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Watch Vincent Gray Dance

LL was at Vincent Gray's troop-rallying event today at Shiloh Baptist Church's gymnasium. After all the speeches, Gray busted a move or two to the McFadden & Whitehead classic: "Ain't no stopping us now."  Watch:

When Gray was talking to reporters afterward, LL asked if those moves had a name. "Absolutely not," Gray said. "I should have found somebody who could hand dance and I could have really demonstrated to people who don't know what it is."

The Examiner's Freeman Klopott then made it clear that he's one of those people who could have benefited from such a demonstration by asking: "Do you need a partner for hand dancing?" (C'mon Freeman! Watch this.)

"Oh absolutely, that's why it's called hand dancing," Gray said, grabbing Klopott's hand and giving him more of an answer than he probably expected: "It's very artistic, and it's very creative. And you never see two people doing exactly the same hand dancing cause it is so innovative and creative. The way you learn though, you never look at anybody's upper torso because you'd get very confused. Watch the lower body, the steps are very basic and then people just build on that with the turns and the twists and all that. ... Go out to the Chateau on one Friday night, you will see two, three hundred people in that place and it is something to watch."

Gray was also asked what he thought of his opponent Adrian Fenty participating in the Nation's Triathlon tomorrow while Gray stumps at a couple churches.

Gray said that if he wins, religious leaders will find a much more welcoming administration than they have during Fenty’s term.

"I think his not going to churches tomorrow really symbolizes the way he's behaved the last four years," Gray said.

  • Sally

    Did anyone ask Gray what he thinks of Shiloh Baptist maintaining a ton of vacant, blighted properties in the neighborhood for decades and not paying the appropriate taxes on them?

  • Charles

    I guess that churches can openly mock the IRS and get away with it.

    According to the law, they lose tax exempt status for engaging in political campaigns. They are allowed to have voter education programs and host candidate forums but holding a political rally is incompatible with tax exempt status. I don't deny their right to have whatever rally they want but if they're going to do so then they have to pay their taxes.

  • downtown rez

    Where's the photo of Gray with the halo? Of all the posts to run it on, this one would have been perfect.

  • tired

    Sally, Charles and DR slow day huh why aren't you out in Ward7 & 8 stumping for your boy Adrian.

  • downtown rez

    I figure Gray is tired after dancing with a bunch of Marylanders at Shiloh, so why should I bother.
    Good thing FOP supports him, or there might have been parking tickets to pay.

  • downtown rez

    Oh, wait, nevermind.
    I forgot that Gray doesn't feel he needs to park legally or pay parking tickets. No wonder he was at Shiloh.

  • Freeman

    Thanks, Alan.

  • Tformation

    At least he can catch the rhythm. That go-go Fenty mess looked horrible. Why he would pretend that he is comfortable in that scene I have no idea but it was clear that wasn't. And then they put him on the spot to make him dance and he looked like a lost 3 year old. After Tuesday, Fenty will have all the time in the world for he-haw dance lessons.

    And as it should be, you atheist may just have too suck it up on Sunday mornings when it comes to parking. You ride around on your bikes all da every day committing all manner of traffic offenses but on Sunday mornings, it's a travesty for someone who is going to church to park illegally

  • tformation

    Sally wait until Tuesday to ask Vince instead of asking the Mayor like you have been doing for 4 years... I bet you at least get an answer this time, intead of being ignored like Fenty obviously must have done to you for the past 4 years, since they are still there after DECADES. Im sure you tried to get Fentys help to no avail but fear not!!! After Tuesday, we can really get on with the business of running a city, just without all the corruption and without ignoring people whos prioritys may be different from our.

  • tformation


    it is because they know wards 7 and 8 (just like the rest of the city) are a lost cause. I hear the fat lady warming up her vocal cords... shes about to take stage... GET READY DC! The green machine is now focused on finding jobs for themselves after Tuesday. They know its over they just cant say it out loud. Lol.

    Here is one good thing you can look forward to that the rest of us couldnt count on under Fenty.... IF you are truly qualified for your job, and IF you have been successful and have produced results (not the fake facts of Fenty but tangible results), its a safe bet that no matter WHO you supported for Mayor, your job is safe.

    THAT is how adults in the professional world work. I know you've never seen it before being that this is your first job and all but get ready to see a professional, efficient DC Govt in the days to come.

  • John

    Hey, thanks! Just fwded this article to the FEC and IRS, filing a complaint.

  • downtown rez

    IF you are truly qualified for your job, and IF you have been successful and have produced results (not the fake facts of Fenty but tangible results), its a safe bet that no matter WHO you supported for Mayor, your job is safe.
    It's really hard to reconcile what you wrote with the Gray endorsements by WTU, AFSCME, FOP, Pratt-Kelly or Barry really fit into that statement.

    Tony Williams+Adrian Fenty
    Gray + WTU, AFSCME, FOP, Pratt-Kelly or Barry

    Your choice.

  • http://.. Marie Jackson

    Fenty supporters are really sounding like they are stuck on stupid.

  • Truth Hurts

    Hot tip from the bowels of Gray's campaign: Fenty's not Christian -- he's muslim and wasn't born in this country. He's plotting a white folk (aka tea party) takeover of DC. PASS IT ON!

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. They also saw Fenty dressed up as a church lady distributing fliers at black churches urging everyone to vote for Gray on September 21. One city's making the rounds today to set the record straight. SPREAD THE WORD!

  • tformation

    Downtown Rez... it may be hard to reconcile for you because you have not ever HAD to work with someone who has different views as you and still GET THE JOB DONE... or it may be hard because every job you have had was given to you because someone "liked" you and was not based on your experience. Or maybe since you live downtown you dont have a neighbor with a Fenty sign who has a dead tree with huge braches thats been falling into your yard for the last three years and cant get DC Govt to fine them because they are FOF (friends of Fenty). Or maybe you dont have kids so it does not matter that you cant take them to the NEW public library on most days because the staff have all been fired to cover the cost of RENOVATION....

    The bottom line is just because the unions recognize that Gray will let them have a seat at the table, they also know that if they are wrong, they will not retain their jobs. He just wont make up fake reasons, tell lies or cause budget deficits to get rid of them. They will sink or swim on their own merits, not based on if they are liked or if they agreed with something. You have had too much of the Fenty koolaid to be objective right now so I will give you a month or so after the election before you really understand how to reconcile it.

    The only thing you can see is Tony Williams + Adrian Fenty. Try to see Tony Williams + Vince Gray and it will be like you just got a new pair of glasses (made for you) and you can finally see after having borrowed someone elses (altered view) glasses that were made specifically for THEM!

  • LOL

    Like Gray or not, some things, like that dance, you can't unsee.

  • Sally

    If Gray wins, he will owe all sorts of favors to groups that are philosophically diametrically opposed to each other. Like Obama, the shine will soon wear off as Gray gives the spoils of victory to some groups and not to others.

    It will be fascinating to watch Gray spin the needed budget cuts next year as he has to lay off the same union members that are supporting him.

    Gray's coalition is based on hating Fenty, not on supporting Gray. It will collapse as soon as the tough choices start being made. Look for Kwame "Bankrupt" Brown to seek to take advantage of that as he gears up to run for Mayor in 4 years.

  • downtown rez

    Maybe this, maybe that.
    At the end of the day, you have no idea who I am, what I know, or what my background is. You remain uninformed to a degree that has confounded my ability to correct.
    But perhaps I can help you in one small way:
    If your neighbor has a tree on their private property that impacts your private property, than it is a private property matter between the two of you, and the city has no legal authority to intervene. You, on the other hand, do have the legal rights to trim that portion of your neighbor's tree that overhangs your property.
    Bringing this back to the election- you can vote for someone you think will break the law and spend public tax dollars to help you with your private property matter, or someone who will spend more on librarian salaries at the expense of something else- and you may even get what you vote for- but that is in no way guaranteed nor is it necessarily right.
    Good luck,

  • downtown rez

    Look for taxes to rise, and funding for DCPS education and facilities modernization to be cut. His vague "policy" papers include something for everyone- they simply promise too much to too many. The cuts this past year were across the board- in every agency except schools.
    It will be particularly interesting to see how he spins in the face of the desires of charter school parents to see their childrens' teachers paid as much as DCPS teachers now are.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    So sad.Haters all over the blog today. Go Gray Go

  • noodlez





  • LOL

    Downtown rez,

    How do you get italics and bold in your comments? [Off topic, I know].

  • tired

    Hey John while you are making your complaint to the IRS you need to include the church where 100 people show up and a former congressman from NY was stumping for Fenty. And has a matter a fact when you submit yours I will submit mine.

  • tired

    As a matter of fact it is Rev. Steve Young's church.

  • downtown rez

    Google "html tutorial". There are a number of free tutorials online.
    Basics like itallics, bold text, and links to other websites are really quick and easy to learn. :)
    It'll only take you an hour.

  • downtown rez

    Another way of looking at what noodlez writes is that, without spending down our reserves, DC Gov would need to have fired even more people. Or not invested in schools, parks, roads, libraries, etc. Or raised taxes. Etc.
    Tough decisions, and all because money doesn't grow on trees...

  • John

    @tired: Go for it. Churches either need to get out of partisan politics, or give up their tax exempt status.

  • LOL

    thanks downtown,

    I think the answer to what noodles wrote may depend on looking at where the money went. If it went to preserving jobs, then it was a good investment. If it went for things that we really could not afford, then it makes using the reserve a tough sale.

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  • downtown rez

    I agree to a point, but view investing in things such as schools, parks, recreation centers, roads, as investing in bringing more people and businesses to Washington, which will in turn cause our economy to grow.
    The way I see it, it was investing in the future. Analogous to a local version of Obama's stimulus package, in that part of the idea is to cushion the impacts of the recession, and also to grow our way out of it.