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Gray Camp Sounds Alarm Following Vote-Scheme Story

There will be more on this to come for sure, but the mayoral campaign of D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray is saying that Justice Department observers "would certainly be welcomed" along with attention from "any other law enforcement agency" following ABC 7's big story alleging a Fenty campaign jobs-for-votes scheme.

The Fenty camp denies the allegations. Gray's campaign team is hitting on this story hard.

More later.

  • peter Rosenstein

    This is what happens when you have a candidate's supporters that think you win at any cost. It was Fenty who vetoed the bill making it against the law in DC to buy votes and that was just to bring us into line with federal law.

    People should be wary of the people around Fenty, those like Ron Moten and Sinclair Skinner, who Fenty allows to do anything they want without limits to try to win.

    In the end it is the candidate who is responsible for his campaign and we haven't heard a word from Fenty about this. It is time to retire Fenty and say thank you for what he has done and to retire some of the people around him and say no more to cronyism and give-aways to friends. These people only have one interest at heart- their own- and that isn't who we want at the top echelons of our government.

  • downtown rez

    This is what happens when you have a candidate's supporters that think you can say anything and not have to back it up with facts. It was Gray's team who sponsored the bill making it against the law in DC to provide anything of value (like Rock the Vote concerts) for even registering to vote, and that bill went far beyond what federal law does.
    Also see: Buttdialgate, the pulled Tom Sherwood Ad, the insinuation that is home break in might bave been politically motivated, the firetruck investigation, and the never ending contracts investigation.
    It's called F.U.D. and, when the smoke clears, there's never anything there.

  • Truth Hurts

    Go Gray!! Your felon donors are getting what they paid for, dude. Go hard on this b.s. The press loves it. Sorta like your "Fenty hijacked my phone lines" baloney.

  • downtown rez

    I figure this is an attempt to continue the aspersions as Colby King and the rest of the WP editorial board rightly wrote of and, as a silver lining, such aspersions might make the obviously pro-Fenty Obama camp think twice about publicly associating with someone accused of vote-buying.

  • Southeast Resident

    Hey downtown rez, the fire truck and ambulance scheme was stopped in its tracks. How can you say it was about nothing! Similarly stopped in its tracks was Fenty's attempt to stick the taxpayers with the cost of that frat party. If you are a DC taxpayer, you should care about Fenty's four years of schemes, shady dealings and mismanagement under his watch! Enough is enough! VOTE GRAY TODAY, HE IS GOING ALL THE WAY!

  • Truth Hurts

    Breaking news! Fenty's handing out $100 bills at all early voting centers. Heard it from Gray's peeps. Time to get paid. ONE CITY BABY!!

  • Indeed

    @th and DR

    This was a story that was reported on ABC 7. The people who were paid were ON CAMERA. Get it? Or do you think that it's really okay to do this?

  • downtown rez

    @ Indeed I think it'll be shown to be <B.S., just like every other "scandal" Gray et al have investigated.
    Hey! Why not just wait 'till after the election to find out? No harm there, right?
    Fucking ridiculous.

  • Taye

    Rez, this is very serious and you realize it too. ABC7 is reporting it now, but this has been widely know since the ward 8 straw poll. Paying people to vote for Fenty, or any candidate is a violation of Federal election law.

  • John

    So, once again the press publishes Gray's PR people's allegations sans investigation first.

    One thing we can credit the lazy modern press for...if only we hooked up a generator at Murrow's grave, we could power the country off of how fast his corpse is spinning.

  • downtown rez

    All I know is that Gray is throwing out another allegation of impropriety against Fenty, and that every previous allegation- and there have been many- has turned out to be baseless.
    Aspersions and F.U.D.
    Classic republican-style dirty tricks, and everyone who watches campaigns recognizes the pattern for what it is.

  • THEForce

    @DR @John... So when Fenty jumped on the Big G bandwagon without hearing anything not seeing any paperwork, no statements from WKYS etc and condemned Gray and WKYS for firing BiG G which was false, that was okay? Were you jumping to Gray's defense on the Big G issue. Probably not!
    What news story has all the facts when the story breaks? Thats why it says "more later". Theres hundreds of storys that change or facts get added, but when it makes your candidate look bad then its a bad story... Maybe Fenty himself didnt know this was going on but both candidates are responsible for their workers. When Gray campaigners do stupid stuff Gray takes the heat. Fenty has to own up as well.

    And when you say, @Drez, that all of Grays investigations have come up short, if the people who are leading the investigations or who are supplying information (or not supplying)are "in bed" with Fenty, are you certain...are you willing to bet your life that they were upfront about everything. Are you telling me Peter Nickles gave up every last detail on his boy. I dont think so.

  • Ward 5

    When Fenty/Ron alleged that G got fired because of Gray and it was cleared up that he didn't, they never issued a public apology. Unlike this case (the video), there was no evidence of their allegation. I just come to realize no matter what Fenty does wrong there will always be someone or some entity to defend or justify it. I guess that goes for both camps.

  • pf

    This doesn't surprise me in the least. Fenty's been giving away public buildings to his frat brothers in violation of the law (instead of the charter schools, to whom they legally belong). He's been giving away city contracts to his buddies. What's another broken law as long as it enriches a Fenty supporter, right?

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  • Truth Hurts

    Any update on the IG's investigation of Gray and Barry steering the lottery contract to Gray/Barry cronies?