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What Do You Want Us To Ask The Mayor?

Adrian Fenty

Mayor Adrian Fenty is coming to City Paper tomorrow to drink Vitaminwater and talk bikes with the staff. He'll also probably answer some questions about the mayoral race.

Which is where you come in, sweet readers. Tell us what you think we should ask. Leave your suggestions in the comment section, and LL will pick the best of the bunch. Also, try and be nice.

(Also, on Monday, Vincent Gray is scheduled to come by. LL will post a similar item seeking questions for him.)

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    I voted for Mayor Fenty four years because he we going to bring new accountability and root out corruption in the DC government. I am concerned, however, that he is falling into the same pattern as former Mayor Marion Barry and rewarding friends and cronies with lucrative government contracts. Given all the recent media reports of such behavior, why should I believe he is not perpetuating the long standing problem of corruption within the DC government?

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    Given that the November election is a formality and that the primary election is the real contest, would Mayor Fenty support an open primary where the top two vote getters compete in the November contest? Does he think this would be good for the democratic process in the District of Columbia?

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    Does the Mayor work for Rhee or Rhee for the mayor?
    Mr. Fenty and the mayors office is famous for micromanaging everything--except DCPS. The Pricipal of Hardy Middle School was removed ostensibly to create an arts school that there is no capital funding for. He has been replaced by four people, which has kinda resulted in cuts to the high testing school. Not to mention a scheduling chaos. My child now has classes with students sitting on the floor, I heard from a teacher today that there is now a problem with students wandering the halls, again due to crazy schedule changes. Yet the Mayor would not address this or any principal changes at any school. Why are high performing schools changing for the sake of change? Why does the mayor appear helpless in controlling his chancellor. Now we have the race for the top money partially allocated to a data system after DCPS has spent in the tens of millions already to create a data system.

    when the council vested control with the mayor, it was to get out of having teh many supervisors of the school board, not to create a position that seems to account to no one. while test scores did go up, they also dropped at high performing schools such as at eaton elementary, Hardy and some others.

    My child has had four principals since rhee came on board, and increasing class sizes and a reduction in standards as to who is allowed in what had been designated by regulation as an application school.

    the irony of all this is the parents who complained about Hardy did not enroll their children there and those parents who could afford to sent their children back to

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    How is it that you ask us to judge you by your record and then refuse to let us see the actual records? How can we determine if you have done a good job with only half of the information?

    Here is a way to SHOW that you are changing, order all of you department heads to answer every FOIA request they have recieved BEFORE Sept. 10th. That way we can make an informed evaluation of your record and may decide you actually have done a good job. Continuing to hide what is public information from the citizens does not foster faith or confidence and helps to spread those rumors of back door deals.

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    What do you think your duty is, if you have one, to the Black Community in the District?

    Have you served that duty?

    Do you see yourself as a leader in the Black Community. Or, do you feel like an outsider?

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    I think the city has an excessive amount of bike lanes that are not used. I have been a bike commuter but I think there should be a usable grid of bike lanes that will actually be used by bikers and the empty ones should be closed. I am looking for quality not quantity, do you think we can work toward that goal?

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    How would schools continue to improve in your next term if Rhee decides to leave the District?

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    Outside of apologizing, what are you doing now to be more collaborative with the city council members and other community leaders?

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    For BOTH Candidates:

    What is the District's fiscal outlook over the next few years and what will that mean for city services. If cuts have to be made, where will the examination begin?

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    What new projects are being planned East of the River and what types of jobs will result from these projects?

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    Strange. Why vitamin water?

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    Dammit and I have a rather good one! This is a pretty cool idea. But Fenty being able to have a scripted answer to a question he knows is coming kinda defeats the purpose of asking. We know that his camp reads these blogs. I can't imagine they wouldn't prep him.

    And seriously, cool idea.

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    SEis4ME, you can e-mail your question to mmadden(AT)washingtoncitypaper.com if you're worried about him reading it.

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    When did you stop beating your wife, and why did you take up phone jamming and petty-home break ins when you did?

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    More seriously:
    Improving DC's schools has been your administration's signature focus; you call education the great equalizer.
    Name two other crucial issues facing this city, and explain why these issues are crucial and what a 2nd Fenty administration will do to address them.

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    Please ask Mayor Fenty why did he refused to meet with the late 98 year old Dorothy Irene Height twice and why did he attend her funeral?

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    Please ask King Fenty his thoughts on the article written in today's Washington Post by Courtland Milloy.

    Adrian Fenty's snubs of black women make a win at the polls unlikely


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    Mayor Fenty, I believe that you lack an essential quality of a decent human being: empathy. I challenge you to define empathy? When I hear you talk, sometimes I think you have resentment towards the less fortunate in this city and wish they would go away. This is the opposite of empathy.

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    Please ask: When the DCPS budget was signed last year, which saved jobs and only scaled back summer school, why did he allow Rhee to override his authority and create the RIF. Didn't his signature mean that he was the boss? Secondly, since hundreds of teachers lost their jobs needlessly, what would he have done in hindsight. Would he have reprimanded her, stopped her or would he have left things as they were?

  20. maserfentyaintnogood

    Ask mayor fenty:

    Do you plan to run as a write in if you lose the democratic primary?

    If not, will you support chairman gray?

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    I'd like to ask about the 10 million given to the Peaceoholics. What was the money spent on? What are the terms of your agreement with this group? Will he demand an audit?

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    Why do you allow DC Firefighters to live as far away as New York City and North Carolina?

    Do you believe it is helpful to our homeland security, having DC Firefighters drive all the way from New York City, or get on a plane from North Carolina, in order to work for the DC Fire Department?

    Why aren't you an honorary member of the DC Firefighters Union like former Republican Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania, or current Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer of Maryland, or Dave Statter of Channel 9 News?

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    Why does Mayor Fenty insist on appointing unqualified people to various boards and commissions, including the contract appeals board?

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    Where did all the Peaceaholics money go? Are some of the kids that are coming to my door with "Adrian Fenty for Mayor" pamphlets Peaceaholics employees also?

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    Do you expect to continue funding Peaceoholics to the tune of $2 million per year during a second Fenty administration? What sorts of measures would you put into place to assure that this money is achieving anything?

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    What cleaner are you going to use to get the foot print out of the seat of yours and Ron Motens pants on September 15th, where are you going to live when history shows how you attemted to fleece this city. Shame on you a native son at that, oh my bad I forgot this isn't your first fleecing (little old man client) oops.

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    Why did you end the library system's building program before it originally scheduled (and appropriated) conclusion, depriving the residents of ward 5 new libraries (the Lamond Riggs and Woodridge libraries are in terrible condition)

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    why did you cut the DC Fire cadet programN a program which would have allowd young HS DISTRICT residents a chance to become firefighters? Please don't say funding b/c just a portion of the peaceaholics $ would have funded the $1.5 program.

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    Mayor Fenty, you won every single precinct in 2006 and appear to be doing an excellent job as mayor. What have you done to sour so many people white and black in the city. How does it feel to be booed at city events because you are not liked?

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    Mr. Fenty,

    - Do you endorse Ron Moten's most recent campaign ad for you that is on Youtube and accuses Vincent Gray of being responsible for the mass drive-by murders on S. Cap. St.? Did your campaign finance any of this ad? If you say you don't know then will you find out and provide the answers to City Paper no later than tomorrow?

    - Will you release all information and contracts pertaining to the Peacoholics immediately? I would like you to respond to this on the record. DC taxpayers paid for those contracts and we have a right to that information. It's our city, our money, our information. Give us a date when you will provide that information - full records please.

    - You closed the Boys and Girls Club in Ward 8 and said it would be replaced. Why has this not happened and when will it happen?

    - Are you going to respond to FOIA requests prior to the election or ever? Again, we have a right to this information and you have a demonstrated pattern of denying it.

    -We have seen some improvements in the schools. When are you going to address the increasing truancy and dropout rates in DCPS?

    -Please go on the record right now and say that you will provide information on any/all city contracts from the the past 4 years and, if you are still here, for the next 4 years. Please go on the record and state that you will respond to questions from dc residents, the city council and the media. You have not done this for the past 4 years and it is unacceptable. Give details on how you will do this.

    -Peter Nickles will not release the 911 calls from the drive-by shootings on March 30th. Will you do this immediately? If you say you cannot then provide the reasons (legal) in writing withing the next week.

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    Whatever happened to Fenty's number one personal aide Veronica Washington?

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    Guess my question wasn't as important as I claimed because I can't remember it. Go figure!

    It's likely to late but you could ask:

    There is a lot of back and forth chatter which makes it hard to weed through the truth. Most in the city appreciate your efforts towards education and the selection of Rhee. Is it true that you voted against giving former mayor williams control of the schools? If so, why and what changed a couple of years later.

    Thanks to the citizens of Congress Heights, there has been a lot of attention drawn to the pending "group home" (apparently one of several in a small radius) run by the Peaceoholics. Critics claim that the home is in violation of city zoning laws. THe residents believe they are not getting enough help from the city. What is your understanding of this and how do you plan to address it?

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    If re-elected as Mayor, it has been rumored that you would replace City Administrator Neil Albert, with the current DDOT Director Gabe Klein. In the same vein as your questioning of Gray on Rhee, can you commit to whether you would appoint a new city administrator in a second Fenty Administration.

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    Outside of school reform, what major policies have you originated and implemented, distinct from those by former Mayor Williams, which have been felt citywide?

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    After these questions and comments, don't be surprised if he doesn't show up and then he'll just say that he wasn't invited.

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    Why do you think you are more popular with the white community than the black community? Does it concern you that the sector of the population that is more transient and less rooted in the community is the one that approves of the work you've done more? Do you think it says something about where your focus has been during the previous 4 years?

    Do you think Nationals Stadium has been the success you'd hoped, in terms of improving the neighborhood surrounding and creating an area similar to the blocks surrounding Verizon Center?

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    Mayor fenty,

    Given your amount of faith in Michelle Rhee, would you encourage her to stay and work for Vince Gray should he win?

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    When paying income taxes in DC, a person making a million dollars pays the same percentage of their income as someone making $40,000 a year. Do you think we should ask more of those who have greater resources? How will you change the income tax structure to bring in new tax dollars that could fund essential services like job training, affordable housing, and homeless services? What new brackets and rates would your administration advocate for, if any?

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    "Governor Fenty" -- In your inaugural address on January 3, 2007, you promised: "Together, we pledge, steadfastly, that our goal is to become the 51st State. None of us can, or should, rest easy until we all have the opportunity to participate fully in our great democracy." So, besides supporting the (failed) one-vote bill, what have you done to advance the cause of DC statehood? And, if reelected, what do you plan to do to help achieve equal democratic rights for DC residents? FREE DC Now!

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    Mr Mayor...how do you justify acting like a peacock over the extra-District endorsements of a Colorado Congressman and a New York mayor, yet the President of the United States will not speak out for you? Also, why did you not ask Mr Obama to push for the passage of the DC Voting Rights bill while asking him to pass the mustard/ketchup while at your burger outings?

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    How can the Mayor claim that he is so much better at homeless services than Vince Gray would be when there were 610 families waiting for SHELTER as of Aug 8th? What's he doing to help those families TODAY (not in months when housing might come through)?

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    I would like to hear Mayor Fenty provide us with his programmatic priorities for the next four years and the budget that he would propose to represent his priorities. I would like him to address how his priorities meet the needs of the District. I would also ask him for a detailed, specific strategy for getting District residents (adults...not their children) job trained, and back to work. I would also ask him to provide an economic development strategy for increasing the District's revenue stream (beyond getting District residents back to work). His strategy should include a budget.

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    Mr. Mayor, has Michelle Rhee given you a timetable regarding how much longer she will remain as chancellor following her marriage to the mayor of a city more than 2000 miles away?

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    Mr. Mayor, why did you veto a bill that would make it illegal to "buy" votes?

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    Mayor Fenty:

    Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (Free DC) will hold the only candidates' focused on the issue that affects ALL the other issues combined - our right to control our own government and our very destiny - DC statehood and democracy. The forum will be on Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 6 pm at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library. The public needs to hear from our candidates! Will you come?

    Anise Jenkins
    Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (Free DC)

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    Mr Fenty, what are you going to do differently to help the crime rate go down. And why are parking fee's for the city out of control. Anyone from out of town are confused to how this system works.

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    If the DC Housing authority is an independent agency -- as the Mayor claims whenever he talks about the park and recs contract-- why does he claim all their work as his own? Egregious example: 535 of the 1000 homeless units are DCHA's units - paid for by HUD.

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    Jan- i'm from "in town" and confused about the parking... but back to the subject at hand - I see a lot of great questions. I really hope they'll get answered.

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    What will you do if you are voted out of office. Will one of your frat brothers hire you?

    You stated that you would change if re-elected, if you win you can resort back to the arrogant mayor that you have been ....why should we believe you?

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    Why does it appear that you are disinterested in statehood for the District while previous mayors have been advocates?

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    Why does it take a second term to live up to the chief campaign promises of the first term, namely transparency and integrity in DC government (especially from the Mayor's office)?

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    When is the mayor going to get out of the way and allow the Taxicab Commission to function as it should and give the drivers a rate parity that is similar to other jurisdictions? Why is letting go so hard?

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    Can you explain who got the lottery contract and what their relationship to Chairman Grey is? Why should anybody other than the city profit from the lottery? Would you support all profits from the lottery going to fund literacy programs.

    Can you explain who stopped the summer jobs program for being extended an additional ten days and what you think their motivation was.

    What is the relationship between Marion Barry and Vincent Grey? Is Marion Barry supporting Vince Grey?

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