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The Signspotter: David Catania

The Signspotter: David Catania

Candidate: At-large Councilmember David Catania, seeking re-election

Colors: Hunter green, baby blue, white

Graphic elements: Three stars, a lot of borders

Slogan: No real slogan

Spotted: Arkansas Avenue NW and Taylor Street NW

The SignspotterSignspotter says: Catania gets the award for stateliness. "An elegant green, an elegant Caslon, an elegant Copperplate, some elegant, border-crossing stars," marvels Steve Lekowicz, who works in a semi-design capacity at Walt Disney and launched the long-lost website LogoHell. It's the majesty of a man who wants you to know he holds office, and is not merely a member of the crowd seeking it. Why else, in a throw-the-bums out year when an incumbent mayor seems close to losing his job, would anyone put the unnecessary word "Re-Elect" on his signs?

Indeed, when it comes to design, the proud officeholder can assert his dignity too much. One border suggests an elegant frame, while two begins to evoke a house of mirrors. Catania has created "a sign within a sign within a sign," Lekowicz points out.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Keith Jarrell

    David Catania is not only a good politician but one of the most intelligent members of the council.
    I find his sign to be compelling and vividly interesting. It is both fresh and inviting. It speaks of David's professional approach to what he is elected to do.

    It begs for attention in the way that makes me want to get up and go vote for him now.

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  • http://www.davidschwartzman.com Philip Fornaci

    The sign says nothing except re-elect this "former" Republican to the Council. This is "compelling and vividly interesting"? It makes me want to elect someone else.

    Another, better DC is possible. Vote for David Schwartzman, Statehood Green Party candidate for At-large DC Council seat.