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Segraves Scoop: Fenty Asking Obama For Letter of Recommendation

WTOP's Mark Segraves wins the early afternoon news cycle with the news that Adrian Fenty is reaching out to President Barack Obama for a last-minute endorsement.

Segraves tweets:

"Fenty tells WTOP he's called WH asking for POTUS to endorse him prior to primary. Fenty won't say who he spoke with, but confirms request."

"Fenty says he doesn't expect POTUS to make an appearance, but hopes for a written endorsement he can use."

A written endorsement? Is that like the letters of recommendation high school guidance counselors crank out?

Dear D.C. Residents,

Let me be clear, I think Adrian Fenty has been a great student mayor.


Barack Obama.

An endorsement from Obama would be a huge boost for the Fenty campaign, which has struggled mightily with the city's majority black voters. But is Obama willing to put himself out there for a guy the most recent Washington Post poll shows is 17 points behind Gray among likely voters?

LL will now start accepting bets...

UPDATE: Here's a link to Segraves' full story.

Photo by Pete Souza/The White House via Flickr

  • http://ABF ABF

    If Obama doesn't want to lose the DC/MD/VA Vote HE BETTER NOT!

  • DCDem

    I say Obama will stay out of this. He is neck deep in trying to preserve Democrats in Congress. He isn't concerned about a local election. His kids go to Sidwell that tends to do well no matter who is in office.

    Besides that, polls show Gray 17 points ahead of Fenty. Obama is not likely going to wade in those waters contrary to what appears to be the sense of the people.

  • tired

    You have got to be kidding me . President Obama has bigger fish to fry and a local election is not priority one. We the citizens of the District of Columbia have made our minds up. I smell something in the air and it smells of desperation. What an idiot.

  • tired

    Did he ride his bike over the weekend and accidently fall off? WOW

  • Fffffffffffffffffffenty

    If this doesn't stink of desperation, what does?

    And wouldn't Fenty be better off sending POTUS a copy of his resume?

  • Really?

    Dear President and Mrs. Michelle Obama,

    As a District resident I hope that you would not make any comments about the election here in the District of Columbia. Please take in consideration that we have seen you and your wife reach out to the District community more than the Mayor Fenty. That alone should speak louder than word. Also, this isn't one of those races where Democrats are worried about losing a seat to a Republican so just save you energy and focus on other tight races in our country.

  • W5 Obama Campaign Worker

    Dear Adrian Fenty:
    You must be kidding me. I would be laughing if I didn't believe you were totally serious. Remember Pres. Obama went to Anacostia recently and heard the residents boo you for your sorry leadership. You are an embarrassment to DC. This election is what we call a "teachable moment" where politicians will come to understand that if you are elected on a set of promises that you fail to deliver and in your case, fail to deliver badly, you will be defeated at the polls.
    All politicians beware, keep your promises, keep your constituencies in the loop and keep in touch with your residents. Mr. Fenty there is nothing you can do to escape this "teachable moment." You will go down in DC history as the brightest star that fell to earth so fast that heads are still spinning! What a shame and what a loss of epic proportions. I have on many occasions, as have others, sought to give you advice which you consistently shunned. You were absolutely right when you said you will have no one else to blame for your loss but yourself. I couldn't agree more.

    Best of luck to you in your future career.
    Ward 5 Democrat
    Former Fenty Supporter and 2006 Fenty Transition Leader

  • Tformation

    GO VOTE!

    Do not assume that Gray has already won and doesn't need your one vote. HE DOES! Get your family, your neighbors and your friends and make sure each one of them actually makes it to the polls.

    GO VOTE!

  • downtown rez

    My bet is that Fenty wouldn't have told WTOP unless the endorsement was in the bag. Multiple Obama cabinet members (OPM Director Berry and Education Director Duncan, to name two) have attended Fenty events and spoken positively of him, so this should really come as no surprise.
    One City ain't got nothing on One Government.

  • Indeed

    There is zero chance of an Obama endorsement. If I'm wrong, downtown rez will eat his computer.

  • SEis4ME

    lol@Indeed, and I'll be right behind him feasting on this lovely piece of carboard.

    I agree, an Obama endorsement AIN'T gonna happen!

  • Southeast Resident

    I think the Prez will take a pass on endorsing Fenty. He already did him a favor before by taking that Technology Director off of his hands before that scandal that cost DC taxpayers millions of dollars. No way does the Prez want to be linked to the likes of Fenty, Skinner, Moten and Company. Now since Fenty isn't a loyal Democrat, he may be able to get the endorsement of that kook Sarah Palin and the Tea Party!

  • http://bing.com Anothernative

    Mr. President, let me apologize for the Mayor of the District of Columbia,he has not been himself as of late. Running around this great city pretending too no longer be the arrogant tyranical person that he has been showing us for the past four year's. He may have hit his head on the low hanging door of the smart car that he has been so insistant on driving himself around town in, he's also been spotted standing before large crowds of people actually forming the words (I'm sorry) with his lip's, which could be lip sinking I'm not sure . Maybe the thought of having to give up his (Crown and Septor)is sending him into a convulsive state. What ever bought on this act of lunacy today, you have the sincere apologies of citizen's of DC.

  • downtown rez

    If you are right, I'll eat my computer.
    If I'm wrong, you and the rest of the haters can decide for yourselves what you'll eat. :)
    Tongue and heart are both great at Sushi Taro. Your treat.

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    @ Anothernative - LOL!!! That was the best way of describing his split personality of late. Too bad the split personality is the only personality that he has!

    King Fenty - as sang in the Sound of Music: "So Long - Fairwell!!"

  • bob_dylan_rocks

    The telephone number for the White House Comments Line is 202-456-1111. Eventually you can speak with a live person, if you wish. I let the volunteer know I supported President Obama in both the primary and general election when he ran for office. I then let the volunteer know that baby-fenty is a nasty, corrupt, egomaniac bully; and that President Obama should not endorse baby-fenty, because baby-fenty is going to lose. I cautioned the volunteer that the President won't want the press next week saying that the President had endorsed another loser.

  • Truth Hurts

    @drez: gotta keep up with the Gray crony money. Start calling the prez.

  • candycane1

    This is desperation beyond words. The president has national and world issues to deal with and this jerk thinks he's that high on the food chain and that it is appropriate to ask the president for an endorsement.

    Be reminded that when it mattered, when Fenty was needed at the DNC to cast the votes for the president, representing the District of Columbia, he pulled a major "NO SHOW" and was wasting our tax dollars in Colorado riding a bike.

    This is taking it way too far and this kind of desperation is scary. He will stop at nothing and after seeing the report on Channel 7 about bribing young people to vote, this is kinda scary.

    Tformation is so right! Get out and vote. Don't assume that this is going to be easy. It's going to be tighter than we think. Expect election day crap and every vote is important.

  • DCDem

    Most elected politicians (federal) vote in their home districts. Obama no different. It would be inappropriate for him to be weighing in on a local D.C. democratic primary election then fly home to participate in the Chicago primaries. An endorsement is highly unlikely.

    Obama will not enter a primary race between two democrats. He will let the democrat voters make the decision.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    What a piece of crap. Who does that? Oh I forgot. Adrian (Baby Face Fenster) Fenty. What a loser.. BO stay out of this election. You have enough to worry about.

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