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Post Poll: Gettin’ Toasty for Fenty

What was that bomb you heard around midnight? It was the sound of Mayor Adrian Fenty's re-election campaign being blown up, at least if the Washington Post's new poll numbers are correct.

The Post has D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray up 13 points among all registered Democrats and 17 (!) points up among those likely to vote. (All: Gray 49 to Fenty 36; Likely: Gray 53 to Fenty 36. Margins of error, 4 and 5 points, respectively)

If you're a big nerd, be sure and check out this page with all the breakdowns. One nugget LL found interesting was that it appears the Fenty campaign is outhustling the Gray campaign, but to negative effect.

Half of the registered Democrats said they'd be contacted by Team Fenty seeking support, compared to just 30 percent for Gray's campaign. But only 34 percent of those contacted by the Green Team found it helpful, compared to 43 percent who said they were annoyed (Voters contacted by the Gray campaign were recorded as 67 percent helpful, 16 percent annoying).

The poll also confirms what we've known for a while: Black voters don't like Fenty, while white voters prefer Hizonner.

If you think the poll is whack, check out the Mike DeBonis' explanation of how the pollsters operated to try and get the most accurate sample possible.

So does the poll mean that the race is over? No. But with margins this big, expect a lot people who to start jumping on the Gray bandwagon, including those who view writing big checks to political candidates as a business investment and have only given to Fenty.

That's enough for now, it's Sunday and LL has a creek to go swim in and suggests you do so as well. Look for more on the polls, and LL's take on this editorial written by Attorney General Peter Nickles the Post editorial board, later this week.

  • Lifeguard

    If yo happen to see Fenty swimming in the same creek, maybe you should give him a life preserver. The man is drowning.

  • Carol

    Don't count Fenty out, see today's Washington Post editorial showing Fenty did the right thing. Gray has no leadership ability and will not get jobs for the folks in Wards 7 or 8. Before you vote against Fenty better look at what you are getting instead, things can get worse than they are now.

  • http://bing.com Anothernative

    @Carol, Put your fins on dear, cause it looks like you're in the creek too, you got to know when to hold them and when to fold them honey.

  • Trulee Pist

    I'll have my Fenty toast with marmalade.

  • Indeed


    You are as out of touch as the Washington Post Editorial Board.

  • LOL

    I read the post editorial. I think that their reasoning is based on a misrepresentation of what has been happening. In particular, they wrote as if the council had hearings and the relevant agencies and parties were forthcoming. That isn't the case, in fact there is an issue related to obtaining court orders to get parties to come before council.

    The post is taking their stance about the investigation a little to prematurely.

    The root of Fenty's reelection problem rests squarely with Fenty.

    I agree with Carol in that we should not count Fenty out yet. Elections are never as simple as polls. The problem with the Post at the moment is that they are taking a stance based on information that a lot of people who are likely to vote in the primary are disputing.

  • Rob

    Fenty has no leadership ability. Fenty is bought and paid for by outside business interests and the Washington Post. Everything done in the city (minus the bike lanes and they aren't all that) was on the drawing board before Fenty was elected. If Fenty wins it will only come as a result of low voter turnout in Wards 5,7 and 8, or, from a Bush-like vote count.

  • DCJournalist8

    dear Adrian, hubris is a mother, as you will totally figure out when you're 50 and behind bars. Didn't you:
    1 - send that fire truck to the Dominican Republic
    2 - pull strings to get your kids in Lafayette School
    3 - fire hundreds of dedicated public servants based on budget difficulties, yet put your young outreach minions in high-salaried positions
    4 - hijack those Nationals tickets for no good reason
    5 - hire Michelle Rhee, who promptly dissed good, no, great principals and teachers under the guise of reform
    (And here's where the behind bars comes in)
    6 - engage in "pay-to-play" using city contracts as fodder for feeding your friends at the public trough
    7 - give Skinner and Karim -- unqualified souls -- huge paydays for work NOT DONE (note: they still haven't done the work, yet they got paid)

    The list could go on with well-documented instances of Fenty hubris, to wit:
    1 - disciplining police officers on your security detail for alleged misconduct
    2 - firing a long-time parks/rec dept. aide who disqualified your sons, respectfully based on their eligibility to play Little League ball based on their ages
    3 - firing the rec dept aide at Wilson Pool because he asked you to comply with pool regs
    4 - opening Dunbar High's track in the wee hours of the morning, costing taxpayers money so that you could train
    5 - disappearing to China and the United Arab Emirates, and appearing at what became an anti-Semetic tennis championship
    6 - visiting those countries without paying the fare, which gives a strong hint of being in the pocket of foreign nationals
    7 - ignoring Dorothy Height and Maya Angelou, two American icons, who wanted to meet with you about keeping a city-run tennis center open

    Adrian, dear Adrian, a lot of the above could have been rationally explained away.....if only you had a rational thought in the first place. That is what hubris does. It corrupts the soul, corrodes the mind and leads to disaster. Sometimes hubris takes years to take its toll, sometimes eons.

    In your case, dear Adrian, it was four years. All along, even those closest to you were afraid to tell you the truth. That's a sure sign of hubris gone wild, when those who believe in you fear for their own well-being.

    If you or your handlers read this, dear Adrian, know that you cannot repair the damage. No "Contrition Tour," No "Mea Culpa Walk," nothing can ameliorate the hatred you have earned.

    Yes, dear Adrian, it's called H-A-T-R-E-D. Another six-letter word, just like H-U-B-R-I-S.

  • downtown rez

    Does anybody really believe Gray will release the results of his "independent" investigation before the primary? Why should he, when it serves him so well to hype the insinuation of Fenty wrongdoing, as he also has with Buttdialgate, homebreakingate?
    Nope, this is a classic old school tactic. Attack your opponent's strengths- it depresses their numbers while distracting from your own (*cough* lottery contract) weaknesses.

  • TheHermit

    @ downtown rez

    We just got the poll numbers WaPo has been sitting on for A VERY LONG TIME. Is it a coincidence that Fenty begins his "humility tour" one week before the results were revealed? WaPo (read KAPLAN) has been upholding Fenty through thick and thin right from the days of David Nakamura.

    Hold your horses, Gray will release the results, but somehow I doubt they will change your mind.

  • http://.. Marie Jackson

    You would have to assume that Downtown has a mind.

  • Mary Ward 4

    Downtown Rez- You are a total idiot.

    The reason the investigation is held up is because Fenty's frat brothers will not cooperate in any way with the independent investigator.

  • downtown rez

    LOL. That might be believable were Gray (and his proxies) not commenting on the matter at every opportunity.
    As it is, the Sherwood ad, "butdialgate", "home break-ingate", "we want your story of being firedgate" etc form a clear pattern. That being one of old-school smear deliberate misrepresentation. Once City indeed.
    I'll expect the results (no wrongdoings) to be "released" in as quiet and non-newsworthy a way as possible.

  • http://bing.com Anothernative

    I reiterate, @downtown rez,you’re sounding more and more like the rest of these parots,mimicing the same tune over and over, the only fault you can really find in a guy that has been running a city council for four years to perfection, is too try and tie him too some fantacy of going back in time. You need to face the fact, that Adrian’s not ready for this, he’s making too many childish mistake’s, and lieing about them, what do you do with your kid’s when they lie? (Timeout) right, well timeout kid, you've got some growing up to do.

  • LOL

    Downtown, i am not so sure that the investigation will reveal nothing. I think that part of the reason that the investigation has slowed is because something isn't on the up and up.

    I think that the idea to stall that investigation didn't begin with Gray when you consider there have been so many attempts to make the underlying contract matter moot [i.e. settled]

  • LOL

    FYI, Fenty is now attempting to claim underdog status.

    I am not sure that is the best strategy. He has changed his message way too many times [In part, I speculate because he didn't want to listen to his campaign earlier].

  • downtown rez

    At the end of the day, if there was any proof of impropriety it would be in Gray's favor to produce that proof. But he hasn't done this because he can't. There is no proof of impropriety because there has been no impropriety. Not with the employee firings, not with the fire trucks, not with the parks contracts. These investigations have all come up empty.
    But of course that's not the end of it because, absent actual impropriety, the the appearance of impropriety suits Gray's purpose just as well. All he has to do is constantly hype it- which he and his proxies have been doing.
    Further, it's part in parcel with the Sherwood ad, “butdialgate”, “home break-ingate”, and “we want your story of being firedgate”. Among other unsupported insinuations and aspersions.
    It's a clear pattern on Gray's part, and it has nothing at all to do with Character, Integrity, or Leadership, let alone bringing people together to make One City.

  • http://bing.com Anothernative

    I didn't hear you mention the peacaholic money DTR, is that relevant to the cronyism accusation?

  • Indeed


    Whether anything illegal was done, I don't know. However, clearly Fenty did some things that resulted in his friends making money, some of it for work they were not qualified to do. Marion Barry was not found guilty of doing anything wrong, either, yet he clearly undertook some unethical actions. I'm not sure that merely stating that Fenty didn't do anything illegal is enough. Especially coming from the Post editorial board, which has clearly lost its mind.

    This poll is very bad for the green team. Very bad. I would bet that they knew about these numbers and were hoping that the ruling by the Board of Elections would go their way. Anyway, I will be voting Gray early and can't wait for the victory parade!

    You can keep posting all the crap you want to post, but it still won't change the fact that Vincent Gray is going to be the next mayor of DC.

  • noodlez

    "One nugget LL found interesting was that it appears the Fenty campaign is outhustling the Gray campaign, but to negative effect." THAT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE PAID WORKERS THROUGH YUCKMOUTH MOTEN'S EFFORTS.




    Carol, please put the "crack" pipe down because King Fenty will not win this election.

    This native black Washingtonian will be casting his vote of tomorrow at the D.C. Board of Elections for Vincent Gray. Once King Fenty is a private citizen again, he will have time to ride his bike and jog.

    I know King Fenty personally and I knew him when he was an ANC 4C Commissioner here in Ward 4. I thought this guy was a humble person and had such promise as a politician. I was wrong and I too had to suffer King Fenty's wrath and disrespect towards me as a constituent.

    Voters must remember, politician work for us, not the other way around. We are their boss!

    Politicians must remember to smile and treat their constituents with respect whether they like it or not.

    I was in a private meeting with Fenty during his tenure as our Ward 4 Councilmember with 4 other Ward 4 residents. Adrian told my friend and neighbor in this meeting several years ago to shut up, he's grown, and he was talking. My neighbor and friend is a Judge and an Attorney. He's also old enough to be Adrian Fenty's father. Others in attendance at this meeting saw the real side or Adrian's truth nasty self as a human being and we never forgot his behavior toward's my neighbor and friend. My neighbor was insulted by Adrian nasty behavior towards him as a D.C. taxpayer, voter, and resident.

    Adrian is not reaping all that he has sowed! Good riddance to him. King Fenty can take Ron Moten, Bill Lightfoot, Peter Nickles, Gabe Klein, Neil Albert, Valerie Santos, and Michelle Rhee along with him. Maybe NYC Rev. Floyd "FLACK" and NYC Mayor Bloomberg can find King Fenty a job in New York City.

    After September 14th, 2010, I would hate to be married to King Fenty once he suffers the pain of not winning this election.

    There's an old Negro spiritual called "Oh Happy Day" by the Hawkins family. The black community will be singing this song in celebration to Fenty not winning the election.

  • downtown rez

    @ Indeed
    Soon, the perhaps 35% out of the 74% of registered voters who are democrat will cast their votes in the primary to determine who is the next Mayor.
    It's an amazing world where 26% of all registered DC voters will pick the next mayor of this great city. Every vote counts.
    Good night, and see you all at the polls.

  • Justice4DCTaxpayers 2

    Glad the fat preacher ladies from SE, on Alabama Ave SE by 7 D police, are not on the ballot,then we would have dangerous savages running our city wild. These female preacher (all 7 of them weigh 350 lbs each or more) animals next to 7D police are so sinful,hateful and fat-funky-ful I wish King Fenty take them fat nasty lying 350lbs slobs of feces with him. Sell that sinful church and his house for one price and I will be happier and the slobs-of-feces can eat more pork-chops daily and leave me alone. I love curvy,brown women not obese types...even if I am drunk, uh oh I do not drink so you slobs stink at that church of prayer for all %^&*%%$$$@

  • Blah, Blah, Blah

    Hi WARD4NDC, Since you know so much about WARD 4 can you explain to us why the former head of the Teachers Union, who I think lived in WARD 4, is in Jail for stealing five million dollars from the Teachers Union?

    While you may have personal issues with Fenty from your experiences I hope you agree that having a Teacher's Union stealing the members money was not a positive thing. Also can you explain how the lottery contract works and who is benefiting from that? Why Shouldn't all lottery proceeds go to the city. Why does anybody need to make money off of it?

  • DC Resident and Taxpayer

    Saw that little dude with the big eyes - the one made of money in the Geico commercial - heading over to Team Blue this morning....background music and all.

  • Brahmin

    I would bet money Downtown worked on Kathy Patterson's campaign he seems a little to invested.

    I don't care what Adam says Fenty has to steal this election to win it.

    In the exist polling you will see White voters did not show up for him in the numbers he was expecting. It will be the Bradley effect with a twist.

    But can someone tell me if Fenty's people embezzled the campaign money.

    It was every bad idea. Like the play Spring Time for Hilter.

    No campaign strategist would have done what he did.

    Lets ignore institutional voters who are still the majority of voters.

    Lets bank of demographic changes to get all our votes. Even though new voters take years to register...those stats will be true in 2014 or maybe 2018 but 2010 was too soon.

    And by then watch for Mayor Mary Cheh.

    And the way he ran his office. Lets say it was Jack Evans who was Mayor or even how he emulate Bloombergs they would have been sensitive to racial politics and enfranchised blacks in a way we did not see with this Mayor. White mayors/governors make sure they make racial conscience decision when blacks are a mere 10% of the populations. Boters here are 60 percent. This man was an idiot.

    If Gray had passed even Jack Evans could have beaten him.

  • DC Guy

    Gray's canvassers are actual engaged volunteers and supporters.

    Fenty's canvassers are former Executive Office of the Mayaor flunkies driving white vans with MD tags and a bunch of Peaceaholic kids who represent Moten well, but do not befit the Mayor. Well, I guess they do, but that is part of the problem.

  • downtown rez

    @DC Guy:
    Perhaps that explains why the feel free to set up signs and campaign in schools, recs, and other government buildings.
    I mean, the Gray campaign wouldn't do that if they knew it was illegal, would they?

  • scared

    don't scare me with the Mary Cheh prediction. That woman is EVIL!

  • The race race

    Am I to believe that it will all come down to if whites turn out in droves to vote for the black candidate. How crazy is it that black are saying that they don't like the black candidate.

  • SEis4ME


    Well d'uh! Do you happen to like all white candidates? Or is it blacks who do that?

  • maserfentyaintnogood

    Looks like the chickens are coming home to cry with maser fenty. Your rein over the plantation is coming to an end. You have mistreated and disrespected citizens throughout the district of columbia for nearly 4 years. You acted like a maser with slaves at his disposal. Now the underground railroad will be sending voters to the polls to end your rein, good bye maser fenty.

  • Indeed


    I definitely think that it is time to change the way we do primaries. However, trying to make that change right before the primary was not the way to go. It was not only desperate, but stupid. Fenty chastised the council for changing election law and then wanted to change it himself. Hopefully, after the election, we can revisit this issue. Fenty had three years to work on this, but he didn't. Remember that.

  • downtown rez

    The council makes the laws in this great city, not the Mayor. Further, while the BOEE is appointed by the Mayor, it must be confirmed by the council. And, lastly, at the end of the day, why would a majority Dem council do anything to enfranchise any group that is not a cornerstone of their base?
    Those are the points worth remembering.

  • Indeed


    So, you are blaming the council? Come on. If this was a priority for Fenty, he would've gotten Muriel Bowser or Jack Evans or Jim Graham to do his bidding for him. It's not as though Fenty doesn't have any allies on the council. But he didn't think it as important until less than thirty days before the election. I know that you're upset that Fenty is going to lose, but instead of worrying about what the council could have done, let's worry about how to make Gray a successful mayor.

  • downtown rez

    Making laws is the council's responsibility. So, yeah, I think it's fair to put that in their lap.
    By the way, Catania did try to open up the primary- the council shot him down.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    DRez- You seem to forget that even though legislation might be approved at the Council, it does not become Law until Fenty signs it. Remember him vetoing the vote-buying bill. Making laws is in actuality the Mayor's responsibility. So your point might make sense if it was true, but it's not, so it doesn't.

  • Indeed


    drez is just looking for an excuse for fenty losing. None of this was an issue until last week when Fenty lost the board of elections ruling. There was no political will to open the primaries. Perhaps now there is. But blaming the council is weak. Very weak. If you want the system to change, then put pressure on them to change it.

  • Anonymous, Too


    9NEWS NOW has been looking into the public records surrounding the $11 million in DC government contracts now held by Keith Lomax, a close associate to Mayor Adrian Fenty.

    WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- 9NEWS NOW has been looking into the public records surrounding the $11 million in DC government contracts now held by Keith Lomax, a close associate to Mayor Adrian Fenty, and the man who was driving Fenty around town in a city owned Lincoln navigator assigned to the Mayor.

    Fenty admitted yesterday that he was using his friend as a driver, and that it was a mistake that would not happen again.

    Today, he promised to look into questions surrounding Lomax's preferential treatment in winning city contracts.

    Lomax's company, RBK landscaping and construction, was awarded extra points, because he listed his home and business in the District on Minnesota Avenue.

    In fact, Lomax rents the Minnesota Avenue address to a cop friend, according to neighbors.

    No one answered when 9NEWS NOW went there today.

    Turns out that Lomax also owns a spacious home in Fort Washington, which neighbors there say he purchased in 2001. His son attends a nearby Prince George's County school.

    Lomax was unavailable for comment today. Mayor Fenty, when questioned about the two addresses, says he will have his staff look into it.

  • Anonymous, Too

    Excerpt: Fenty Puts Friend Behind City-Owned Wheel, Breaks Rule
    By Nikita Stewart
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Lomax, who lives in Prince George's County, was a basketball standout at St. Anthony Catholic School and later at Providence College. St. Anthony, through mergers, also became part of Archbishop Carroll.

    Business records show that Lomax owned a jewelry business before he went into landscaping under a company called RBK Landscaping and Construction. Just before Fenty took office in 2007, RBK began landing contracts to provide maintenance at various city buildings. The contracts, awarded by the administration of former mayor Anthony A. Williams, totaled about $1.2 million.

    Starting in 2007, RBK became more involved in capital projects, particularly in school modernization. One contract, worth $4 million, is for "general miscellaneous repairs" at schools. Others are more specific, with renovations made at Barnard Elementary and School Without Walls. Since 2007, RBK has received about $10.9 million in city work, according to purchase orders and other documents.

    In December, Lomax, his wife, his business partner Brian Waller and RBK as a company each contributed $2,000 to Fenty's 2010 reelection campaign.

    In all city documents, RBK's address is listed on Minnesota Avenue NE, near the Deanwood Metro Station. The office is a townhouse that has no signage identifying it as a landscaping/development business.

  • Anonymous, Too

    Wrong Turn Leads to Dirt Road
    By Mike Licht -- Notion's Capital

    Wrong Turn Leads to Dirt Road

    DC Mayor Adrian Fenty let pal Keith P. Lomax drive his city-owned SUV to a sports event and defended this by saying, essentially, “It’s legal if I say it is.” While DC Attorney General Peter “Virginia Gentleman” Nickles seemed to uphold this notion, DC Auditor Deborah K. Nichols emphatically declared it illegal for anyone but DC Government employees to drive a DC Government car.

    Mayor Fenty admitted error this morning, telling reporters “I made a bad decision,” and “”I’m not going to do that anymore. No more letting anyone else drive.” But this new attitude of humility may have more to do with discouraging scrutiny of DC contract cronyism than with correcting mayoral hubris.

    Because the Drivergate incident encouraged Washington Postreporter Nikita Stewart (and WaPo’s Henri E. Cauvin and Meg Smith) to look into Mr. Lomax’s record of DC contracts: $1.2 million under Mayor Williams, $11 million (so far) under the Fenty administration. Mr. Lomax, a principal of RBK Lanscaping and Construction, is a former college basketball player and jewelry salesman, and was a substitute teacher at young Adrian Fenty’s Catholic high school. RBK and its employees have given $6,000 — $8,000 dollars to Mr. Fenty’s re-election campaign.

    The SUV-driving incident opened an avenue of inquiry into Mr. Lomax’s past (and a rumored junkyard of questionable activities). But it is not the city’s Lincoln Navigator or its illegal driver that neeeds more scrutiny — it is the vehicle for contract cronyism, the DC contracting process, especially the Local, Small and Disadvantage Business Enterprise certification provisions.

    Business owners who live in DC get preferment on bids for DC government contracts (so do minority- and woman-owned businesses and small local and longtime local business enterprises). No wonder Mr. Lomax claims his business is in this Ward 7 3-bedroom condo instead of in Maryland, where he and all known RBK business associates actually live.

    This kind of phantom DC business address seems quite prevalent among DC Government contractors, who often live in the suburbs but register the houses of elderly or deceased relatives as addresses for DC certification purposes. It is not unknown for such sham “DC” enterprises to actually represent giant interstate or global contractors, though that hardly seems to be the case with Mr. Lomax.

    Next question for Mayor Fenty: will Keith Lomax and other employees of RBK be prosecuted for having “obtained certification by fraud or deceit or … furnished substantially inaccurate or incomplete ownership information … in accordance with DC Law 12-268″? Of course, that’s just a measly $100,000 fine.

    A follow-up, Mr. Mayor: will other DC Certified Business Enterprises ever get site visits? Just lend the keys to your Navigator to folks from the Department of Small and Local Business Development. Don’t worry, they can drive your car –they’re DC employees, so it’s legal.

  • Anonymous, Too

    So, Mr. Mayor--I'm still waiting for your explanation.

  • Blah, Blah, Blah

    Hi Anonymous, Can you explain how the head of the Teachers Union stole five million dollars and where she is now. Do you think that was helpful to the schools and the teachers?