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Your 2:30 a.m. Phil Mendelson Video

At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson, who LL thought was a sure goner to the white Michael Brown, showed up at Mayor-elect Vincent Gray's party last night. LL asked him about his victory:

LL also ran into the black Michael Brown, who wasn't running, and asked how he felt about his "loss."

"Fabulous," Brown said.

And LL also overheard Clark Ray, who came in a distant third to Mendelson and Brown, tell someone at a precinct in Ward 1 yesterday that he's lost 12 pounds in the last year due to campaigning. According to the latest count, that works out to about 1 pound per 765 votes.

  • DCBob

    Phil won every Ward; 92% of the precincts; and more votes than either Kwame Brown or Vince Gray. Only Eleanor Holmes Norton was a bigger winner last night.

  • Flernty

    The Demon Mendelson lives! Curses!

  • DCexpat

    Hopefully Mendo loses control of the Cmte on Public Safety. Any chance of that? Can Kwame reassign him? We absolutely need new leadership there.

  • Dumb Growth

    Clark Ray was the nights's clear loser, "dogged" by questions about his veracity and competence, not to mention his short record at DPR. His transparent attempts to pander to both sides, whether on development or dog parks, ended up alienating a lot of voters.

  • ABF


  • WikiJoe

    DCexpat is right. Mendo needs to eb taken out of the Publici Safety arena. He has failed to protect DC reidents ad visitors from crime.