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Gray’s New Town Hall Schedule

The campaign of Almost Mayor Vince Gray, which rescheduled the locations of its remaining town hall meetings after complaints were made about having political events on school grounds, has just released the new locations of said town halls. (The Ward 1 event is still at a charter school, so go figure.)

Having been to the two town halls Gray has already held, LL now considers them little more than a vanity project for Gray to show off how much minutiae he knows about city government.

Here's how they go down: The home ward councilmember will give a speech about how great Gray is. Gray will rehash his stump speech at an unnecessarily loud volume. People will pretend to ask questions, but they're really there to give their opinions on a variety of things. Gray will talk about anything that's vaguely connected to whatever "question" was posed, dropping so many statistics and figures you'll think he memorizes city data for fun. There will be clapping. A Hardy Middle School student will bust Gray's chops on whether he'll reinstate the school's former popular principal. The end.

Don't believe LL? Here's a 1 hour 17 minute video of the Ward 5 town hall.

But if you still want to go, here's the schedule:

October 12: Ward 7 6:30-8:30PM
Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church
3000 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

October 14: Ward 2 6:30-8:30PM
Foundry United Methodist Church
1500 16th Street, NW

October 19: Ward 1 6:30-8:30PM
Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School
1100 Harvard St. NW

October 21: Ward 8 7:00PM-9:00PM
Matthews Memorial Baptist Church
2616 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. SE

October 26: Ward 4 6:30-8:30PM
Peoples Congregational Church
4704 13th St. NW

October 27: Ward 6 6:30-8:30PM
Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H Street, NE

  • tired

    Bravo the hermit. Mr. Suderman what's up.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ TheHermit: You must be new to this site. CP (not LL) endorsed Fenty, and LL distanced himself in his blogs from the Fenty endorsement. In short, LL was a Gray cheerleader from his first day on the job.

    Criticize LL at will, but not because he picked Fenty -- he didn't.

  • http://bing.com Anothernative

    @A.S., Of all people you should know why the Agenda is the way that it is,VG is attempting to change some negetive steriotypical images that a misinformed segment of the populace have of him. He thinks that these types of settings are good start to correcting those misconceptions. While I realize ratings is the bottom line here, I guess you've raised my hopes for the written media over these past months, only to bring me back to reality today. Keep on plugging though sport, you've got potential for doing good things in this town, just keep an open mind.

  • DC resident

    Carlos Rosario may be a charter school, but it's also a major community center for the Latino community and for all ward 1 residents. The administration of that school has made the building accessible for adult English instruction at night, a day care center, community group meetings and announcements, and general public events.

    To call Carlos Rosario just a charter school is to ignore the significance that facility has for Columbia Heights. The only other place in Ward 1 that comes to mind is the Josephine Butler Parks center, but it's capacity is much smaller.


    @DCresident,Your point is well taken, fact is we need all DC public schools to become more community friendly, enstead of becoming locked up fortresses at 4:00. The saying that it take a village speaks to that, schools are for the communities overall health and until we start aproaching them as such, we'll stay in the trouble that we're in.

  • ward8forreal

    Pretty good analysis of the two townhall meetings that have taken place thus far. Again, Gray offers no substantial plan. Please will someone ask him tonight about why Gray is considering former Chief Technology Officer Suzanne Peck to be his City Administrator, despite her shady background and investigations...same old soup, just reheated.

  • TheHermit

    @Truth Hurts

    You are correct that Suderman (unlike his LL predecessors) did not "officially" endorse a mayoral candidate. (But just because he did not wish to indicate in black and white who his candidate of choice was does not mean he didn't have one.) Ad hominem and utterly unhelpful attacks like the following suggest otherwise: "Having been to the two town halls Gray has already held, LL now considers them little more than a vanity project for Gray to show off how much minutiae he knows about city government."

    How could informing the public about Gray's focused attentiveness to law, policy and perspective of the running of the DC government be construed as a negative?

  • Truth Hurts

    @ TheHermit; Like I said, you must be new to this site. LL is only now beginning to do for Gray what he did around the clock to Fenty.

    Argue with LL and criticize him at will (I did), but stop fantasizing that he was a secret Fenty lover. He hated Fenty.