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Fenty Not Allowed to Switch Teams

primary_day-1Stand down, everyone looking for a crazy plot twist in the Amazing Saga of Adrian Fenty: Though he won the Republican nomination Tuesday as a write-in candidate, even if Fenty wanted to make the reporters of this town do a spit-take by running on the GOP line in November (which he apparently doesn't), he's not allowed to.

A phone call from the Board of Ethics and Elections (BOEE) this morning warned GOP executive director Paul Craney that a party-switching  Fenty is a pipe dream. "They've done research, and Fenty cannot accept the nomination," he says he was told.

The BOEE believes amended D.C. Law 7-92 applies to the strange situation. It says that during primaries, victorious write-in candidate's need to be registered with the political party that's nominating them. (So Anthony Williams, despite failing to qualify for the primary ballot in 2002, was still able to accept the Democratic nomination after his write-in campaign.)

So was Craney hoping against hope that he'd  get a phone call from Fenty in which the politician gushingly accepted the Republican ticket? "I've seen weirder things happen in D.C. politics," he says. "Look at Marion Barry."

The GOP would have certainly had him: "If he were to accept the Republican nomination, the D.C. Republican Committee and the 29,728 District Republicans would overwhelming support him," stated GOP Chairman Bob Kabel.

Calls to the BOEE weren't immediately returned. For what it's worth, Fenty won 822 of the 1,396 write-in ballots cast in the GOP race, but Craney says if they can't run Fenty, they won't put anyone up, no matter who got the rest of the write-ins. (Also, Kwame Brown won the GOP nomination for D.C. Council chairman, with 122 votes, and Phil Mendelson won the Republican nomination for the at-large council seat. Presumably, they can't accept those nods, either. But since they won the Democratic campaigns, too, they probably don't mind.)

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Kris

    The half of the city that really wanted Rhee and are sadden by here departure (yes right tense) would have met with the Republicans and made it competitive.

    I hope the next chancellor learns from Janey and move with a sense of urgency. So it cannot be Janey but Tom Brady his number 3 was amazing.
    But neither them changed the culture at central office. The love of Rhee can be a blessing to Vince Gray. She did nothing but had the power to cut.

    He needs that going forward in a more scapel rather than ax way.
    And learn from Rhee and hire an effective community affairs team~-Rhee hired a lot of people who looked good on paper but didn't know outreach n

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  • fred

    nope, wrong tense. must be product of DCPS

  • Reggie

    Sick to death of the whining! I'm black
    advanced degreed! I just don't understand the
    Blacks of this city? Dc public schools are far better
    than i can ever remember it! the City is better and
    improving, black are not happy unless they have something
    to complain about! They have all this love for
    the great Marion Barry! he pimped this city like a
    2.00 whore! How good were Dc public schools when he lorded over the city? How good were city services? How many safeway and Giants could you find in SE in the 80s and 90s? This city had nothing, but fat, lazy managers running Dc agencies! and 800 and 900 murders a year! We're suppose to have some of most educated blacks in the country, but i think we the DUMBEST!

  • sue

    Reggie this is a economic recession and you fire people with an evalualtion system that you just rolled out.Never showed people any demonstrations of what you wanted and that's okay. Marion Barry may have pimped this city but as least he made sure there were training programs and jobs if people were qualified and wanted to work. This Mayor allowed teacher who were fired last year to be fired not because they did not have good evaluations. They were fired because Rhee told principals to fire people that you want to excess from there buildings.You claimed it was a money proble but you had money for raises. Mayor Fenty's friends did not hire people from the black community that is crazy. Both mayor's were pimps but this mayor lied and they felt he did not have to deal with the people he pimped. I voted early and I voted for Gray.If he is not fair. I will vote Gray out of office.He does not own me or the people anything but the right to be a fair and repectful leader. I love Marion Barry and I do not want to go back to the eighties.He had his time as leader and now that has past. We want to go forward into the future with our civil rights protected because people fought and died for us to have these right.The disgraceful thing that this Mayor did was to hurt the poor(closing homeless shelters)
    and taking the communities trust and abusing it.Mayor Barry has a drug problem what is Mayor Fenty's.