Loose Lips

Mid-Day Election’s Eve News Round Up

1) A. Scott Bolden, who got his ass kicked by Phil Mendelson four years ago, is poised to have the last laugh. WBJ's Michael Neibauer (LL loves that guy!) reports that Bolden is backing Michael D. Brown, the guy who polls show might beat Mendo because voters are confusing him with Michael A. Brown.

No one has given more to Michael D. Brown's at-large council bid than the law firm Reed Smith LLP, where Bolden serves as partner. The first $1,000 donation to Brown's campaign came from Reed Smith partner Walter Nagel on Aug. 31. The second, from the firm, was received Sept. 10, according to campaign finance reports filed by Brown. ... Brown has contributed more than $17,000 to his own campaign. The $2,000 from Reed Smith accounts for about a third of the donations to his coffers from outside entities.

2) Smartgrowth watcher David Alpert, who runs the popular Greater Greater Washington blog, endorses Vincent Gray.

I'm sure I will disagree with some of his decisions. But I disagree with a lot of what Fenty does. If, and when, Gray does something I think is wrong, I'll say so. I'll push him to be the best possible Mayor, to hire A+ people just like some of Fenty's appointments, but without some of the C- people Fenty also has in the mix.

3) More than 22,000 people have already voted early, with Fenty-friendly territory showing the biggest number of votes.

  • Charlie

    I just got the campaign call from Michael D. Brown for the second time. It says in the middle "Don't be confused. Vote Democratic" HA! HA! They definitely have a sense of humor on that campaign.

  • Flernty

    Watching Mendelson tie himself in knots the last week, and spend a wad of dough on HI-LARIOUS campaign materials has been so heart-warming.

    Phil Mendelson is, without a doubt, the biggest elected cock I've ever had the unfortunate experience of meeting or talking with. He is a liar that would sooner pimp out his own mother than get a real job.

    To see him grovel like he has in the last week only confirms what a empty, spineless double-talker he is. To see his campaign literature tout his "tough on crime" stats is about as laughable as seeing Marion Barry literature talk about integrity.

    Don't look now Mendelson, the very same ignorant electorate that you've counted on to allow you to play games with public safety is gonna send you back to Cleveland.


  • 4myDC

    Flernty: since you will be leaving DC when V. Gray wins, your opinion on Mendelson is academic.