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To the Losers Go the Spoils

Fenty Campaign Aides Get City Jobs Before Hiring Freeze

It’s common practice in American politics to reward campaign workers on winning campaigns with government jobs in a new administration. “To the victor go the spoils,” as former Mayor for Life Marion Barry is fond of saying.

In most places, for the campaign workers on the losing team, it’s tough luck; their consolation prize is the fond memories of having busted their humps for a defeated cause, with maybe a few T-shirts and other trinkets thrown in.

Fortunately for Still Mayor Adrian Fenty’s team, the District isn’t most places.

Several workers from Fenty’s failed re-election bid were given well-paying city jobs soon after the Sept. 14 primary—and shortly before the mayor ordered a citywide hiring freeze to help bridge a $175 million budget gap, campaign and city payroll records show.

Loose Lips found at least five former Fenty campaign workers who were hired by the District in the week before the mayor ordered a freeze. No one LL talked with knew exactly how many had gotten in under the wire; one source guessed as high as 15. A detailed records request is pending. Regardless, those hired say they’re qualified for their new jobs (which, as politically appointed positions, will only last until Fenty’s term is over) and that they’re workers the mayor knows and trusts to do their new city jobs effectively during the last few months of his tenure.

That’s certainly one way to look at it. A more cynical view (this is LL, after all) is that some favored campaign aides are being rewarded at the taxpayers’ expense, at a time when the cash-strapped city can’t afford such generosity.

Most new hires were brought on board between Sept. 27 and Sept. 29, records show. On Sept. 27, the city’s chief financial officer, Natwar Gandhi, told city officials the District was about to start its new fiscal year already $175 million in the hole. In response, Almost Mayor Vincent Gray called for a freeze on hiring and promoting city workers. Fenty ordered a hiring freeze on Oct. 4.

What looks a little worse: The Fenty administration fired some city workers right after the primary and replaced them with campaign aides who were seen as more loyal to their cause. What looks a lot worse: some of the new hires have ties to Fenty’s friend Sinclair Skinner, a failed dry cleaner under investigation for winning city engineering contracts, allegedly thanks to his friendship with Fenty.

Who got the new jobs may have come down to how hard they worked on behalf of their boss’s campaign. Former and current city staffers say certain people in the mayor’s office exerted strong pressure throughout the primary season to help Fenty’s re-election effort and kept close tabs on who was spending their free time volunteering and who was not. Several sources report hearing rumors of a list the Fenty folks kept of who was a “team player”—and who was not.

“You would get the understanding that even though it’s considered volunteering, it’s almost considered mandatory volunteering, which sounds like an oxymoron,” says one source, who declined to be identified for fear of reprisal from the Fenty administration.

Joseph Martin, who is the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C chairman and worked in city government since just before Fenty’s term started, was fired three days after the election.

Martin, who had worked for the last several months in the mayor’s office on volunteerism, says he showed up for work the week of the election and was almost immediately told by his shaking and clearly upset boss, Tracy Sandler, to hand over his city-owned BlackBerry and ID card, pack up his things and exit the building. Sandler couldn’t be reached for comment. (Fun fact: Besides working for the D.C. government, Sandler’s résumé also includes voice-over acting, including as the voice of Barbie.)

“It was incredibly cruel,” Martin tells LL, though he says dismissals like that were pretty common during Fenty’s term. (Martin says he once saw one unaware former employee come back from vacation to find her replacement working at her desk.)

Asked why he thinks he was let go, Martin says one of the reasons could be that he wasn’t considered a “team player.” “There was this desire to move people into government jobs who had worked on the campaign,” Martin says.

Martin was replaced almost immediately by Fenty campaign aide Pascale Michele, who came on board Sept. 27. Michele was listed as a “consultant” in campaign finance disclosure forms, and paid $35,500. Her current city salary is $75,000 a year—the same as Martin’s. Several sources say Michele is close to Skinner, though LL heard varying accounts about the details of their relationship. Michele did not respond to requests for comment.

Another new hire is Tim White, who was paid $15,776 for working on the Fenty campaign. He started a new job on Sept. 28, as a “special assistant” with the mayor’s office at a salary of $66,150 a year, payroll records show. He also once worked with Skinner; during public testimony this April, Skinner said White was an independent contractor who worked as a project manager for Skinner’s engineering firm. White could not be reached for comment.

Fenty’s Ward 4 campaign coordinator, Josh Lopez, took a program analyst position at the deputy mayor’s office of planning and development on Sept. 27. His predecessor had stopped volunteering on the Fenty campaign for health reasons, and had been fired three days after the election.

Fenty spokesman Sean Madigan, who returned to the administration after a campaign post, says Lopez was hired to be an outreach coordinator for a public housing initiative. Lopez says he worked in a similar capacity for a non-profit from 2007 to 2009, and was brought on board to ensure a smooth transition for an important initiative. That may not be his only qualification: Lopez gained mild notoriety during the campaign for disrupting a Gray event with a bullhorn. He’s reportedly very close with Skinner.

Lopez quit the $72,000-a-year city job after only four days—to volunteer for a Fenty write-in campaign that the mayor is not supporting. He says he plans on donating the four days worth of city pay, which totals roughly $1,100, to charity. Lopez doesn’t see anything wrong with the situation, saying it’s normal for politicians to hire people they know and trust.

One new hire, Ian Conyers, graduated from Georgetown this year. He worked as a canvasser for the Fenty campaign, but he says his experience doing community outreach made him a good fit with his new city job as a constituent services representative for Ward 6—a position that had been vacant for several months prior to the election. Another constituent services worker, Louis Davis, started his job two days after Fenty ordered the hiring freeze. Fenty spokeswoman Mafara Hobson says Davis was offered a job in September, but couldn’t start until later.

The Fenty administration also gave a $5,000 raise to campaign spokeswoman Helen Hare, when she returned to her city writer/editor job after the campaign. Hare’s public salary went from $45,000 a year to $70,000 a year in less than 16 months, with six months off working for the campaign, payroll records show.

If Fenty had won, all this might be business as usual. But he didn’t, and it’s clear from how Fenty has operated in the month after the primary that the mayor doesn’t actually need any new staff to run the city. Fenty has had virtually no public appearances since he lost (he missed one news conference because, his aide said, he was stuck in traffic), and staff say he’s been a rare sight at the Wilson Building.

Fenty also appears to be focused on deciding what his next gig is going to be, saying he wants to “hit the ground running” when his term ends on Jan. 2. Many interviewed for this story speculated that Fenty was unaware and uninterested in the recent rash of hirings and firings. The moves, they say, were made by some of his more powerful underlings.

But as much as Fenty might like to slink away quietly, he’s still the mayor of a city that has serious financial problems to deal with. And final responsibility for these last minute, unnecessary hirings—even if only temporary—lies with him.

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    @ LL: Do you mean she ( Helen Hare) was given a "$25,000.00" raise; and not a "$5,000" raise?

    Also, might I suggest looking into whether these positions or new hires are listed as "excepted service" which means their jobs end when the mayor leaves or at the mayor's will; or whether they are listed as "career service" which means that they can work in the city government until infinity (or at least until they are fired or resign on their own) whether Fenty is in office or not.

    Great reporting!!

  2. #2

    Wait, are you telling me politics is dirty? Oh man...

    (and note Martin was a fool, IMHO, so no big loss there)

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    Great reporting, LL. Martin is a great Washingtonian. The Mayor should have held on to him. I agree, all these last minute appointments are not good. However, it is common practice in DC. So move on and get over it; as Marion would say.

  4. #4

    This is a real outrage. Just goes to show how evil this people can be. Commissioner Martin deserves better. Who fired him and why?

    These are questions that need to be answered.

    Replaced by a Skinner friend....these people have no shame.

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    Why do you hate Mayor Fenty so much? Did you want to be part of his Green team? What is the deal with your viceral reporting on his admin.

  6. #6

    Why dont you ask-how they record their own employees? Electronic spying. That is how they keep tabs on their staff. Ask them how they misuse OCTO?

    Dig deeper than this LL. Who are your sources for this article?

  7. #7

    @ Cindy Carmona --

    Don't worry, soon LL will be hating on a new mayor, too.

  8. ConcernedWard3Resident

    Good Work, Suderman.

    You are missing that kid who is no better than Lopez. Andrew Junco.

    He used force tactics to get people's signatures. What a creep. The schmuck scared my family and new born baby by chasing after us.

  9. #9

    LL Great reporting...Now I see why Joe Martin is almost acting half crazy, this treatment of him was awful!

    All of those people who Fenty slide in...should be sliding right on OUT!

  10. #10

    To Note: Davis, Conyers and Lopez are all Fenty's Frat Brothers from Kappa Alpha Psi.

  11. #11

    thanks for the story LL.

  12. #12
  13. #13

    @ConcernedWard3Resident, I know exactly who you are describing. That little putz was as rude and obnoxious as anyone I've seen campaign. Its shocking and upsetting that Mayor Fenty would allow someone like that to work for him getting re-elected.

  14. #14

    Joe is the only one brave enough to talk about this. This administration fear mongers and fires all the time. These people are buried *just enough* so that they might be overlooked when the new Mayor takes over. Bravo Joe for speaking up! Some of us are still too afraid of losing our jobs to speak up- myself included!

  15. #15

    LL- If Skinner won't give you an interview, at least film him running from your camera and mic.

  16. #16

    Is this statement really accurate?

    "their new jobs (which, as politically appointed positions, will only last until Fenty’s term is over)"

    Certainly because they are political appointees Gray *could* replace these people. But doesn't he basically have to root them out and fire or replace them? It's not as if their jobs/paychecks magically disappear when a new Mayor takes office, is it?

  17. #17

    This is a perfect example of why the DC citizenry voted brat-frat fenty out of office: corrupt; his tendency to Lord over people; mean spirited. Those candy-cane boys always have been and still are a bunch of a shiny-fore headed cry babies desperately trying to compensate for personal inadequacies with material trinkets!!!

  18. #18

    Is anyone surprised by the actions of Fenty and his higher-level staff? Fenty/Nickles were the Bush/Cheney types of the local executive branch and were jerks who thought they could do anything they wanted to do, regardless of the law. My vote against Fenty had nothing to do with Michelle Rhee. It was about Fenty's repeated law-breaking, immature, and suffering ego. I couldn't be more pleased that he will not be in a position of power in DC. Good-bye you liar. And those who worked to help re-elect him...cheesch...couldn't you see the writing on the wall (on every billboard)?

  19. #19

    Joseph Martin was a b--l S----r and should have been fired

  20. #20

    Who is the powerful underline? Could it be Satan? Otherwise known as Sara Laser?

  21. #21

    THEForce, Josh Lopez is not a NUPE (Kappa). He's a Guatemalan troll.

  22. #22

    Hey Cindy Scumbag: it's not hating Fenty -- it's just underhanded and wrong what he is doing. When we have this deficit and he sneaks in his lap dogs or are they DL boys???

  23. #23

    I.J., the Shepherd Park Civic Association in Ward 4 gave Miss Joseph Martin a citizen of the year award on this past Tuesday night.

  24. #24

    Man, this story reads like a Soap Opera. "As The World Turns" has nothing on this story.

  25. #25

    Joe Martin catered to a cadre of loud mouthed self proclaimed champions and heroes in the Shaw Community. Always avaiblabe for the photo op with a certain warped minded president of a certain citizens association. Truth be told, Shaw is still a shit hole, and always will be. If the naive Martin Moulton told him to jump, Joe would ask'how high'?

  26. #26

    Fenty, 39, earned a degree in English and economics at Oberlin College before obtaining a law degree from Howard University School of Law. I can't believe Mayor Fenty majored in English. The man is not a good speaker. He somewhat sounds retarded when he speaks.

  27. #27

    LOL @Ward4NDC LOL...hes a decent dude. His head is just clouded by the frat bond...leaning on the shield too hard! We all use our greek contacts here and there but there comes a time that we must see past the bonds of our organization and distinguish right from wrong.

  28. #28

    RU not Petworthy?

  29. #29


  30. #30

    THEForce, where was Josh Lopez made? I am telling you, this troll is not a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. He was attending UNC at one time and I don't think they have Frats. and Sororities at UDC.

    Josh Lopez is a troll and if he continues to disrespect black senior citizens like Vincent Gray and others in the black community, I am afraid this troll is going to get a beat down.

  31. #31

    Correction: Josh Lopez was attending UDC at one time. I am telling you, Josh Lopez is a Guatemalan troll.

    He would never come at me with a Bullhorn. Let's just say, I would go postal on his ass. LOL

  32. #32

    I can only guess that the comments of "Dr. Free" are in reference to the brick alleys requested in Shaw parallel to Marion St by ANC 2C years before I imagined I would ever work in the DC government - this according to Muhammed Khalid, DDOT Engineer a couple of years back. Enough said.

    The beat goes on. Back to my UDC studies and job-hunting....

    Has anyone else received brick alleys in Shaw lately? (We can't get them in Ward 4, no money.)

    Over and out.

  33. PinkFlamingosInWard1

    Who is sara lasner? Why is she so evil?

  34. #34

    Vindicated, I have heard that name before. Was she the heavy set girl, with glasses? I've heard numerous residents in Ward 3 express how underqualified and amateur she was for her position as Chief of Staff. Just another pin point example of the Mayor not surrounding himself with the right people for the job.

  35. #35

    Anyone up for using real names?

    We love transparency in government -- but not on the internet.

  36. Dr. Abraham Van Helsing

    I thought Joseph Martin was a part of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty posse? Didn't King Fenty fired former Ward 4 Coordinator Ayana Rockett? She's a black Latina (Dominican American).

    Politics is very dirty and two faced. Tonight, Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser and William Bill Lightfoot is thrown a party on 14th Street, NW for mayor elected Vincent Gray. Bowser only sent an email out to a select group of Ward 4 voters she's trying to kiss up to. Ward 4 North Portal resident Ethel Delaney Lee is one of the host. George Fenderson is another host at this party. Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser isn't popular right now in her Ward and she's trying to kiss up to certain Ward 4 voters. Bowser might have many Ward 4 ANC Commissioners in her pocket, but the majority of Ward 4 voters dislike her Fenty kissing ass.

  37. #37

    Lasner is the deputy chief of staff and hatchet for Fenty. She hires and fires people as she wants.

    Dated Fenty's money man. ran a failed foundation set up by Fenty and knows very little about anything.

    i have never met her, but hear that she is a real witch and other not very nice things. she also got her job back after campaign.

    a real star!

  38. Dr. Abraham Van Helsing

    According to D.C. Wire, Sara Lasner is a friend and protege of John Falcicchio, who coordinated Fenty's fundraising efforts during his mayoral campaign and was rewarded with a seat in the bullpen and the lofty title "senior adviser."

    I don't think I've ever seen this woman nor do I know her.

  39. #39

    Ethel Delaney Lee is a hero -- like so many of the feisty, older Black women in Ward 4.

    No nonsense. No BS.

    Minnie Green, my 84-year-old neighbor who more or less told me to run for ANC back in 2004 (along with UHOP Bishop Walter McCollough's granddaughter, Marjorie McCollough Jackson.)

    I am deeply honored to have Bishop McCollough's widow and his granddaughter, Marjorie McCollough Jackson and her husband, Jack) as some of my strongest supporters and constituents. On my facebook page, there is a photo of me with Marjorie and Jack as they signed my nomination paper this summer to allow me to be on the ballot to run for re-election as the ANC SMD 4C09 Commissioner.

    Checking out of this. I have work to do.

  40. #40

    Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, I heard about the congratulations party Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser and Bill Lightfoot is having tonight in Ward 4 for Vincent Gray. These were the same people that campaigned hard for King Fenty. I didn't recieve an invitation to attend this party tonight either. They are asking for donations up to $2,000.00 at this fundraiser. I voted for Vincent Gray, but I am not donating one cent to any politician campaign. Times are hard with many U.S. citizens out of jobs or struggling to make ends meet.

    Muriel Bowser is all over the place now in Ward 4 trying to be seen by the Ward 4 voters. The voters in Ward 4 iare not stupid and we saw Bowser unprofessional behavior during the Fenty campaigning. 60% of Ward 4 voters voted for D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray. King Fenty lost in his own Crestwood neighborhood to Vincent Gray. Now that King Fenty is gone, Ward 4 D.C. Councilwoman Muriel Bowser is trying to save her part-time $124,000. yearly position on the Council of the District of Columbia. The Devil is a lie and Bowser will not get re-elected. The word is, Ward 4 Democrats/Attorney Deborah Royster is considering running for the Ward 4 D.C. Council position. Lawd, we don't need an another black elitist representing the average voter in Ward 4.

  41. #41

    Off topic, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, didn't you use to hunt Vampires like Count Dracula? LOL LOL

  42. #42

    Robert Bobb, City Administrator under Mayor Williams hired me. I started in late September, 2006.I told Councilmember Fenty that I had been hired by Bobb and told Mr. Fenty that he "owed me nothing. If you don't hold on to me in that position, I will not be the least bit offended."

    Tara Jones, Director of the Office of Neighborhood Services, sought me out to apply for the job of Ward 1 coordinator at the end of the Williams Administration.

    For 14 years I worked in feature film, network television and on still photography after leaving Cong. Barney Frank's Office on Capitol Hill.

    I actually was working on a project for VANITY FAIR when Minnie Green and Bill Crandall, Petworth neighbors, called me to ask me to run as a write-in for ANC 4C --- the day before the election in November, 2004.

    I remember explaining to the folks at Vanity Fair what an ANC is. (I was ahead of my work with them. They said, "Have fun!" (They were still calling me up offering me work. I was asked to work with Annie Leibovitz on Obama shoots as Mr. Obama was about to become president. I explained, "I can't just leave my job here."

    Mayor Fenty held on to me, and I remain deeply grateful for the opportunity I had to serve the Fenty Administration - and the RESIDENTS - of Wards 1, 2 and 4. I saw red flags early on, but I got into the government to be part of a group of people who wanted to make the government work and work very well.

    There are still and always have been people in the DC government who would make us all very proud. It was an incredible honor to get to know them, work with them and serve so many wonderful people in all our neighborhoods in this great District of Columbia.

    Why did I go to work for the DC government in the first place? I had the feeling I might be able to get things done and help move things forward. Years ago, when a friend asked me why on earth, I replied, "It's all about the residents. I am tired of hearing people complain about the DC government, folding their arms, channel-surfing and complaining."

    Who here is running for their local ANC or organizing a block clean-up? Real names only.

  43. #43

    Everyone, It's me Sara Lasner. You all have no idea what you are talking about. Vincent Gray is going to run this city into the ground. Just wait and see!

  44. DaddyGraceFishSandwich

    Mr.Martin, why are you running for ANC 4C? I heard at one time, you were not going to run for election. Is is true?

    Didn't you get yourself in trouble last week by making an insane comment on the Fourth District list serve by telling another ANC 4C Commissioner, he had no right to ask residents for their questions to present at the Town Hall crime meeting in Petworth last Saturday? Reading some of the comments on the Fourth District list serve, you pisst off many Ward 4 residents. I don't trust Minnie Green. She talks out of both sides of her mouth. It appears, she's buddies with Bowser, but she didn't like Fenty. Minnie Green is an old woman in Petworth that like getting the attention from city elected officers and MPD officials.

  45. #45

    I attended the party lastnight and Bowser was trying to be with and speak with everyone..including those who she KNOWS don't like her. What she should have done is told her dad to stay home as hard as it is for him to even walk!
    People are not and were not fooled by her actions as they were talking about it and her lastnight. People came to support VINCENT GRAY not Bowser! Bowser is running an I'm sorry tour I heard someone ask....does she have I am sorry t-shirts! Many residents have already requested the new mayor Vince Gray to stay out of the 2012 ward 4 election, but no one is sure to forget Bowser's action running behind Fenty like a chicken with her head chopped off before, and during this election. Bowser is done and besides Royster, there are others but we need to narrow the field Karl Kennedy, Baruchi Jahi, Steve Whatley, Dwayne Tolliver, Seku Bittle, Ted Trabue all have express interest, it is going to be a sweep Fenty & Bowser both gone...bet on it!

  46. DaddyGraceFishSandwich

    Some feel, the new comers moving into Petworth want to take over by keeping longtime black Petworth residents in their place. Now that whites are moving into Petworth, District officials are listening to their concerns and taking action. Longtime blacks that complained about drugs and crime for years to MPD and elected officials were ignored or seen as complainers.

    You see, blacks are devalued daily in America. Sometimes blacks are devalued by other blacks. Whites are seen as being superior, therefore they get the attention from politicians like Bowser, Fenty, Gray, Mendelson, Graham, and MPD officials.

  47. #47

    I am running because no one else wanted to run -- including folks who grew up in my SMD. Ask them. I can mention the names of people who got angry at me when I told them I wasn't running. I am referring to people who grew up in my SMD, great neighbors, great friends. As for the other stuff, gossip is the Devil's Radio as George Harrison sang.

  48. #48

    ABF, thank you for the information. I will not be voting for Deborah Royster, Karl Kennedy, Baruchi Jahi, Steve Whatley, Dwayne Tolliver, Seku Bittle, Ted Trabue.

    I would vote for the Hunchback of Notre Dame, before I vote for these clowns. ANC 4A Commissioner Steve Whatley is an idiot. He runs the 4A ANC meetings like a dictator. As I see it, many ANC Commissioners act like wanna be politiicans. Most don't do a dam thing in their neighborhoods, but hold on to the title of being an ANC Commissioner. What other cities have ANC's?

  49. #49

    Wow Miss Piggy you real believe Gray is going to run this city in the ground? And I bet you think Adrian Fenty was the best thing for the city too? Don't know you but it seems that maybe just maybe you are a little salty or you have been dipping into the dipper? Lol Nevertheless, your boy Fenty aka Baby Face Finster lost the election. Get over it. You just wait and see who will help this city, but he has said several times. He can't do it by himself..Hints: everyone needs to get involve.Vince Gray is not calming to be a miracle worker, but I'm sure he will move this city forward.. Now, take your loser behind somewhere and sit it down, which I'm sure you are doing right now given your name is Miss Piggy. Lmbo

  50. #50

    joe matrin: You asked for real names so here is mine, Howard Roark. It really does not make a bit of difference whether or not you know my name for you and that grinning cheese monkey fenty have been punks all your lives. You posted earlier that you had "work" to do, but I'll bet your still hanging around this site. My earlier post clearly summarized what happened to fenty's re-election bid and I still stand by it as an explanation of the enmity he garnered in just four years in office. Sounds like you got caught in the switches.

  51. #51

    @Ward4inDC: FYI, UDC does have greek letter organization chapters. Eventhough I was not made at UDC, some of the sorors from there came and got with us while we were on line (notice I say on line, so it was back in the day). I hope this helps. So, maybe the "troll" as you refer to him was able to be made at UDC. If he was made at UDC, they must have been desparate to select his ass (LOL!).

  52. #52

    I can't imagine any Kappa chapter letting a Guatemalan troll like Josh Lopez into their organization. Why didn't he pledge an Hispanic frat, instead of a black fraternity. I still say, Josh Lopez the troll isn't a Kappa. I don't know why King Fenty would want to join a all black fraternity? Fenty is a mullato who has pander to whites in D.C. by treating them better than black D.C. voters. This is why is half breed ass loss the mayoral race.

  53. #53


    I don’t know why King Fenty would want to join a all black fraternity? Fenty is a mulatto that's pandered to whites in D.C. by treating them better than black D.C. voters. This is why is half breed ass loss the mayoral race. Fenty has done damage in the black D.C. community that will never get repaired. Most blacks in D.C. hate Adrian Fenty and prefer not to ever see him again in their neighborhoods. Let him move to Ohio and teach at Oblerin College.

  54. #54

    I would like to know what a "Grinning Cheese Monkey" is? I cannot stop laughing.

  55. #55

    Once again, our out-of-control "culture of blame" rears it's moronic and ugly head. How many of you cowardly, unidentified and toxic complainers have looked in the mirror lately? How many of you, who blame everyone else, were fired by the Fenty administration for ineptitude, or, downright incompetence? I can easily tell you how many of you would admit it... zero. The nastiness of your attacks says it all. It isn't politics, it's personal! And you, WARD4NDC, vindicated, miss piggy, deez and others, just plain sound immature.

  56. #56

    Great article.....and comments.

  57. #57

    Shuddawuddacu, thank you for the compliment. Now go to hell and take King Fenty and Josh Lopez with you. Fenty is another vindictive politician who's ass was voted out of office by disrespecting the voters. Let's not forget how arrogant and disrespectful King Fenty was towards the late 98 year old Dorothy Irene Height. What kind of parents raise these monster to show little or no respect to senior citizens.

    Native Washingtonian

  58. #58

    Correction: What kind of parents raise this monster to show little or no respect to senior citizens?

    Muriel Bowser days are numbered too. She's very disliked by many Ward 4 D.C. voters and non voters. I guess she's conducting her meeting at this moment at Walter Reed and the District's plan for this property.

  59. #59

    P.S. Why is King Fenty trying to get a teaching position at Oberlin College and not Howard University?

    I can tell you why, King Fenty knows, he's done in the black community here in Washington, D.C. I can't imagine King Fenty showing up at Howard's Homecoming and getting booed. He's running to the whites liberal maxist whites at Oberlin College to give him a teaching position. I wouldn't let King Fenty teach my German Shepherd.

  60. #60

    This is an interesting article. It expands on the idea that Fenty does value loyalty and that he rewards those who stick beside him. That isn't new.

    Why don't we call these holiday jobs because they will allow people to buy christmas presents before they have to be out in January.

    There is no point getting all tied up in the fenty/gray debate again. That battle is over and it appears that Gray won.

  61. #61

    @Ward4NDC speak your mind. Its haters like Shudd who head is so far up Baby Face Finster ass that he/she does see the forest for the trees. Keep on giving us the insight on ward 4. I'm not a native Washingtonian, however I do live in Ward 6. I have been here for a number of years and by far Adrian Fenty is the worst mayor that I have seen since being here in this area. You Noodlez,AFB,ABM Tired, Theforce just to name a few bloggers keeps it real. Shake the haters off. Much love to you all...

  62. #62

    You all aint seen nothin yet

  63. #63
  64. #64

    Thanks try2staysanendc; where is NOODLEZ and SEDCDUDE?

    I just recieved an email for a fund raiser for Kwame Brown at the home of black elitist Bill Lightfoot up at 16th & Kalmia Road, NW. Please review the host list. Why is Bill Lightfoot hosted or hosting a fund raiser for Vincent Gray & Kwame Brown? Bill Lightfoot was King Fenty's campaign manager. If you notice Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser is in on the scene too.

    Honorable Muriel Bowser, William & Cynthiana Lightfoot, Beverly Perry, Tom & Anne Lindenfield, Ben Soto, Darryl Wiggins, Deborah Royster & Robert Malson, Sekou Biddle, Michael Matthews & Robin Pressman, and Mark Tuohey

  65. #65

    @THEForce & @ward4NDC correction: Davis, Conyers, and Lopez are not Fenty's frat brothers they are proud Sigmas (members of Phi Beta Sigma Inc)
    I know them personally

  66. #66

    To top that...FENTY IS BEHIND THE WRITE-IN...

  67. #67

    Thanks Thereal DC, Sigmas sound more like it. LOL I knew the Troll Lopez definitely was not a NUPE. LOL

    Gordon, I agree, King Fenty is behind the write in along with his puppet Muriel Bowser, Ellie Anderson, and William Lightfoot.

  68. #68

    A great article followed by some truly inane comments.

    Martin: you are not doing yourself any favors with your comments here ... would be wise to go back to work and actually follow through on something you started ...

    P.S. A lot of people don't run for ANC because (1) it is a meaningless position, the key word being ADVISORY and (2) because running for any office in this town is like asking for a red dot to be aimed at one's head (or back) ... Anyone who disputes this should just refer back to Suderman's reporting above. All politics is ugly, but in a town with no county and state authorities above, the going gets extra nasty ... So I guess that's a point in Martin's favor, as at least he had the guts (or lack of any better options) to make a go of it.

    Re: Bowser, many of the people who bash her don't know her nor her staff. Handed the job by Fenty? Yes and no. Yes in the obvious sense, no in the sense that Ward 4 elected her. Regardless, she is actually one of the most responsive council members around, and not just to the politically connected. Her office will actually take a walk-in seriously and not just pay lip service. And no, I did not vote for Fenty ... not even the first time.

  69. #69

    CM Bowser has been very, very, very helpful to Ward 4, eg instrumental with our landing Yes! Organic Market with her changing the law to allow Yes to apply for a beer-and-wine license among many other things. I have publicly sung her praises; vice-versa. Bowser has a very responsive staff. I know them all very well. I have been barked at for saying the Councilmember has been very helpful - and supportive of me personally.

    Special K, we agree on much. Moreover, as I have reminded my fellow Commissioners more than once that we are (a) advisory and (b) unpaid, (c) advisory and (d) unpaid.

    Always have the sense that the less power a "legislative" body had, the more sense of (lack of) power. I rolled my eyes when I lived in Cambridge MA as the Cambridge City Council would declare Cambridge things like a "nuclear-free zone" and take foreign-policy positions. Gimme a break. And I actually like a lot of the people who were on the Cambridge City Council back when I knew them. I wondered if some of them were cold-turkeying on things from the Cambridge Food Co-op. God bless Al Velucci and the East and North Cambridge rabble rousers at those Cambridge City Democratic meetings. (They rattled the Brattle Street/Harvard crowd. I sat somewhere in between. My local Dems group asked me to join as the "student" representative even though I never went to the prestige schools.

    Fun fact: I grew up in part in South Boston, MA. People in Beantown live and breath the blood sport of politics as much as we used to love to hate the Red Sox. I worked on Billy Bulger's first campaign when I was, maybe, 9. Spent a lotta time at Fenway and the Boston Garden. Now, of course, we love the Red Sox, and I do like forward to seeing the Nationals to win the World Series - even if I have to wait a while.

    Ask anyone up in the Dutchy of Petworth, ANC 4C has had an interesting, very helpful role the past several years.(Mayor Fenty and CM Bowser gave me/us an award a year ago summer. Mayor Williams gave ANC 4C a community service award.

    ANC 4C had been regarded as rather dysfunctional a few years back. Talk to people in Petworth and ask about my work and follow-through...

    When I lived in Dupont, I had zero inclination to be on ANC 2B. Seemed like all they did was beat up bars and restaurants. At one point, one of my neighbors shut down the High Heel Race. My 2B neighbors know how I feel and we're still friends.

    Special K, no real name and address? How come?

    Transparency in government but not on the internet. Hmmm.

    ps Loyalty is a two-way street.

    If you can't take a few hits and you're in the public eye and you live in fear of being questioned at community meetings, take on a less public role and post anonymously on the internet under names like...Special K.

    Time for bed.

  70. #70

    It is true, that the majority of those on this write in campaign are CURRENT government employees trying desperately to hold on to high salary jobs that they are woefully unqualified to keep. Gray's folks know who these people are and their fate is certainly sealed by this silly campaign.

    Special K the majority of voters didn't turn out to vote for Muriel Bowser. The Ward 4 Councilwoman is King Fenty in drag.

  71. #71

    Joe Martin, why did the Shepherd Park Civic Association in Ward 4 give you an Award for "Citizen of the Year" last Tuesday night? What did you do so special to recieve this Award? Why didn't Ayana Rockett, a former Ward 4 Coordinator in the mayor's office recieve an Award too? Joe, you were a part of the Fenty, Lopez, and Bowser click. According to you, King Fenty kicked you to the curb. I don't believe you. I think, you might be a part of the write in campaign with Josh Lopez. I'm I right or wrong Joe? Why did you sat at the head of the table with Police Chief Lanier, Councilmember Bowser, Councilmember Mendelson, U.S. Attorney Cohen, Youth Services Director at the Petworth crime meeting last Saturday? You are not important and you should have been sitting in the audience with the rest of the people. I read your comments made on the Fourth District's list serve to your fellow ANC colleague. Residents and another ANC Commissioner read you your rights about your being wrong. The problem, you ANC Commissioners think you are politicians. Most D.C. voters don't vote for ANC's a the polls. They leave the space blank. Ordinary citizens do more work in their neighborhoods than ANC Commssioners. Minnie Green is another loud mouth country woman from the south that like to get attention from city leaders. She eats the attention up given to her by city officials. I was born and raised in the District of Columbia all 64 years of my life. I remember when we couldn't vote in the Presidential elections and we had 3 Commissioners appointed by Congress to oversee the affairs of the District. I agree with Special K, power has gone to the head of those at the Wilson Building. Let's make one thing clear, the Federal City Council is the one that governs the District along with Congress.

  72. #72

    I am placing on ANC 4C's agenda for our Nov. 9th meeting a resolution calling for open primaries in DC elections.

    We need more competition in DC political races. If you live in ANC 4C's area, talk to your own Commissioner about the proposal.

    I am a lifelong Democrat and have voted with the Democrats most of the time.

    Voted for Republican incumbent Governor Frank Sargent in 1974 when he was running against Dukakis. Barney Frank introduced me to Dukakis on the street in Boston in the summer of 1974. After Dukakis moved on, Barney asked, "You are voting for him, aren't you?" I replied, "Absolutely not!" I told BF that Dukakis always struck me as being the worst of a certain kind of brainiac suburban, elitist liberal eager to dictate to others how they should live their lives a la Swedish socialism. Dukakis became governor, "discovered" a deficit left behind by Republican Governor Frank Sargent and took a gigantic axe first to programs affecting the poor. The Roman Catholics I knew were not happy about that among others. (Barney Frank led Democrats against Dukakis shortly thereafter and mounted a campaign to defeat Dukakis in 1978.)

    In 1978, I voted for Republican Mass. House Leader Frank Hatch when he ran against Democrat Ed King. King won and was an embarrassment as governor. Not the brightest bulb in the hallway. Clueless.

    Here in DC, Republican Carol Schwatz asked me personally on 17th Street one night if I would vote for her. She assured me she favored marriage equality. I voted for her. She backed down on marriage equality. She'd never get my vote again.

  73. #73

    To All:

    These are the comments Joe Martin made on the Fourth District list serve last week. His fellow ANC 4C Commssioner Janet Myers challenged his comments.


  74. #74

    I agree Gordon. Fenty is behind the write-in campaign. Mr.Gray needs to be careful dealing with these people.

  75. #75

    @Thereal dc LOL wow … You tried it. Im not gonna go back and forth with you but I went to school with both Davis and Lopez at UDC and are friends with them. If you check Josh’s Twitter page you will clearly see hes a Nupe…Nice try whoever you are… actually just for proof that I know what Im talkin about and you are a Green teamer trying to pull the wool over our eyes, here is a website with Josh listed as a board member for kappa alpha psi http://www.logicalwebsiteshosting.net/docs/BoardDirectory08-09v.2.pdf


  76. #76

    Bower's picks who she will be responsive to so you cannot say she responds to everyone...there are MANY who know and feel otherwise! Joe Martin started out talkin shit about Bower with the rest of us as well as talkin about Fenty. Then he ends up working for him, they kick him to the curb and now he wants to call them out. Why were you sitting at the head table?? You had nothing to offer and NOBODY takes you serious anymore. Your emails on the list have been at the least alarming, you seem to be on the road to hurt yourself or even worse someone else. Your attack on ANC Anthony was laughable. Bower's office has had the most turnover at the WB more that any other council member and believe me the staff leave on their own after doing the work of the council member but receiving the pay of the office worker.

  77. #77

    Joe, could not get back to you yesterday. But why have your begun to post many comments on the Shawneighborhood listserv? You are ward 4. You know why, you jump to the song of Martin Moulton and Brian Smith and other self proclaimed 'saviors of Shaw'. Why did you not get all the alleys bricked? Especially Warner Street. You catered to Martin' sweetlips' Martin to accomodate his pet projects (Scott Elementary and Bundy). As usual birds of a feather flock together. Come back for your next photo op, you are always welcomed. Why don't you lobby for getting rid of ANC's period. They are worthless and have no clout!!!

  78. #78

    THEForce, I stand corrected. Thanks for providing proof that Josh Lopez is a NUPE.

    This will be good conversation at Howard University Homecoming. I don't think this guy would have gone over at Howard, Morgan, NCCU, NCA&T, Hampton. UDC probably doesn't screen candidates carefully.

    ABF, you are always on point with your comments. LOL

    I read the link on the Fourth District's list serve and it appears, Mr. Martin put his foot in his mouth.

    Dr. Free, I agree with you 100%. What's the purpose of having ANC's and what other U.S. city have them? Congress need to change the HOME RULE charter and do away with ANC Commissioners. I find most that don't work in the interest of the residents in their communities.

    Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser keep stating at Ward 4 meetings, she and Ward 4 ANC Commissioners are hosting a Townhall meeting on Oct. 26th, with Vincent Gray. Bowser is acting like this meeting is not for Ward 4 voters. This is Gray's town hall meeting to meet and talk to the voters in Ward 4, not her Fenty kissing ass.

  79. #79

    @THEForce - I know who ju are! Once again thanks for being our #1 Fan ....YBK out!!!

  80. #80

    THEForce, deep down, I realy believed you about Josh Lopez being a NUPE, but I was hoping deep down inside, he wasn't. LOL LOL LOL

    D.C. Councilmembers Michael Brown and Kwame Brown are Kappas. There's a saying within the black community, the Kappas are the pretty boys and mostly light skin. Josh is not pretty (troll), but he's light skin.

  81. #81

    @WARD4NDC Sidebar and not to get side-tracked, I pledged at UDC (Not Kappa) and while I wasn’t there during his process, I can say for a fact that UDC Greeks are screened very carefully and that only the best are let in. Whether You like Josh for what he has done with Fenty or not or whether he is qualified etc., the dude is “Good”! And is a decent dude overall. like I said coming from and ACTUAL friend of these people, Their minds are clouded by the greek bond and by money.

    Back to UDC, The Greek Lettered orgs win awards from their respective grand chapters all the time and many Greeks from UDC even have seats on the national boards and commissions. So I feel you on much of what you say, Ward4, but I truly want all people who speak about UDC without fully knowing about UDC and only going by what some reporters highlight etc, please do your own research before branding every student who goes there…Now back to the regularly scheduled program… Fenty is a liar and a cheat! LOL That is all!!

  82. #82

    Feel how you want to feel about the article and the obvious political misbehavior of Fenty and his surrogates but be clear: Joe Martin was competent to do the job(s) he was asked to do for Fenty. Others, Sara Lasner being on just the tip of the iceberg, were both arrogant, rude, and--perhaps most important in this conversation--professionally incompetent to manage others and carry out the work put before them. Sure, they may have been good campaigners…most kids straight out of college are but give me a break: Lasner is a theater major with no job experience who did a piss poor job of being what should have been a highly respected position in the mayor’s bullpen. Instead of using it as an opportunity to hone her own management and leadership skills she used it as a “theater” to “act out” her high school MEAN GIRL fantasies. The fact that the champion of “GOOD GOVERNMENT, TOUGH DECISIONS” would empower incompetents like her and “voice over Barbie” with leadership positions is why DC Government will remain the laughingstock of local governments. Fenty was not better than Barry…he was just a bit more stylish…with “incompetents” of a different hue.

  83. #83

    @WARD4NDC are u even greek.. u doin a whole lotta s**t talkin on an article... n u clearly only know half of what you are talking about... I dont support Fenty personally n thats my frat brother... so we r not all "clouded" by the bond... some of see wats really goin on... at the same token i love the bond... i love my frat... u just need 2 get ur details straight b4 u talk trash... o n sidenote... watch wat u say about "beat peoples asses"... u never know who knows u!

  84. #84

    sidenote 2.0 hope 2 see u at Homecoming... people with big cyber nuts usually have marbles n person! lls

  85. #85

    The comments here are pure gold!

  86. #86

    Everybody has the right to their opinion, and freedom of speech is in the constitution. Now that I'm done with that let's get something straight....know your facts before attempting to defame a persons character, status, and accomplishments. The University of the District of Columbia is a great institution with a lot of historical value....and yes Josh is a (NUPE) not a troll. Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you have to make ignorant statements....Be as it may.......politics is corrupted....we know this!!!! Josh is a dedicated hard worker....regardless how anyone feels about him he is a Good Brother.....Know your facts!!!!!

  87. #87

    #STAMPED ... I'M Lance 2.0 n i approve this message!

  88. #88

    Lance 2.0, to answer your question, yes I am a member of the Divine 9. I have Degrees from both Howard and Georgetown Universities.

    I see the little angry troll Josh is using names like Lance 2.0. You put no fear in me little boy. I have 3 adult college educated sons. They graduated from Columbia, Howard, and UNC at Chapel Hill.

    Josh isn't black and why would he pledge a mostly black Frat? Didn't they have Latino Frats. at UDC for Guatemalan Americans?

  89. #89

    Let me say this, the young man's unprofessional behavior during the mayoral campaign is not that of a NUPE.

    I am from the old school and I went over in 1976.

    The majority of Democratic voters have spoken and selected Vincent Gray to be the next mayor. Lance 2.0, I didn't read any comments about anyone attacking Mr. Lopez. What WARD4NDC stated, if Mr. Lopez got up in his face with a bullhorn screaming, it might be a problem. I don't think anyone would let someone get up in their face screaming in a bull horn. I am 55 years old and I was raised to show respect to my elders. Mr. Lopez was quoted in a news article, Chairman Gray was an old man and he was too old to run for mayor. What about all the politicians in Congress in their eighties and nineties? People have their opinions and we all should respect them. What ever happened to free speech in America? Can we all just get along. Let it go and move on, Vincent Gray will be the next mayor and he's not Marion Barry.

    Ward 4 Resident
    North Portal Estates

  90. #90

    Mayor Fenty lost because people thought he was a jerk. This was not about education, although, to listen to him and Rhee, you'd think they were the only competent educational minds out there. Thankfully, he only got an informal admonition from the DC Bar for failing to provide competent, zealous, and diligent representation as court-appointed fiduciary for a ward of the court, to file accountings required by the court, and to take timely steps to the extent reasonably practicable to protect a ward of the court’s interest following his removal. In re Adrian M. Fenty. Bar No. 455205. August 31, 2005. He can always go back to practicing law, now! Mayor Fenty has angered many in the black community by showing favoritism to white D.C. voters and marginalizing or devaluing black D.C. voters. Fenty will never be accepted again by the majority black Washingtonians.

    Mayor Adrian Fenty fooled everyone with his phony populism and everyone thought he was Mr. Nice Guy, man of the people. I knew he was a disaster, when in the first debate at UDC he was unable to name the three credit rating agencies! Let's get with it people, when are we as voters going to start electing politicians for their intellectual capabilities and not because they make us feel good? Good on all of you DC residents who voted for Mr. Clean, now the city will once again go down the drain under his leadership...I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  91. #91

    Lance 2.0 aka Josh, my wife and I will be attending Howard's Homecoming on October 30th. Afterwards, we both will be on the main yard watching our brothers and sisters do their thing. Please feel free to come see how we celebrate Homecoming at a HBCU school. I am a proud Howard University graduate and I've tried to attend Homecoming every year since graduating in 1977. I can't say this about King Fenty. I haven't once seen Adrian Fenty at a Howard's Homecoming. As an alumnus of Howard, what has King Fenty given back to his Alma Mater, Howard University? I wonder how much he's done for the mostly predominately white Oberlin College. NOODLEZ and SEDCDUDE, where are you guys?

  92. #92

    This IS NOT Josh homie... My name is clearly LANCE! im a whole nother breed... dont do politics n dont do blog gangstas... u sound dumb! if your are REALLY a member of the divine 9 u would know we have members of all races... and im assuming your racist ass is prolly southern... Where i am from blacks and Latinos are 1 in the same! U sound like maybe u wanted to be a nupe or somethin... u over here "dickridin Obama!!!" lol And no one asked about your sons... obviously u teach them the same hate that you learned.. we are all members of the human race... if u were Latino and grew up with blacks that is who u would identify with... and callin Fenty a Mulatto... u sound dumb! if you are not born in africa (and even if u were) u are not 100% black!
    @KappaNupe... go back in read comment #30 "Josh Lopez is a troll and if he continues to disrespect black senior citizens like Vincent Gray and others in the black community, I am afraid this troll is going to get a beat down."
    You don't threaten people and expect no one to respond... Josh is my BROTHER... i dont care what race he is! I will support and back my brother. I also tell my brother when i do not agree with him. Thats wat GOOD BROTHERS do! At the same token you dont let someone talk trash about your family...

  93. #93


  94. #94

    @KappaNupe I UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL BROTHER... and your right.. that is not appropriate behavior.. but everything isn't NUPE this and NUPE that! i know alotta sh**ty nupes... i know great once... What we do as men defines who we are. I do not agree with everything he does but i can say this... everything he does he does with conviction and with his behind it! if more people fought for how they believe the world would be better... this may not be a fight that i would fight but i support this strong young brother!

  95. #95

    @kappanupe and "news article quotes" they can easily be taken out of context! you and i both know that!

  96. #96

    u sure do know alot about nothing! #Faaandimonium

  97. #97

    I don't support Fenty as mayor of DC but as much as Washington City Paper talks about Sinclair I don't know why ya'll haven't interviewed him yet. He's really not that hard to find. Secondly, I agree with Lance 2.0. Ward4ndc stop being prejudiced towards our Latino homies. As a Howard Alum I am disgraced by your ignorance. Stop claiming the Bison.

  98. #98

    About time people called out WARD4 for wanting it both ways. Now he wants to talk all high-and-mighty divine 9 and respect, when he's not being an arrogant racist chump. Hell, maybe he's not racist since he hates on non-NUPE blacks when it's convenient. Yeah, where is SeDCdude? Afraid to have to call your buddy a coon like everyone else you throw that crap on, right?

  99. #99

    Lance 2.0, I wear the proud colors of Crimson and Cream. You are right, I am from the South, Washington, D.C. I know there are members of different races and ethnic groups in the Divine 9. One of my line brothers is New Yorican (Puerto Rican). You fools had better learn the history and culture of Latin America. I have many friends and colleagues from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Cuba (Afro Cubans). Most Central Americans from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica along with Mexicans are racist towards blacks and Afro Latinos. The majority of Latinos in D.C. are from El Salvador and other Central American countries. Most Salvadorans don't like and is racist towards U.S. black citizens and Afro Latinos. On the issue of King Fenty being a mulatto, don't hate me for speaking the truth. Both my parents were or is black, not white. I have traveled many times to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Brazil. For the record, they speak Portuguese in Brazil, not Spanish. On the issue of UDC being a traditional HBCU is a topic for another day. For many years, UDC wasn't considered a good school and at one time, they lost their accreditation if I remember correctly. On the issue of racism, you need to read Slavery and Racism in Latin America by Robert Brent. In 2006, Duke University and UNC at Chapel Hill did a study on Mexicans were racist towards blacks before coming to the United States and moving to Durham, North Carolina. Many of my black or Afro Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, and Panamanian friends will tell you, many Salvadorans and other Central/South Americans are racist towards black U.S. citizens and Afro Latinos. Better yet watch this video on how Afro Latinos are treated in Ecuador. For the record, I never threaten Josh Lopez. What I did say, if he continues to disrespect black senior citizens and others by getting in their faces yelling and screaming, he might get a beat down. At any rate, it's time to leave the office and start my weekend. To the sane posters on this blog, please enjoy your weekend and don't be intimidated by these Fenty ass kissers. King Fenty is history and so will Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser in 2012.

    Keith B, please put the crack pipe or Vodka bottle down.


    Native Washingtonian

  100. #100

    P.S. It was King Fenty who played racial politics by treating white D.C. residents better and disrespecting or ignoring black D.C. residents/voters. Fenty help to divide D.C. more by race and class. Fenty showed his disrespect for blacks by the way he treated the late Dorothy Irene Height, the 14th past President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and past President of the National Council of Negro Woman. Adrian Fenty has no black history in the United States of America. His father came from the West Indies. Josh Lopez has no history in this country. I can trace my ancestry by to over 400 years to slavery in South Carolina. My black ancestors help to build America for free and many were hung, raped, and beaten horrific. King Fenty or Mr. Lopez can say this about their ancestors in the U.S.

    I am tired of immigrants like Fenty and Lopez reaping the benefits off of U.S. blacks. If it had not been for blacks like Dr. Dorothy Height and others during the Civil Rights, King Fenty would have never been mayor. According to the U.S. Census, the majority of Hispanics in the United States identifiy their race as being white, not brown, colored, or Negro.

  101. #101

    If Independents and Republicans want their voices heard in a general election, then they should recruit CREDIBLE repug or indie candidates who can potentially win a city wide election. It's not THAT difficult. See, e.g., Carol Schwarzt (who I voted for for mayor against Marion Barry back in the 90's), Dave Catania and Michael Brown. Even Statehood candidates have won elections in this city.

    Fenty is a DEMOCRAT who LOST the DEMOCRATIC primary. That's how it works. Even if by some fluke he wins a write-in election under these bizarre circumstances, he would have NO POLITICAL CAPITAL in which to govern. Fenty has clearly moved on. You should do the same and spend your time politically organizing with independent and repug. candidates instead of complaining.

    Someone made a comment about freedom of speech and others having opinions. One of the great things about living in America is being able to express yourselves. Thanks to political correctness, people are afraid to say or speak on how they feel in fear of being personal attacked. I admire WARD4NDC,ABF,the Force, NOODLEZ, etc. for speaking or sharing their opinion.

    I personally will be glad to see Peter Nickles and Mayor Fenty gone. It's time to move on people, 2011 will be here soon. Life is too short for foolishness or worrying about politicians. Most politicians are liars and don't work in the best interest of the citizenry. Get use to it!

  102. #102

    WARD4NDC, I watched the link you provided on racism in Spanish speaking countries. It's sad, but I wasn't surprised. Many foreigners that come to the U.S. tend to look down on blacks. There are tensions between Central Americans and blacks in the District of Columbia as there are tensions with Central Americans and whites in the United States. Illegal immigration is a hot topic for most politicians and most will not touch this subject. Let's face if, the majority of illegals in the U.S. are Hispanic. Blacks and black neighborhoods are affected the most by the influx of illegals into our neighborhoods and in the job market.

    I didn't mean to go off topic by discussing illegal immigration.

  103. #103

    Breaking News: Mayor Fenty ask his write in supporters to support Vincent Gray. Did you hear this Josh Lopez, Ellie Anderson, Muriel Bowser, and others?


    Vincent Gray will be the next mayor of the District of Columbia.

  104. #104

    KappaNupe I am sorry but I don't trust Fenty he has lied so many times I will wait until Nov. 2. And if the Washington Post is involved I know it is not true.

  105. #105

    I agree Tired. You are so right, King Fenty cannot be trusted. I will be voting early on Monday Oct. 18th at the Board of Elections.

  106. #106

    This is a funny article to read about Ward 4 Muriel Bowser now endorsing King Adrian Fenty. This woman was a puppet during her entire tenure on the Council of the District of Columbia. Miss Mary, you are correct about politics being dirty and corrupted.


  107. #107

    Final Note: Ayana Rockett was and is wonderful and remains a friend. She is a lovely woman who has gone on to graduate school. She was among those fired - with no notice. Ayana recommended that I be hired by Tara Jones and Robert Bobb and asked me to apply for the Ward 1 neighborhood services coordinator.

    Councilmember Fenty and his staff impressed me with their dedication, access and responsiveness when I first moved to Petworth in August, 2003. At the time, my recycling was not getting picked up - repeatedly. Will Singer of his staff was my first contact and always so helpful. In time, I got to know the entire staff and then CM Fenty.

    As a "lowly, unpaid ANC Commissioner" (as I termed myself, I quickly found - during the Williams' years - several key figures to be very responsive to me personally with neighborhood issues. That list includes Bill Howland (DPW Director), Dan Tangherlini (DDOT Director), Patrick Canavan (DCRA Director).

    Merrit Drucker, the Ward 4 Neighborhood Services Coordinator and Ayana Rockett, then his assistant, were also exceptional in every way.

    During this period, as I have noted, I worked in feature film, network television and photography. I had no intentions to work in the DC government, never imagined I would and I certainly never imagined I would actually get to know any DC mayor.

    Most important of all: Getting acquainted with an incredible range of people in this city. It was an honor to have so many guide me, educate me, inform me.

    I feel broadened in ways I never imagined. Doesn't get any better than that.

  108. #108

    I remember WARD4NDC when I worked near Howard. I always gave him a dollar when I walked past him b/c he was such a sad looking homeless man. I'm glad to see he's making great use of the free computers at the homeless shelter.

  109. DaddyGraceFishSandwich

    Sally, why are you such a miserable and unhappy person? Is is because you don't have a man and can't get laid? I bet a homeless person can get some poontang quicker than you can. Continue to use your vibrator girlfriend because no man will never touch you. The House of Prayer has helped many homeless people and homelessness is nothing to joke about.

  110. #110

    LOL LOL LOL@DaddyGraceFishSandwich

    Reading your comment made me laugh so hard, I fell out of my computer chair.

  111. Colombia Heights Resident

    Sally, when you worked near Howard University, were you a stripper? If so, you must have been the stripper with the Madea breasts working in the strip joint on Georgia Avenue, NW.

  112. Colombia Heights Resident

    During my undergraduate days at North Carolina A&T State University, I had no interest to pledge or join a black Greek Fraternity.

    On the issue of Josh Lopez, this guy seem to have some issues with D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray being the mayor. One thing I've noticed about many of Fenty's young supporters, they too have no respect for their elders like Adrian Fenty. Mayor Fenty is a horrible person and he disrespected many people regardless of their race. Read comment below posted on the Washington Post blog.

    There is nothing slanderous about the truth. Josh Lopez has made the bed that he currently lies in. Everything I said above is 100% accurate and 100% provable with just a little research.

    I attended the Ward 5 town hall and witnessed the antics of Josh Lopez personally. He appeared a bit, touched, and I don't mean by an angel. It WAS Josh Lopez that called the Metropolitan Police Department after being escorted out for his outrageous behavior.

    He even demanded the police to arrest "someone" for assault. An assault that none of the hundreds in attendance witnessed. I tell you, the man's elevator just doesn't go all the way to the top floor.

    He has bigger fish to fry than working ANYONE's campaign. But it is right up his alley to work a campaign without a candidate.

    He is, in essence, Sarah Palin, without a true following.

    Posted by: concernedaboutdc | October 15, 2010 3:35 PM

  113. Colombia Heights Resident


    Josh Lopez seem to have some issues with D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray becoming the mayor of the District of Columbia. This write in campaign is a waste of time. Vincent Gray will be sworn in as our next mayor.

  114. #114

    Fenty should go work for the Peaceoholics after he leaves office since he was so keen on pissing away millions of our tax dollars on them suggesting that others work with them. He should stick his shiny little hard head where his mouth is.

    “Instead of criticizing and trying to turn me against [Ron Moten and the Peaceoholics], why don’t you help them?” Fenty asks.


    Re: he wants to “hit the ground running” when his term ends on Jan. 2.

  115. #115

    @DaddyGrace- Do you kiss your sons with that potty mouth of yours? Very shameful. But perfectly in keeping with your silly self.

  116. Colombia Heights Resident

    Mayor Fenty states, he will not stop the troll and others from the write in campaign. I suspect, King Fenty was a part of this write in campaign from the very beginning.


  117. #117

    Fenty is no doubt behind this write-in campaign. Can't seem to take the lost like a man. Sad

  118. #118

    I voted today and the turnout was small at the Board of Election. I saw Josh Lopez outside with a table. There were Fenty signs all over the place.

  119. #119

    Josh Lopez was dressed in green today wearing a bow tie standing at his table in front of the Board of Elections at 441 4th Street, NW. He has a serious acne problem and he could use a good Dermatologist.

  120. #120


  121. #121

    blah, blah, blah

  122. #122

    and blah

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