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The Real Reason Mendelson Might Lose


As you all know, WCP-endorsed At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson may be on the verge of losing to a guy with a really lucky name. This is just pissing me off. Thankfully, Carol Schwartz has stepped in to rally for Mendo. And the councilmember has sent out multiple mailers trying to clear up the confusion over the two Michael Browns.

Now comes DCist reporting on the lucky Michael Brown's letter to "friends" (shouldn't it be "friend?).

The Brown letter begins with the biggest nonsense I've read since going over Peaceoholics' 990s. Brown writes:

"We are in the final stages of what has been an amazing campaign. I started 10 weeks ago with no money and a few friends like you, and last week a city wide Washington Post Poll showed that I am ahead of the incumbent by 12 points among likely voters. If I win, I will make history."

This should piss you off. Lemme just say that the only reason this Michael Brown wins next Tuesday is because the electorate just didn't give a shit about this council race. All the focus has been on the mayoral contest. If people actually spent any time thinking about the At-Large race, this guy wouldn't get to claim that he's about to make history.

  • Southeast Resident

    Maybe Mendo can pay Moten and Skinner pay this Brown a visit!

  • Southeast Resident

    Oops, I meant, maybe Mendo can pay Moten and Skinner to go by and visit with this Brown!

  • Mike20010

    "The Brown letter begins with the biggest nonsense I’ve read since going over Peaceoholics’ 990s." I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I'm right with you, this pisses me off to a great extent. Shadow Senator Brown is supposed to be working toward achieving DC statehood, but if his shenanigans this election net him a victory, he's going to set whatever difficult chance we have at statehood back decades. He needs to drop out of the race and resign his shadow seat.

  • Dave in DC

    The thing everyone is missing is the fact that Mendelson is so wonderful, and so popular, then he should be crushing ALL opponents. If, as you say, its all about name confusion, doesn't that say more about Mendelson that it does about Mike?

    Shadow Senator Brown has never pretended to be anyone other than he is. He has spent $20,000 out of his own pocket to travel to 11 states to lobby for statehood. He has made numerous appearances on TV and radio. He has also been a citywide elected official for longer than Michael A. Brown has been on the Council.

    Another point is that the flyer is apparently false on its face in one respect in that it states that Michael A. Brown will be "voting for" Mendelson. Michael A. Brown was elected as an independent to one of the two council seats reserved for minor parties. Assuming he is still in compliance with the law, as a registered independent he cannot even VOTE in the Democratic primary.

  • Manor

    A huge number of DC voters are obviously simply voting based on race and race alone in elections. In 2006, they voted Fenty over Cropp simply because he was darker (V. Orange never got going, oddly).

    A race based voting strategy precludes any thought and analysis, so errors like Brown v Brown are to be expected. Overall the same idiots making these choices are the ones who will pay the price via violence, health problems, shorter lives, poverty, etc.

    I am just happy to see Mendelson go, I hope he has to move to one of the lousy neighborhoods he generally doesn't have to experience and thinks are not an issue.

  • TheHermit


    Fenty is darker than Cropp? Really?! Well, I guess it depends if Fenty has a tan or not...

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    @ Manor. I don't mean to be insulting, but are you stupid or something? People did not vote for Fenty over Linda Cropp because he was "darker." In fact, Fenty is lighter-skinned than Linda Cropp. But what really bothers me about your statements are the offensive race/class baiting they purport to suggest as true. People of Color, primarily African-Americans at one time used to treat each other differently based on who was lighter or who was darker (the old wanna be's vs. the gigaboos mentality). This is no longer the case; and I resent your suggestion that it is or was the case in 2006.

    Although I am not now, nor was I in 2006, a supporter of Fenty; the reason many people voted for him and gave him a chance was because they thought is youth and energy where what the city needed and they wanted to give him an opportunity to prove himself. They did; and he failed. Plain and simple.

  • Matt

    Maybe this wouldn't have happened if news outlets had covered anything but the mayors race (Ahem Jason Cherkis/WCP)which might have happened if Phil Mendelson had deigned to campaign earlier.

    This is why I decided to vote for Clark Ray regardless of the chances of MDB winning. Those guys both suck, I'd rather vote for a candidate I can respect.

  • Biff

    If Michael D wins, DC deserves to suffer the consequences.

    Idiot voters --> idiot council.

  • Flernty

    Phil Mendelson is living the come-around. As in what goes around, comes around. He's counted on the very same electorate who will vote in a guy with a good sounding name to send him back to council several times to completely screw public safety (for those not privileged enough to live in Upper NW with him). Nobody in city government more richly diserves to be beaten. I only with that this Mike Brown wasn't just average, but actually completely nuts - like teabagger nuts - to fully complete the humilation.

    In the end humiliation is too good for Mendelson who has the blood of every person killed by a repeat gun offender or a by a violent offender on pre-trial release.


    He is a scumbag. A liar. And he can't be beaten too soundly or too often.