Loose Lips

“Don’t Be Fooled!”

LL just sent in this photo of a utility pole outside Vincent Gray's home precinct at the Washington Senior's Center, on Alabama Avenue SE in Ward 7, which shows why Phil Mendelson is a little nervous today:

Don't Be Fooled!

  • dchillrat

    I always find it hard to take a picture right side up too.

  • dchillrat

    Someone @ CP noticed and corrected.

  • Mike Madden

    Yes, it was me—couldn't fix it from home, had to wait until I got to the office to use PhotoShop.

  • Flernty

    Ha ha ha. Every time I check my mail Mendelson's pusillanimous smirk seems to get smaller on each successive lie-filled tract. His vain effort to get apathetic and ignorant voters to read something is icing on the cake.

    Really, Phil? Perhaps instead of pandering to the base prejudices of the mob regarding law enforcement (as in, any law enforcement at all) for the last 12 years you might have focused on reading programs for your supporters?

    I love it! Phil Mendelson undone by the very ignorance he cultivated for more than a decade.

    Gray winning today is going to make this a bittersweet afternoon, fer sure. But there is always the slight chance that Gray will turn his back on the teacher's union and, with or without Rhee, demand DCPS continue to keep kids in mind rather than pander to teachers and unions.

    But there is no saving Mendelson because he has no soul. He is the worst sort of coniving pol. Before this day is out, if he is turned out in favor of the "Wrong Brown," I will definitely dance a merry jig. All is not lost in this city if Phil Mendelson can be electorially face-planted into oblivion.

  • Korrupt

    Flernty- be sure to put the film footage of your merry jig up on youtube. LOL

  • Flernty

    If the Demon Mendelson is sent back to the foul void from whence he slithered (Cleveland), I will not only YouTube my excellent jig, I will wear tights.