Loose Lips

Council Candidate Bryan Weaver Makes A Sequel

Watch it:

Wish Weaver had more than swear-jar money. Production values on this one remind me of Clerks.

  • Jaws II

    And as with most sequels, this is a flop.

  • John

    @Jason: Have to ask again. What happened to that hard hitting, bulldog like investigation and follow up on “buttdialgate”? The whole promise that the Gray campaign wouldn’t just be allowed to drop an unsupported allegation to the press cycle and get away with it?

    Crickets chirping on that one.

    Yep, this will continue until you actually follow through, or admit I was right and you folks are going to just let them get away with it. Same as with the press and Lieberman...and the press and the fake Gore stories...and the press and the fake Dean story...

  • downtown rez

    Jason called the Gray campaign. Jason is trying.
    Cut the guy some slack!!!
    God help us if anyone actually had the guts to connect the dots.

  • Korrupt

    I don't have anything against Bryan Weaver but I think he should drop out of the race now. Otherwise, Graham will likely win since the opposition vote will be divided between Weaver and Smith. And it seems to me Weaver jumped in the race late w/o much charge if you know what I mean. Just my two cents. Discuss amongst yourselves.

  • 16th Street

    The "opposition vote" is what? Weaver and Smith combined won't exceed 20%. How do you win an election with 1/5th of the votes?

    Insofar as effective campaigning is concerned, Bryan Weaver and Jeff Smith have done very little other than to inspire some blog posts here.

    But I am going to donate to Bryan Weaver. $1 in the swear jar for my opinion of Jeff Smith: he is a @*#$.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    Weaver and Smith will do better then the Graham poll leads you to believe. Graham used a very narrow universe in that poll. Weaver will have more votes than Smith, if one should drop out it is Smith.