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The Signspotter: Clark Ray

The Signspotter: Clark Ray

Candidate: Clark Ray, running at-large for D.C. Council

Colors: Navy blue and white

Graphic elements: Star in the middle of the "a" in Ray's first name

Slogan: None

Spotted: Corcoran Street NW and 17th Street NW

The SignspotterSignspotter says: What's a candidate who comes into the world with two first names to do? Clark Ray goes heavy on his given name, relegating his family name to an afterthought. The use of lowercase for the first and uppercase for the latter helps make the distinction that this isn't Ray Clark, in the way of a European hotel register. But the robust use of "Clark," along with the navy-on-white color scheme, puts the council challenger in odd company: Clark Construction uses a similar scheme on the signs that box in its worksites. Is Ray hoping to ride the builder's coattails onto the council?

Photo by Mike Madden

  • ThomDC

    Clark who? Who is this guy? What is he running for, Mayor? Is he related to John Ray?

  • joan

    no, he's a country western singer - or Peter Rosenstein's concubine

  • JDC

    Yeah it's understandable that people might be confused about what this guy is running for unless you notice these figures that when pieced together and you think about it for like thirty minutes they spell out DC CITY COUNCIL AT LARGE right there on the sign. Wait are those letters and words and is that an elected office in DC? Oh gee okay not so confused now. Let me know if you want some of my brain cells on loan there ThomDC.