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Bill Slover Goes After Fenty

There is a hot letter from Bill Slover, the former chairman of the Housing Authority, over at the Washington Post.

Slover, a former Fenty supporter who now backs Vincent Gray, says he's got to set the record straight on Adrian Fenty's role in the parks contract mess, which is currently under investigation and involves allegations that Fenty's fraternity friends Omar Karim and Sinclair Skinner improperly received city contracts because of their close relationship to the mayor. Fenty has denied any wrongdoing. (Read this June piece by Mike DeBonis for more background on Slover and his dismissal by Fenty.)

From the letter:

The mayor has repeatedly asserted that the contracts were awarded through an independent process. Not so. In fact, the “competitive bidding process” hinged on the decision of a five-member selection panel; three of the panel's members were on the mayor's staff. To top it off, the Office of the Deputy Mayor had final approval of which firm was awarded the contract. Further, the project manager's fee was negotiated solely by the Office of the Deputy Mayor, which handed Banneker Ventures [which is owned by Karim] a flat fee of more than 9 percent of the contract value, with an additional 9 percent markup of fees charged by each subcontractor. A Post article quoted Allen Y. Lew, executive director of the D.C. public school renovation program, as calling the fee structure “outrageous.” (Typical fees for the services Banneker was to provide range from 3 to 5 percent.) Clearly, the process was anything but independent.

LL has a call to Fenty's campaign, and will update as necessary. There's plenty more in the letter, including Slover calling Fenty a liar for his disclosure last week at a mayoral debate that Slover was fired for not passing contracts along to the D.C. Council.

  • tired


  • Unbelievable6

    The Post took that letter offline real quick. What's up with that shigity.

  • Southeast Resident

    The chickens are coming home to roost! Procurement rules exist to protect the citizens and get the best value. We need a Mayor who will work in the best interest of the DC taxpayers and not his close friends and associates to the detriment of the taxpayers. More reason why we need FENTY OUT, and GRAY IN!

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    The guy can't be trusted... Stay tuned..More scandal to come.

  • tired

    Hey CP how is that endorsement working out for ya.

  • Unbelievable6

    I guess the Wa Post got permission from Fenty to put that letter back up. I could swear it disappeared for awhile. Figured he and Nickles came up with a new strategy to explain Mr. Slover's letter away.

  • MissionPossible

    Take this from someone who knows, this is how this administration operates ALL of the time. There are no exceptions. I am glad Slover came forward with the real story - the whole thing stank from a mile away. Glad to hear the real deal.

  • http://deleted TripLBee

    But you're still endorsing him right CP? I mean Gray is completely honest, but he lives in Ward 7. We can't have that can we.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    To; Adrian Fenty. How dare you lie on this man who seems to be a man of integity. To tarnish a man's reputation just b/c you think you can? What made you think that you would get away with it? I no cause you think you are a King. You will have to pay 1 day for your arrogance.I for 1 can't wait until Tuesday (Baby Face Fenster) Your time has come to pay for all of your evil deeds. Its been a long time coming, but I no change is going to come. Good bye

  • DC Guy

    Bill Slover has been nothing but above board, and to boot, he was one of those guys who was knocking on 10,000 doors in 2006, and just like Alec Evans, he got thrown under the bus because he wouldn't play ball.

    This should be front page news every day between now and Tuesday.

    Fenty and Nickels cannot be excused from their positions soon enough.


    King Fenty is now reaping what he has sowed. Be gone Satan and take Grandpa Munster with you.


    Mr. Fenty and the Banneker contract: Setting the record straight


  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    I wonder what kind of lie Fenty will come up with this time? Never mind. I'm sure it will be a doze. Lol

  • candycane1

    For those of us that watched the many hearings, Mr. Slover has nothing to worry about. He's been a class act.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    Amen candycane1

  • DCJournalist8

    Bill Slover is a profile in courage. If Fenty was smart enough to not continue tarnishing Slover's name......well, he might have gotten away with another lie.

    Not this time. Suggest Vincent Gray reappoint Slover in one of his first official acts as the city's new mayor in 2011. That is, if Mr. Slover cares to accept.

    Too many of us former D.C. Government employees now are on the sidelines due to Fenty mismanagement and cronyism. It reeks. Not just blacks, but whites, Latinos and the those 40 and over got the boot, not because the administration was trying to balance the 2009-10 fiscal year budget but because Fenty wanted many of them replaced with his young minions. He continued to bring on new help because they were FOF (Friends of Fenty), not because they passed civil service scrutiny.

    I, for one, can only hope that some official body looks into employment cronyism as well. After Fenty is gone, many of his "Fenty-ites" will still be in their GS-9 to G-14 jobs, making good money...not because they are qualified, but because they were FOF (Friends of the Fool).

    Good riddance, Adrian. I'm enjoying retirement.

  • LoveTheCapitol
  • http://.. Marie Jackson

    Does the CP feel stupid?

  • LOL

    I am sorry but Ms. Williams was very rude to interrupt mayor fenty in that manner. I know she loves her son and supports Gray. But, that served no purpose other than to make everyone uncomfortable.

    Tony Williams is an adult, if he has a problem with what Mayor Fenty has said, he could very well clear things up on his own.

  • Tformation

    Perhaps Ms Williams spoke to him in the only language/tone he understands. She treated him as he has treated many others for the past 4 years. But why change the subject from Fenty's backdoor bids to how someone spoke to him. Get back to the fact that he fired someone who wouldn't give the contracts to his boys and then told lies about that person to mess up his reputation. Do you think Mr Slover was the only one who received that treatment? I don't. THAT is the reason he is losing. Not because he isn't "nice" but because he's dirty!

  • TheHermit

    How's that re-elect Fenty-Rhee-Nickles thingy workin' for ya? (Sure Joann Armao isn't on your board, too?)

  • http://bing.com Anothernative

    Many people have tried to step forward too reveal this man, but his follower's and they're strong resouces were so adamant about covering up his mishaps that, we were easily swayed and alway's ready to give him the benefit of doubt. Because he demonized everyone that stepped up, most folks went along under the assumption of him having too make the hard decisions and the disgruntled exemployee bit. Along comes Bill Slover, and Mr. Fenty doesn't look so (Mayoral) anymore because Bill is a guy that has taken loyalty too it's highest heights, but will not tolerate the slander of his good name. Thank you (Mr. Slover).

  • District Deputy Secretary

    We should all hope that one day, if he will take the job, Bill Slover will be the mayor.

  • Korrupt

    I had a dream last night that Fenty won and woke up in a state of high anxiety. Seriously.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    What this? No comments from Downtown Rez or Truth Hurts... what! That can't be. A reliable anit-Fenty source with solid credentials and a lot of proof and they aren't around to bring up Gray's fence problem (the only one in the City, by the way). I'm shocked.

  • joey

    I am am immigrant from africa and I never thought that I would see the kind of cronyism, nepotism, corruption, intimidation and BS That I encountered with Adrian Fenty.
    Adrian even would send govt officials to harass folks he thinks are agaist him. DDOT, go check Vince's fence for me. Linda Argo, go send a DCRA inspetoctor to any business that displays Vince Gray signs. Woooowww ! This sounds like Saddam Hussein to me!