire deaprtment beyond all repair, then moves on to the next victim fire department. He definitely has "little man" syndrome and blusters his way through any and all challenges. Thinks he knows how to manage a large organization, but in reality can barely manage anything. Beware if he pops up on the radar in your city!! Seriously! Napoleon Bonaparte had nothing on this imposter.

  • Eggroll

    You're an idiot! If you think Rubin was the savior of AFD you are mistaken. Yes ,he WAS better than Minor but only because he could speak in grammatically correct sentences 90% of the time.