Loose Lips

Fenty’s Rules to Live By

First rule of Fenty Club: You do not talk about Fenty Club.

Second rule of Fenty Club: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FENTY CLUB.

Okay, that's actually the second and fourth rule you'll have to agree to if you want to work on Hizonner's re-election campaign. And the rules are actually: "I will hold in confidence any non-public information provided to me in the course of my duties with the campaign and ensure that such information is used exclusively for purposes of the campaign," and "I will direct any questions I receive from the media to the campaign and will not speak with members of the media unless authorized to do so by the campaign."

Fenty flak Sean Madigan sent out the "Fenty 2010 Code of Ethical Conduct" to reporters today to try and douse this hot hot story about a young man allegedly being told he could make money working for Fenty's campaign in exchange for his vote.

Other rules: Rule No. 1: "I will treat every person I meet with courtesy, professionalism, and respect," Guess the mayor didn't sign his own form, zing!

Rule No. 5: "I will not offer or provide anything of value to a person to encourage or induce that person to register to vote." So is the joy of listening to a free go-go concert not valuable?

Rule No. 7: "I will not intimidate, threaten, or coerce a voter. I will not interfere with the process of voting in any way and I will not communicate with voters while they are in the process of voting, unless I have been specifically asked by the voter to assist him or her." Hey, you can come help me vote for $100.

In all, there are nine rules, with the 9th rule being "I will immediately report the following to the campaign" followed by 6 situations, including "When I witness an altercation between a campaign volunteer or worker, and a volunteer or worker from another campaign." Notice the form says "when" not "if."

But now for the sad news: if you want a job working on Fenty's campaign, you're probably too late. Madigan says the demand for jobs with Team Fenty has outpaced the supply, which is no wonder considering Fenty has burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars, $100 and $50 stipends at a time.

NB: The Washington Post's most recent poll found that those hired guns might not be helping the mayor's cause: 43 percent of those polled who'd been contacted by the Green Team said they'd been annoyed. Sounds like some folks aren't following rule No. 1.

LL has a request into the Gray camp to see if they have a similar code of conduct. So far, no response.

  • Terry Miller

    This is pure Fenty! Fenty thinks if you say the magic words, that frees you to do what ever you want. Say "transparency" and become the least open administration in years. Say accountability, but that just means throwing some poor sap under the bus. Talk about collaboration, but only if he gets his way. Talk about getting the most qualified people in jobs, but in reality firing effective employees so that he can hire his friends, who are mostly young, white, and recent college graduates.

  • Cassie

    Except that Fenty's right -- this approach usually works. Well, at least with the Post and in Ward 3. The campaign literature treating the summer youth employment program as one of his greatest accomplishments was stunning in that respect. Take the thing you effed up most and then claim it as your finest hour. See if anyone notices.... Ditto affordable housing.

  • Ward 5

    "43 percent of those polled who’d been contacted by the Green Team said they’d been annoyed" I wish I had been polled, I certainly would have made that number higher. When I asked one of the workers to tell me why I should vote for Fenty she said "I don't know i'm just doing my job"

  • Truth Hurts

    LL, you're either getting dumber each day or dating Nikita. Virtually every campaign organization requires its volunteers to undergo training and sign papers saying they understand the ethics rules and that they won't disclose internal campaign strategies.

    Obama did the same thing. I know because I did volunteer election protection work for him and was a volunteer selected to be on his presidential inaugural committee.

    As for your request to Gray's team for their code of ethics, maybe Bruce Bereano will draft something up for you.

  • solotruth – DC

    To All the Candidates

    Voting boils down to a (7) word question

    What have you done for me lately?
    When I needed you, if you were there for me, I will vote for you. If you were not there when I needed you, I will
    not vote for you. It's not political, its personal.

  • DCDem

    Is that code of ethics dated? I am interested in knowing how many of them were signed prior to these allegations. Or, more likely, you have campaign workers sign them, then instruct them to do the opposite, then hide behind the documents in the event you are caught. Just throw the driver under the bus and protect the candidate.

    Yes, that sounds more like the Fenty we have come to know.

  • Truth Hurts

    Still waiting on your request for Gray's code of ethics, huh? I hear Bereano sent a draft to Barry, who's tweaking it before Jemal reviews it.

    No worries, LL, it'll all be over soon and most folks won't even remember your lazy one-sided "reporting".

  • Truth Hurts

    Great job at following up, Suderman. You're no match for the LL's that came before you. Be a man and say you're gonna do nothing more.

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