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Vincent Orange to Kwame Brown: Show Me The Money

D.C. Council Chairman candidate Vincent Orange plans to ask the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance to investigate the past campaign disclosure filings of his opponent, At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown.

Orange spokesman Sean Metcalf says Orange plans to file a formal complaint tomorrow, and hold a news conference outside OCF afterwards.

At least part of the issue is Brown's campaign finance filings from his re-election campaign. As of Jan. 31, 2009, several months after the 2008 election, Brown reported having about $69,000 in cash. At the end of July, his campaign reported having about $73,000 in cash. But on Jan. 31, 2010, his filing reports exactly $2,o00 in cash—but has no corresponding expenditures that would explain where the other $70,000 or so went. The July 31, 2010, report pegs the committee's cash level at $33.

But earlier this summer, Brown filed amended reports for both January and July, which add the $70,000 back into the commitee's cash-on-hand totals. Now the Orange campaign wants District officials to look into the whole thing. Considering that campaigns file amended financial reports all the time, you may be wondering why Orange thinks this is a big deal. LL is here to help. Though no one is offering any proof so far, some people in D.C. political circles are whispering about whether Brown—whose personal financial problems are well known—might have used campaign funds for his own purposes. And Orange's campaign has already tried to highlight Brown's personal debts throughout the race. This complaint—even if campaign finance officials never do anything about it—would play into that strategy.

Brown's campaign spokesman, James Jones, could not immediately be reached for comment.

(By the way, Brown's 2004 committee, Committee to Elect Kwame R. Brown, is also in debt to the IRS. According to the most recently amended report, Brown owes the IRS $5,667.14.)

  • http://.. Marie Jackson

    Orange is just as slimy as Fenty. He is also just as desperate.

    Take your behind back to PEPCO another group of crooks.

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  • maserfentyaintnogood

    Based on the past reports regarding councilmember brown's handling of his personal finances and if true, the latest allegation, we don't need another immature politician in the 2nd highest position in elected office for dc. We can do better with vincent orange. The chairman needs to be skilled in interpretating and analysis financial data from the office of the mayor, agencies and the chief financial officer. Additionally, vincent orange is an accountant and attorney. He by far is the more educated and experienced choice to represent dc on capitol hill and on wall street. No more fenty styled politician.

  • Gwen De La Rambelje

    Orange seems to be educating voters on Kwame Brown.

    Kwame Brown is not going to tell voters that he had $700,000 in debt, a boat called Bullet Proof, owes the IRS, spent his campaign contributions on personal items or anything else. He just smiles in your face and tells you what you want to hear.

    Bravo Mr. Orange for exposing Kwame Brown for the shady character that he is.

  • DC Resident and Taxpayer

    Too little. Too late. No one's paying attention to the undercard. It's all about the main event. Kwame's up by 22 points in the Post poll, even more in Wards 7 and 8, and the huge turnout expected east of the river will sweep him to an easy victory.

  • Sally

    Kwame is essentially bankrupt.

  • etta

    I don't want either I wish Carol Schwartz would run as a republican. I would vote for her .She would be better for th District.

  • gonzo

    Ugh. What a difficult choice between these two bozos.

  • downtown rez

    As much of a Fenty person that I am, I do wish someone of Gray's caliber were running for chair. But that is not to be.
    given reality there can be no contest- Orange is better than Brown. Orange has backbone and been around the block more than once, and Brown would be an incompetent pawn as council chair.

  • Blah, Blah, Blah

    This is nerve racking. Every time I turn around there is another financial problem.

    Kwame, sell the boat, pay down some of your debt and consider withdrawing from the race (you will still be on the Council).

    You are a really nice and friendly person but come on. What are you trying to put the city and your family through. Enough is enough.

    There are already two Council Members with Convictions sitting on the Council and a third whose Chief of Staff took a bribe. This is the kind of stuff that makes us the laughing stock of the Country and jeopardizes our relationship with the Federal Government.

  • Ward7TheMovement

    This is a shocker to me, I was very supportive of Mr.Brown but, at a time where the city needs people who are responsible & can get the job done, I just do not see that in Kwame Brown. He is a nice person & seems like he means well, however if you have 700,000 in debt on personal finances plus campaign debt with the IRS, you need to handle your OWN business before trying to prove your qualified for a leadership role for the DC residents.

    Ward 7 needs someone representing them that can set an example for people to follow, not persuade us to have you represent us because you share in some of the same problems we are trying to fight in the city....CORRUPTNESS

    You can hide in your bulletproof boat all you want, but you leave the door unlocked for people to EXPOSE the REAL KWAME BROWN!

  • Any1ButFenty

    Tsk Tsk Tsk Mr.Brown. For a city that gets taxed for EVERYTHING, its a disappointment to know you seek the chairman seat but have not shown the residence of DC the best signs of your leadership. There is no way i'm trusting you with ANY MONEY OR A VOTE.

    I was not a supporter of Orange because after reading the endorsements & poll results, there wasn't much of a reason to do so. However, Mr.Brown has not done a good enough job of securing his own financial foundation to make me feel like those endorsements or polls are even telling the truth about his leadership.

    And not to mention he wants to keep all the committees that don't do ANYTHING but steal money from the government? I agree with Orange, in shrinking the committees & holding everyone accountable for the job they were elected to do.

    In the end, Mr. Brown, I will vote Any1ButFenty & Any1ButBROWN!

  • Francis

    Kwame Brown is innocent of the charges that he is $700,000 in debt. I say this because no one with a $123,000 salary and a $320,000 house could possibly be $700,000 in debt. Throw in an Escalade, a Mercedes and a used boat and you still can't be that much in the hole. What a clown LOL. Did Kwame Brown ever learn arithmetic in 3rd grade? Is Kwame so desperate for acceptance and the pathetic need to project affluence that he could be $700,000 in debt?

    How can Kwame Brown properly serve as DC Council Chair when he has to work a 2nd job delivering pizzas at night to help pay off his debts, while showing up in bankruptcy court during business hours? And what happens when the state of Maryland puts a warrant for all of Kwame's unpaid tickets?

    I suggest that Kwame sell his Rolex for whatever he can get, because it's not like he ever shows up to anything on time.

    Anyone ever listen to Kwame Brown on WAMU? It's embarrassing.

    CALLER: Mr. Brown, do have a specific plan for addressing the city's budget shortfall?

    KWAME BROWN: I want to thank you for calling in. This is a very important issue. Fiscal responsibility is extremely important and we are doing everything to ensure that we are good fiscal stewards for the nation's capital. This is a great city that deserves to have good sound fiscal management.

    CALLER: Do you have a plan for addressing the disgraceful test scores of our public schools?

    KWAME BROWN: I want to thank you for calling in to discuss this very important issue. I am a product of DC public schools. I have two children in DC public schools. Our children are our future. They deserve nothing but the best and we are doing everything to ensure that our school system is the best in the country.

    CALLER: Mr. Brown, how do you plan to address DC's desire to have free, high resolution, super hard core pornography available in all public spaces to include Metro stations, schools, and libraries?

    KWAME BROWN: I want to thank you for calling in to discuss this very important issue. We are working very hard to ensure that this issue is addressed. Residents of this great city, our nation's capital deserve the best.

    CALLER: Mr. Brown, are you sexually attracted to Michelle Rhee?

    KWAME BROWN: I want to thank you for calling to discuss this very important issue. My style is to lead by consensus. I am working on numerous initiatives to ensure that we are moving DC forward.

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