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Gray Pays City $300 for Reckless Fence Building

Almost Mayor Vince Gray has settled with the city over the seven fines he was assessed for building a too-tall fence around his Hillcrest home without permits, according to a settlement given to LL by a friendly tipster.

The settlement knocks down the $2,100 in total fines Gray was initially told he had to pay to a $300 fine. DDOT director Gabe Klein signed off on the settlement Oct. 5, and an administrative law judge accepted the settlement on Oct. 8.

LL asked Gray's attorney in the matter, former Attorney General Robert Spagnoletti, if Gray got any special treatment having his fines cut down by $1,800. Shockingly enough, Spagnoletti said no, that such deals are typical.

"The special treatment was in the imposition of the fines," Spagnoletti said, referencing this Post story that details how Gray was the only District citizen during Mayor Adrian Fenty's tenure to run afoul of the city's height rules for fences.

Gray took his $12,600 fence down this summer.

Since LL had Spagnoletti on the phone, LL asked if he wanted his old job back when Gray takes office. Spagnoletti said he can't say—because he hasn't been asked: "I'm not in a position to answer that."

  • Robert Branum

    No suprise here. Gabe Klein wants to stay as DDOT Director. This was a sweet deal for my boy Vince. I am sure any average resident would get the same treatment.



    I can't stand Gabe Klein. I hope he be the first to be fired by Gray administration.

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  • maserfentyaintnogood

    I agree that Mr. Klein is trying to keep his job now. He should of thought about that when he ambushed Chairman Gray by organizing emails against him during the debate at the DC City Council regarding the funding of Streetcars. It turns out that Chairman Gray was right.
    Mr Klein didnot get the 50 million dollars from the federal government that he said was forthcoming. And his agency just lost out on additional federal dollars this month for funding Streetcars (K Street). Change is needed at the DC Department of Transportation where diversity at the top levels of management is non-existent anymore, since his arrival.

  • The Cat’s Pj

    How would Klien keep his job. He trashes Gray on Mondays Wednesday and Friday---then kisses up other days.

    And what does a fence fine have anything to do with DDOT?

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    All of Fenty cronies need to go. Mr. Gray needs to pick his own team.

  • Five To Go

    @try2staysanedc, you are right, Mayor Gray should fire everyone that Fenty hired.