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Virginia Williams: My Son Has Not Endorsed Fenty

Mayor Adrian Fenty got a little heckling today during the last of the 376 mayoral debates this season from former First Mom Virginia Williams.

Williams, an ardent supporter of Vincent Gray, called out a few times as Fenty was speaking during the noon debate at the The Dancing Crab Room at Tony and Joe's Seafood Place in Georgetown. Williams is upset that Fenty is saying Mayor Anthony Williams had endorsed his re-election bid.

Virginia Williams says her son is officially neutral in this race and doesn't like the fact that Fenty is saying otherwise. "I'm disturbed that this man continues to lie," she said. "I believe in facts and truth."

But the facts and truth in the case seem to lean towards Fenty's favor. This account from Nikita Stewart in the Post says Anthony Williams held a fundraiser for Fenty and indicated at a recent event in Columbia Heights that he supports the mayor.

Here's a video of Virginia Williams explaining the difference between "support" and "endorse," and dropping this nugget—that Fenty has called her son several times seeking an endorsement:

LL has a call into former Mayor Williams to get to the bottom of this and will update as necessary.

  • Southeast Resident

    Go on Mom Williams with your Gray sticker on! I hope Vince Gray parades you around at the polling precincts with him so you can round up some votes for him. No respecting DC resident could resist your charm and request!

  • tired

    Way to go Mrs. Williams stand up for the facts.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    You rock Mommy Williams

  • candycane1

    I like this lady. I'm glad to see this woman publically letting folks know that she will not take crap from the boy-mayor.

  • Truth Hurts

    She must've read the piece about Gray being single and a great hand dancer.

    Tony Williams is a big boy who is quite capable of speaking for himself. And he already did so, despite what momma told him.

    tired may be the only person in DC who doesn't know Williams endorsed Fenty. Don't worry though, ace cheerleader Suderman's gonna clear it all up for you tired.

  • tired

    TH I am an ace cheerleader idiot and I don't need Suderman telling me anything. When you pull your lips off Fenty ass then talk to me.

  • Brahmin

    I understand Mrs. Williams. And I am a huge Gray supporters (see previously) post but anyone would have read as Mayor Williams supports Mayor Fenty.

    It was a mistake of epic scale but Mayor Williams was never political. He had a good staff for that. He like Jack Evans, David Catania and Tommy Wells backs Fenty because they thought he would win.

  • Manor

    A. Williams clearly supports Fenty, and his mom is clearly an angry and rude lady. Was she the one barking like a dog at the Ward 7 debate?

    However, Williams did clearly endorse Cropp last time with a TV spot, which he obviously hasn't done for Fenty this time.

    I'm just hoping for a murder free voting experience. The thugs of DC are seemingly out in force for both campaigns and violence is already so common here.

  • downtown rez

    Tony Williams endorsed Fenty.
    Pratt-Kelly and Barry endorsed Gray.
    Can we all go back to being glad Gray goes to church (but not confession?) and watching him hand dance now?

  • tformation

    Tony Williams told you why he "SUPPORTS" Fenty. The last few candidates he has "supported" LOST!

    There you have it. Lol. He WANTS Fenty to lose so he endorsed him.


    I knew you had DC's best interest at heart!

  • 6thGen DCNative

    Ms. Williams is like the saying in the chain email for women about "wearing a purple hat." she is too experienced of life to feed into anyone's opinions of her. She says AF keeps calling Anthony Williams pestering him for an endorsement. She is disturbed by AF's continued insistence on taking credit for things her son did and her son's ideas. She is going to make her thoughts known, period, whether any posters here like it or not. Tell you what- bet we don't hear a word from Anthony Williams in support of either candidate before the primary. He is in the private sector now. He knows the value of the work he both completed and set in motion. Mrs. Williams, you are a priceless treasure - you tell the truth.

  • DCDem

    Anyone who knows Anthony Williams, knows he absolutely abhors Adrian Fenty. His words exactly "Adrian Fenty is not ready for prime time".

  • efavorite

    Despite what Williams did or did not say about Fenty earlier in the campaign, he's been very quiet since.

    That's not helpful to Fenty.