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Council Lovefest for Serrano

Vince Gray Meets Jose Serrano

Man, did the D.C. Council get all weak-kneed today when U.S. Rep. José Serrano showed up to receive a ceremonial resolution!

Serrano, a Democrat from the Bronx, has proposed ending Congress' control over the District's budget. He showed up at the Wilson Building today just after the council had finished business, to receive a plaque-looking thing and heaps of praise from Almost Mayor Vincent Gray.

"It really is uplifting" to sit in on hearings held by Serrano, who chairs a House Appropriations subcommittee that's in charge of the District's budget, Gray said, using words like "reveled" to express how he felt watching said hearings.

Serrano gave the love right back, saying how receiving the resolution was "indeed, a great moment." Serrano said he's motivated to help the District because he's Puerto Rican, and feels like his home territory is getting even more screwed by Uncle Sam than the District is.

LL's opinion, not that anyone asked: Serrano deserves praise for his work, but maybe the plaque should come after Congress actually gives up control of the city's budget. Serrano's language freeing D.C. from its federal serfdom is in the House version of the District's appropriations bill... but not the Senate's. Will it make it into law? With this Congress, who knows?

Photo by Alan Suderman

  • Skipper

    The Council reminds me of an abused dog.

  • mike

    lighten up LL - Serrano deserves our thanks

  • jes’ sayin

    DC residents pay full taxes to Uncle Sam and get no representation.

    Puerto Ricans get a $25,000 tax deduction (first 25k is tax free) and get no representation.

    Don't cry for San Juan, folks.

  • DCexpat

    You'd think after 200 years of disenfranchisement we'd be a little more sophisticated by now. Oh wait, its DC, enfranchisement is something to dangle for the masses, not a serious platform.


    I thought Jose was born in el Bronx, not in PR.

  • http://ABF ABF

    Thanks to Mr. Serrono!