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What Should We Ask Sex and The City Fanatic Vincent Gray?


LL still can't get over Tim Craig's shocking revelation this morning in the Post that if D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray becomes mayor he'll order his staff to schedule  2 to 3 hour blocks each day to watch Sex and the City reruns.

Gray is schedule to come to City Paper Monday morning. If you have SATC or non-SATC questions for him, please leave them in the comments section. LL sincerely promises to try and make sure as many topics readers bring up are covered.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Mr. Bigglesworth

    Aidan or Big?

  • John

    "In context to almost every issue you have consistently offered expansion of government programs as the solution. As examples, more spending at every level of education, including a large number of big ticket items. Expansion of social programs. Review of terminated staff for possible re-reinstatement.

    At the same time you have spoken about rebuilding the buffer funds, and greater fiscal responsibility.

    Given that under present revenue and budgetary restrictions programs have actually needed to be cut just to hold the line, how do you plan to resolve this contradiction? In other words, how do you plan to pay for all of your promises? What taxes will be increased, and/or what programs will be cut?"

  • candycane1

    You don't need us. I'm quite dissappointed that none of our questions were asked of Fenty

  • http://bing.com Anothernative

    What are your thought's on community schools, given the high level of young parent's that are not very well versed in parenting and are usually drop out's. Community schooling really helps nieghborhood's rebound from some of these issue's, by affording these young folk's the opportunity to put themselves back on track, building esteem levels, this also resinates to the children that don't get attention and help because of low level's of parental skill.Schools are for the whole communities, they shouldn't be locked up like jail's everyday at a certain time.

  • downtown rez

    How will you balance the disparate and obviously conflicting priorities of your supporters?
    What will you do if ta revenues remain flat? Will you spend our rainy day fund down, or will you raise taxes? If you spend the rainy day fund to zero, how will you handle the increased cost of our bonds/debt? If you raise taxes, which ones will you raise and why?
    How will you ensure that with all of the inclusive process you ballyhoo, things will actually get done in a timely fashion?
    You have questioned DCPS RIFFs and firings. You have questioned IMPACT. What metric do you propose to separate the competant from the incompetent? How will you immprove the ability of principals have to make decisions they feel best to improve the achievement of the students in their charge?
    Your core support is from officials of the Pratt-Dixon and Barry eras, and from unions. How will you balance these interests against the interests of DC residents and taxpayers?

  • Jackie Pinckney-Hackett

    If Chairman Gray becomes Mayor...

    Question #1

    Will he appoint a diverse cabinet to include Black women, people under 40 and representatives from across the city to include Ward 7?

    Question #2

    Will he promise to identify money for the Ombudsman Office?

    Question #3

    Will he promise to identify money for parental involvement office at the State level?

    Question #4

    Will he consider the "RIF Recovery Act of 2011" which allows are DC residents who were terminated during to the FENTY administration to be rehired? And decreases the unemployment rate in DC.

    Question #5

    Will he hire a Chancellor in accordance to the law, which calls for a review panel?

  • Trulee Pist

    Ginger or Mary Ann?

    OR go the other direction,

    "What's wrong with Waiting to Exhale?

  • ConcernedaboutDC

    What position did you offer Mary Cheh?
    Attorney General perhaps?

  • downtown rez

    LOL @concernedaboutDC I thought that was Linda Singer's position!

  • Sally

    How many pairs of Monolo Blahnik do you own?

  • Keeping it Real

    Questions for Gray:

    Your campaign supports providing equal funding for charter and DCPS schools, but do you realize that most charter schools don't have to accept additional students once the school year starts?

    Unless they choose otherwise, they can benefit from the stability of not having new students enter at all times throughout the school year. Don't you think that DCPS schools, especially at the secondary level, deserve more money because they HAVE to accept students at all times including the last month of school because they are neighborhood schools?

  • Keeping it Real

    Additional questions on charter and DCPS:

    What are you going to do about the fact that charter schools for the most part have extremely low enrollment of special education students? Can they continue to discriminate against this children and put the burden on DCPS?

    Will schools be penalized for forcing certain students out for behavior or academic problems? This is a huge problem even within DCPS--along with the charters, the magnet schools, including Bell, send the students who will hurt their "bottom line" (graduation rate, AYP,etc.) to the neighborhood schools.

  • Elcie

    Mr. Gray,

    You've spoken at length about your plans for DCPS, but would you please outline your plans for the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)? Once elected, do you plan to get rid of Fenty's Bush-era chronies that are currently running the agency into the ground?

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    Additional question (and a comment) on Charter School vs. DCPS funding:

    When you say that you support equal funding for both Charter and DCPS schools, do you realize that Charter schools have the ability to seek private funding for their schools, but that DCPS does not have that ability?

    DCPS is limited to the funds provided by the District of Columbia to provide education for ALL DC students regardless of when they enroll and what type of special needs the students may have. Charter schools are not required to accept ALL students. The built in disparate treatment that Charter schools can implement should not allow them to receive equal funding.

  • Truelive

    Mr. Gray, before the phase, "I will!", how will you as mayor make a difference in closing the gap left by Fenty between the have and have nots in this city of such vast resourses? What policies have you formulated to ease the distraction of political interventions in the learning institutions where our children are attempting to get an education in the classrooms with valuable tools the teacher and books and not machines and money? Do you feel that you can stand the pressure of questions from the regular John and Jane Doe, no matter how meager, at community meetings where you actually attend, as you did as couselman ward 7, the greater ne?

  • TheNewWard8

    I had the privilege or misfortune to attend the Ward 8 forum at St. Elizabeths. I understand that it is to your benefit not address the negative comments that have been repeated by Sulimon Brown, after all his entire campaign for Mayor is "Vote Gray or Brown" or anyone but Fenty. In full disclosure I am a Fenty supporter, but before and after this election, I am and will be a concerned resident for the young people in my community. So my question to Chairman Gray has three parts, Do you believe that as the Mayor it is your role to be the voice and an advocate for those residents who are in need, even when it is not popular or to your own personal benefit? and If yes, why at the forum when Sulimon Brown disrespected Mayor Fenty's parents did you not speak up and call that behaviour unacceptable? Mayor Fenty responded to Sulimon's question by inviting all of the candidates to say that there is a line in this race that should not be crossed and you responding by doing and saying nothing. Are you comfortable with being a role model for our young people that only does the right thing when it benefits you and not because it is the right thing to do?

  • Ward8forreal

    Wow, I was at the Ward 8 Forum at St. Elizabeths and Mr. Brown exhbited what we already knew, he has no shame. I need to re-watch the tape of the forum but I'm sure Mr. Gray probably smiled when Mr, Brown was being disrespectful. That is how he teaches his hecklers he plants in the audiences to be. Mr. Gray cost Big G of Backyard Band his job at WKYS .If you were a foster child or homeless person in the 90's than you know what it is like to be left in the cold by Vincent Gray. Any grown man that admits to watching Sex in the City during the workday clearly has too much time on their hands. Than again it does not require much attention to pass funds to W.C. Smith and Harry Thomas.

  • Ward8forreal


  • Gray

    Mr Gray,
    Will you give DCPS teachers and parks and rec child care aides their jobs back?

  • SEis4ME

    Is Mr. Brown a campaign surrogate for Vincent Gray? If not, then why would he speak out against his tactics. Ronald Moten has compared Gray to a vampire. Did Fenty disown him?

    lol@TheNewWard8, Have you missed all of the theatrics produced, directed, and performed by Moten. It's hard to take your concern [about the kids] seriously when Moten has demonstrated the most hoodrat'ish tactics known to campaign. He has done such with kids in tow. More seriously, people seem to commend Gray for his Saturday council meetings when kids get to speak. This is something he has done as Chairman that does not personally benefit him, but the kids.

    @Ward8, did Gray cost G his job or did G cost himself a job? From what I read, he was given an ultimatum to "tone down" his support for Fenty. In response, Big G refused and was subsequently fired.

    Now what did Gray do again?

  • Joe Schmo

    And I thought we already had a down-low mayor? Sex and the City? Gray supporters...be careful what you wish for. That's a dead giveaway to Gray's way of thinking if he digs watching a show about 4 shoe buying, high living, egocentric white girls in the big city. You're looking for a mayor for the people of the east side: sounds like he wants to be the mayor of Friendship Heights!

  • asira

    Can some please tell me if there is any truth in the following rumor. There was a domestic abuse call to Fenty's house before he was elected mayor? It further rumored that Lanier was the beast cop that answered the call?

  • Frank

    If Gray becomes Mayor:

    1) Will he be committed to ensuring that the District's Permanent Supportive Housing program is adequately funded to serve the growing number of homeless families, while also ensuring that we have enough shelter capacity so residents in need are not left out on the street?

    2) Will Gray protect and prioritize other safety net programs even as he is trying to keep the budget balanced? Does he promise not to cut those programs that effect the lowest income residents in times of economic hardship? His performance this past budget season suggests otherwise.

  • forgray

    1) What will you do to make sure illegal immigrants are deported? Fenty protected illegals.
    2) What will you do to reinstate teachers at DCPS and DCPR?
    3) How can you guarantee programs East of the river are funded (ward 8 council programs for example)
    4) what is your plan to clean house and fire the corrupted Fenty team like Nickles, Klin, Michelle Rhee, Lenier?
    5) how many Black Directors will you guarantee we will have?