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You’ll Take My Red Ryder From My Cold Dead Hand

Wanna party with Eleanor Holmes Norton? Well, mark your calender for Oct. 14 (the day after the Kiss the Ring party for Almost Mayor Vince Gray) for a shindig at Ben's Chili Bowl to celebrate Norton's 20th anniversary as D.C.'s non-voting rep.

The guest list includes former mayors Marion Barry, Sharon Pratt Kelly and Anthony Williams. Mayor Adrian Fenty and Gray are also scheduled to be there.

Most likely not coming? Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican who is poised to be D.C.'s newest overlord and was the subject of last week's cover story in Washington City Paper. From the article, we learned that Norton hasn't spent any time trying to schmooze the former beauty products spokesman.

And as if Chaffetz and Norton didn't already have a tough time getting along, the flyer advertising Norton's party suggests the following contribution levels that, while tongue in cheek, would still be abhorred by almost every elected official from the gun-loving Mountain West.

$100 ... Ban BB guns

$250 ... Anti-AK 47s

$500 ... Melt down all handguns

$1,000 ... Study War No More

$1,500 ... Just say no to guns

$2,400 ... Just say yes to statehood

Norton, of course, is already getting bad-mouthed by conservatives as the target of an exposé by Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment.com; chances are this won't improve her image in GOP circles.

There's a photo of the contribution levels on the flyer after the jump.

Eleanor Holmes Norton Party Lists Anti-Gun Contribution Levels

Photo by Alan Suderman

  • Skipper

    Odd that one former mayor is missing from the list...

  • Mike Madden

    Skipper—Barry is on the list, he just got cut off in this photo.

  • beatbox

    What a tool she is.

  • v2mac

    Maybe Skipper meant Walter Washington. Of course, he did die 2003.

  • Randy

    Norton is such a loser!

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  • Typical DC BS

    Norton needs to go as well. After 20 years, her rants are falling on deaf ears. Besides, she's like the rest of the DC old-guard democratic establishment - she likes the parts of the Constitution that work to her benefit, but not the parts of the Constitution (i.e. the Second Amendment) that make it harder for the old-guard to justify their failed gun-control policies.

  • DCexpat

    If someone gives me $3000, I'll just declare a ban on violence and we'll be done with the issue altogether.

  • Southeast Resident

    @Typical DC BS, amendments are not part of the original Constitution. So what is your point. If you are somehow trying to make a point about the right to bear arms, citizens may have a right to bear arms, but since these are not defined in the Constitution or its amendments states or even jurisdictions can interpret what arms are. Otherwise people would be walking down the streets of the USA with missiles and bazookas claiming that they have a right to bear arms. It doesn't seem that you went to far in school since even a fifth grader could figure this stuff out. As for Chaffy, he isn't to bright either. He talks about holding to the Constitution, particularly in denying DC voting rights. He doesn't understand that this is what amendments are for. If we followed his logic black folks would still be slaves and women would not be allowed to vote. What a dope!