Loose Lips

Jim Graham Responds To Ted Loza Question


Today on Kojo, Ward One's councilmember candidates held a spirited debate. Near the end of the hour, a caller asked incumbent Councilmember Jim Graham about his ties to ex-staffer Ted Loza. Last fall, Loza was indicted on bribery charges. We wrote about their complicated and troubling relationship after Loza was indicted. But Graham has been relatively quiet on the subject if not downright supportive of Loza at community forums. Today, Graham said Loza will get his day in court. And he said this:

"I run a really tight ship...I'm a hands-on councilmember...Everybody has experienced somebody who has done something they were not aware of."

*file photo by Darrow Montgomery.

  • linda

    I was listening to that, I think the caller asked how an you spend a month traveling with him and not know what he was doing? One of the first callers asked about grahams abstention on the corrupt election practices bill. Graham got indignant and said he voted for it. I have been leaning towards graham so I went to the dccouncil website and sure enough it says he abstained from the vote on the emergency. Not voted present but abstained. tom sherwood kind of poo pooh the bill but it will have an effect on same day registration. It established a significant fine for registering under a false name. why didn't the members cut the part they didn't like about lunches and leave in the stuff for the election?

  • Angry CH Chick

    So he runs a tight ship.....tight enough for him to know what people are doing in his office, but he didn't know that Teddy and 36 other people were going to indicted for a bribery scandal of the Taxi Cab commission which he has oversight.

    Graham also didn't know that Teddy was beating his sexually trafficked girlfriend from El Salvador who Teddy met with Graham in El Salvador on the taxpayers dime. He also had such a tight ship that when he received emails from Salvadorian woman's family directly to Graham saying she was being beaten and that the USDOJ gave her a VISA for a sexually trafficked women he still kept him as his Chief of Staff

    Yep it's a tight ship.