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Watch Michelle Fenty Defend the Mayor

Mayor Adrian Fenty's wife Michelle Fenty spoke to reporters at the Newseum after today's mayoral debate to defend Fenty's work on behalf of the District. She's been almost completely absent from the campaign trail for the entire election, but with polls showing Fenty far behind D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray, she gave an emotional plea to the city to give her husband a second chance.

Watch here:

  • Trulee Pist

    Laaaaady, stop yelling at me, laaaady.

    I ain't voting for him. What's so difficult about that? Happens all the time.

  • Indeed

    If Adrian Fenty is misunderstood, is that our fault or his? Is the problem that we just don't understand him or is he just a completely inarticulate moron who can't convey what he really is about much less talk about his contribution to the city's improvement?

  • Ward 5

    Indeed - Ironically, when he ran 4 years ago, most of us understood him perfectly well. Now all of a sudden he's misunderstood. Bigger problem was, he didn't understand those who voted him in, nor did he try to.

  • Indeed

    Ward 5,

    You're exactly right.

  • Fire Fenty

    Michelle Fenty is the female version of Adrian Fenty: arrogant, delusional, narcissistic - Trust Me - I know. This has nothing to do with "the people", this is all about them losing the trappings and perks of office. Wahhhhhhh

  • Rob

    Isn't that typical of what a spouse in denial always attribute...being "misunderstood"? Her absence in the community, with the exception of the "A" list events, speaks volumes of how she views her husband and the city that elected him.

  • candycane1

    Save the crying for September 15th. That's when he will need your understanding and you will need our prayers because YOU will be the one who has to live with that!

  • Get Fenty out of office

    I do not live in the District, but if I did, I would not vote for Fenty. Fenty is a phony who think's only of himself. I'm trying to figure out what took the city so long to see Fenty for the true color's. As for his wife, go sit down somewhere, what you have to say is not important.

  • Korrupt

    Cry me a river sweet princess but your husband is not getting my vote.

  • Tired

    not going to save him

  • Georgia Avenue Day

    Harpo who dis here woman?

    Where in da hell has Michelle Fenty been the last 4 years. She comes to NO community events, despite community leaders directly inviting her. There are residents in Wards 5, 7 and 8 who say they don't even know what the mayor's wife looks like!

    If the event isn't black tie or a cocktail party near Mazda Gallery, Michelle Fenty will NOT showup!

    If you want to be a career politcian in Washington, DC or any urban city for that matter you AND your family better be able to do a balancing act of of kissing crack babies in Ward 8, attending a community fish fry at churches in addition to building dog parks and condos.

  • UNC-G grad

    Seems mighty peculiar to me that when he was firing people, he didn't care what the opposition thought.

    Now we are supposed to feel sorry for him for being "misunderstood" ????

    Ah Hells No !

    He didn't think that his callousness would come back and bite him in the @ss just as it has.

    When they unravel that Peaceoholics saga, with Fenty pit bull Ron Moten, things will only get worse.

    And righfully so - Good bye and good riddance Adrian M. Fenty !

  • Tissue

    The year of the Michelle. Let's see we have had Michelle Obama put into question about her patriotism. We are having Michelle Rhee put into question about her racism. Now we have Michelle Fenty put into question about her husband's Mayorism. Commonality in all of this...there's an underlying white perusasion in all of this confusion.

    When blacks fight...whites love it...that is why "boxing" was so profitable for the promoters.

    Michelle Fenty is of the hue and educational fortitude of the late Effie Barry but is not of the stamina. Not being callous...what woman is being associated to the widower Gray. Usually hand-dancing requires female companionship. Who's shaking Gray's groove thang, baby!?!

  • not impressed

    I bet you if you showed her photo around town no one would know who the hell she was.

  • Keith Jarrell

    Well here it is, She's not that pretty and she should have stayed at home. The winning doesn't impress me. It was fake and orchestrated. Come on over and let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it. When I'm done she'll be voting Gray!

  • SEis4ME

    This woman should really be ashamed. Most of us don't even know who the "First Lady" of DC is. If you wanted sincerity, you should have done the leg work. But like your husband, you were above it all.

    I can't believe that this recluse's rare public statement, resulted in serious tears. She's crying because it looks like Fenty is going to lose, not that people think badly of him. She's his wife so the accusation should be nothing new to her.

    This dude is pulling out all the stops! From former drug dealers running his campaign now to his wife and her snakeskin tears.

    Yeah whatever.

  • Cry me a River

    The tears are fake.It is absolutely absurd that a large majority of DC residents do not know what the first lady looks like. She is only crying because she will have to give up the "A" list lifestyle. If she thinks this is bad wait until her husband gets indicted with his thug friends and Neil Albert,Valerie Santos, David Jannerone and others. It will be interesting to see them turn on each other trying to get the best deal.


    I love Ms. Fenty's British accent. Her accent sound sexy, but I still want King Fenty banished from his kingdom (Wilson Building) and he can take Peter Nickles, Gabe Klein, Ron Moten, Valerie Santos, Ron Austin, Janice Quintana, and Neil Albert with him to work for New York City's Rev. FLAKE and Mayor Bloomberg. Good riddance to them all. Let's see how happy this couple will be once the King loses his title.


    The interview with Michelle Fenty is longer in the Washington Post on video.


  • Lights, Camera…Cue the Tears

    Mayor's Wife Worked With District Agency

    Read the article above, its interesting that Michelle Fenty even worked with this project being that this had nothing to do with her area of legal expertise.

    Its alleged around the Wilson building that Michelle Fenty received tens of thousands of dollars for her alleged "legal expertise" with the Anacostia Waterfront Project while Fenty was in public office as Ward 4 councilmember.

    I wonder if those tears are because she knows that when her husband no long has a position in public office...that means NO MORE FREE lunches and noncompeitive contracts.

    I guess Ron Moten, Omar Karim and Sinclair were crying today too?

  • AEW

    Queen Fenty cries with a British accent? Hilarious.

  • Tom

    Whats really funny is I remember when Fenty had his campaign kick off at his HQ. I remember how arrogant that event was and all the chants about how they did things that were unpopular but he did it anyway... Now his wife is crying about the citzens not understanding how hard he works as a triathelete I mean Mayor. Cry me a river.. This is politics and he is not the CEO.

    My biggest complaint about Fenty is that the greatest thing he ever accomplished was convincing the new residents that Anthony Williams never existed. New residents think that before Fenty it was a wasteland but Fenty/Rhee turned it around.


    It's alleged, Queen Michelle Cross Fenty works for the Inter-American Development Bank.

  • http://bing.com Anothernative

    You would be crying too, if you knew all that Jekyl and Hyde energy and arrogance was coming back home to stay. The tears looked like tears of fear if you ask me. I feel for you baby, but better you, than the citizen of this town.

  • tformation

    Wow, I'm speechless. Wow!

  • downtown rez

    Read the comments above, and behold the past, present, and sad future of this great One City.

  • Ward 3 voter

    The gall of this woman showing up now. Did she lose her way enroute to an "A list" event? Puh-leese!!! Do not feel sorry for her even as she sheds her crocodile tears. She's no innocent and just as vile as her husband.


    I had to share this comment posted on the Washington Post blog. This person says it best to discribe King Fenty.

    debra21756JCG wrote:
    Michelle Fenty please do not cry anymore in front of DC media on Adrian Fenty's behalf as reported you did today September 1, 2010 following the W.Post sponsored debate. Adrian Fenty isn't worth your tears nor DC residents even remotely considering giving your monster husband another chance as mayor as he asked us to do today. Adrian Fenty will soundly and rightfully lose his mayoral post and paycheck, which he thoroughly deserves and way more. Michelle Fenty dry your tears, woman-up, get back to work as the confident top lawyer people have read that you are, financially support your three children, and remember the personal tears and embarrasment Adrian Fenty caused you way before and during his term as mayor. Also know and remember as well the fact that Adrian Fenty is responsible for rampant illegal job terminations, harassment, intimidation, pain, and ruined lives of far too many African American DC residents. DC voters will most definitely kick him out of office come September 14, 2010, which isn't fast enough for many including myself. Also know this. Adrian Fenty getting kicked out of office will unfortunately not actually make up for all of the harm he has caused so many people including you. He deserves not only the political backlash retribution he is now experiencing, but as well deserves criminal prosecution for corrupt and illegal actions. It is now Adrian Fenty's turn to suffer, cry, and hopefully pay dearly in every conceivable and extremely painful way for all of the rotten things he, his cabinet members, and powerful supporters have done to people. And, may Adrian Fenty and his minions all pay dearly for a tremendously long time in this life and beyond. Michelle Fenty face reality, dry your tears, and woman-up doing what you know is best for yourself and your children. DC residents know your husband is not right for the District of Columbia as its mayor. Whether he continues to be right for you as a husband and father to your children all of you together in one household given given his personal physical attacks against you talked about all over town for some time is clearly a decision you will indeed have to personally make. The vast majority of DC residents have already made their 2010 decision about your husband. Get over it and get on with your life.

  • candycane1

    I was at the straw poll for Ward 4 when the mayor arrived. I didn't see her there to even vote for her husband. Did anybody else see her? I also didn't see a tear drop fall! :)

  • Indeed


    You think that because people are commenting about Michelle Fenty's ridiculous plea for people to vote for her idiotic husband that we don't want a unified city? I think you are the one who really isn't interested in seeing any other perspective besides your own.

  • http://ABF ABF

    Fake voice and NO tears at all...PLEASE! Michelle Fenty comes to NO events does NOTHING for the women or children of DC IN 4 YEARS, her husband treats everyone besides his friends like trash and now WE are to feel sorry for him being behing in the polls...I hope he only gets 4 votes his, his mother, his father and his brother, since I don't think that Michelle Fenty would even vote for her own husband! SHE KNOWS BETTER HERSELF!

  • Dummy

    I wonder if King Adrian threatened to spank Queen Michelle if she did not come out and help rearrange the chairs on his Titanic. The problem with him may lie in her quote " This is HIS city & these are HIS people"

  • Housewives Fan

    Maybe she can go on the "Housewives of DC" show next season with DC's first Latino Mayor (soon to be former Mayor Fenty) so they can show millions of Americans how down with "the people" the Fenty crew really is...

  • SuperS

    First of all Michelle, where have you been, seriously, and drop the England accent, you went to school in England, but you were born in Kingston Jamaica.

  • Prison Mike

    Although Ms. Fenty's British accent sounds cool to me, it helps promote the image of the Fentys being arrogant and aloof. Sorry, in the USA British accents are associated with privilege and elitism. It's not fair, but that's the way it is.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com try2staysanendc

    WTH he surely threaten 2 whip her ass if she didn't help save his bid 4 mayor. Hold thing seems 2 b fake.

  • Really?

    @Lights, Camera...Cue the Tears
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Peter Nickles was supposed to release the books on the whole situation (he was made to do it by a judge) and we have heard nothing.

    @ Tom
    Bravo! I have been saying the same thing especially when speaking with the “Green Team”. My line is always wait….do you mean that Anthony Williams never existed and Fenty just inherited this mess and changed everything in four short years. I then get blank stares.

  • Dorinda Quick

    Where were those tears and pleas when he FIRED ALL the DCPS staff teaches, IT, admin folks, principles the folks that voted for him 4 yrs ago. SHAME ON US if he is re elected.

  • http://ABF ABF


  • noodlez





  • LOL

    Kwame Kilpatrick anyone??? In the next segment of this drama Fenty will be criminally charged for corruption, kickbacks, etc. Stay tuned....

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    This is pretty fucking low, even for Fenty. His wife is crying on camera defending his behaviour two weeks before the vote. DRez and these idiots will probably commend her for being strong behind her man- a machine with a heart. But get fucking real. Four years and this woman has done little for the City except enjoy the fringe benefits of being the Mayor's wife and now we are expected to trust her because she's at risk of loosing the lifestyle she's come to love. Come on.

  • toddos

    She does a great Cindy McCain

  • GoodThoughts

    Let her eat cake!

    (OOOooops! Sorry, Queen)

  • This b*tch is crazy

    Sorry Michelle, we are not "his people". It's not that we're too stupid to recognize what he's doing for us (how insulting is that?), it's that we recognize that you and your husband are only doing this for yourselves.

    Adrian Fenty was a "C" student who just barely graduated law school, couldn't get a real job, was reprimanded by the DC bar for incompetence. And you think that this moron knows what's best for us???

  • Cry me a River

    I did not vote for him in 2006 and I will not vote for him in 2010.

  • Fenty=epic fail

    Is it just me or is there a striking physical resemblance between Fenty and his wife...did this idiot son of hippies accidentaly marry his sister...would not be a surprise coming from someone the DC BAR calls "INCOMPETANT"

  • Nadine

    Too Little to Late! Who is crying for thea teachers whom he and it witch who lost there jobs, because her Natwar were playing with the money. Who is crying fir all those low level employees who lost there job? While he hires all is friends, bringing in grade 14's amd 15;s paying the ovwer a 100k. H3 promised to clean up the goverment whem has done nothing! sed mothers, fathers to lose there jobs Who is crying for the? Whike the CFO office still giving upo bonus yearly for folks just show up! .Promoting employes Supervisors to directorsall the while saying there is No Money! Just leave the SOONRT THE Better!

  • Nadine

    Being an employee watchibg the wiling and sealing I think you and lot of people forgot "Govement is for the people " not yoy all private pratice ! Clean sweep needs to happen you go and take Deloras and Natwar with with! When think about what sa and heard watching folks hire all the freinds and family friends and relatives it makrs me Sick!

  • Jennifer

    What a last minute pathetic attempt! Wow so arrogant of Michelle Fenty to even think Washinton residents would change their minds and vote for Fenty because she sheds a few tears and claims he is misunderstood. Mrs. Fenty I have a question for you; When your husband as Mayor of Washinton failed to attend some of the funerals of the victims who died in the red line metro crash was he misunderstood? Also just one more question...was your husband misunderstood when he gave DC government contracts to his frat boys?! My dear you need a dose of reality..wake up and smell the coffee!