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Fenty’s Rush Hour Game Face

For Mayor Adrian Fenty, election day must be the best day of the whole campaign. He doesn’t have to think about anything. There’s no way to screw things up more than they are already. And he can just focus on doing what he does best: Racing to the finish.

“No no no, no time to be concerned on election day,” said Fenty to ABC7 reporter Jay Korff, who was asking if he was worried about negative polls, even after all his accomplishments. “You gotta move fast, a hundred mile per hour sprint.”

It’s 5:00 p.m., and Fenty hasn’t exactly been sprinting that fast. He’s only hit five out of eight wards—missing wards 5, 6, and 8—and eight precincts. For mid-day marathon fuel, the mayor chose a panini at Azi’s café in Shaw.

Now he’s in friendly territory, at Wisconsin and Calvert Streets, waving at cars on their way northwest and sticking stickers on whatever passersby will have them. The clutch of media and their tenders overwhelms the sidewalk, making it difficult for strollers and bikes to come through.

“Hello everybody back there!” Fenty yells. “I just want to make sure that if you’re voters, you can get through!”

Some try to ask Fenty more reflective questions, like what he might have done differently during the campaign, or what he’ll do tomorrow. But this is no time for reflection.

“Run the government,” he answered. “There’s your answer.”

  • tired

    Doesn't mean anything Fenty is going to lose. Putting on his game face for what reason.

  • LOL

    Let's just wait and see how things turn out. You never know what will happen.....

  • tired

    Thanks LOL it has been a long day.

  • Lydia

    I think Fenty decided when the first poll against him came in to check out of the race; that way he could always console himself if he lost that the problem was just that he hadn't put in 110% percent effort, not that people rejected him. That said, I'm still hoping for a Fenty victory, though I would be happy with a narrow Gray victory-- I think that would chasten Gray and keep him from over-reacting too much against Fenty's accomplishments. A Gray blowout would probably lead to all sorts of comments about how D.C. isn't ready to be a modern city coupled with some form of chastisement from the Post's editorial page.

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