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A. Scott Bolden

The jury is still out on whether the parks contracts mess will be murder for Mayor Adrian Fenty's political career. But it's clearly been a good year for famed attorney-to-the-stars A. Scott Bolden. He gets to wrack up billable hours representing Fenty's fraternity brothers, Omar Karim and Sinclair Skinner, at depositions with a special investigator and hearings before the council, working on settlements for months with Peter Nickles, and suing the city over money he says his clients are owed.

LL broke the news last week that Bolden is suing on behalf of his client, Banneker Ventures, over a breach of contract. That contract is a $550,000 settlement Nickles entered into with Banneker after the D.C. Council canceled its original contract to do parks and rec construction work. The council is pissed about this settlement because they think the original contracts were improperly given by the Fenty administration as a way to enrich his fraternity brothers, and have told CFO Natwar Gandhi not to pay.

LL finally got around to getting his hands on the complaint, and noticed that Banneker is not only asking for the $550,000, but also for interest and attorney fees. Standard stuff in a civil suit to be sure, but it's not hard to imagine several councilmembers, including Phil Mendelson—who ran against Bolden in 2006—chafing at the notion of tax dollars going straight into Bolden's pocket if he wins.

And it's not like he doesn't have a good chance of winning. After all, doesn't he have a signed settlement with the city's attorney general for $550,000? Nickles himself says he thinks they have a good case, and there's no way he's going to be able to go into court and argue against the settlement he negotiated.

But all of that is just prelude to get to this: Bolden is a big old baby. LL tried to get in touch with him about this lawsuit only to receive this unkind e-mail:

Off the record.  Not for print or to be printed.

Mr. Suderman, I do not talk to the City Paper or Loose Lips under any circumstances. Accordingly, please refrain from contacting me in the future. Please respect my wishes.  Thanks.

Okay, pal, have it your way. But off the record is a two-way street, and LL isn't going on any trips with you, Mr. Bolden.

(Note to readers: If you send tips to LL and preface them with "off the record," LL will most definitely respect those wishes, unless your name is A. Scott Bolden.)

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • tired

    Are you serious Nickles needs to be disbarred and Banneker can pay their own shister lawyer. This is nothing but a tavesty, a federal investigation is needed immediately.

  • Marciela

    Tired, you're 100% correct. Fenty and his entire regime might as well pull a Charles Manson since they're never held accountable.

  • The Truth

    First off Tired your name describes you perfectly. You are tired and full of shit. You are constantly on this site talking about shit you have no idea about. The fact that the outside investigator hired by the council who wants to hang Fenty out to dry can not find any wrong doing and yet to continue to talk about how there is wrongdoing. The fact of the matter is that your hate for Fenty just shows that you are a sad, sad person. Honestly there is nothing that they will be able to find.

    As for calling someone a shister just shows that you are not of real class. The city is dragging someone through the mud, and constantly has found nothing wrong, when they are doing such they should pay. As a tax payer, I don't want to pay this, but I understand that is what happens when you get a lazy council who does no real work. I mean, our council has spent 10 times as much time looking at $82 Million in contracts than they have the other $1.2 - $1.6 Billion in contracts from the last year and a half. To make it worse there are examples that show that there are issues which the council turned its back on for contracts for 2 - 4 times as much as this one. You should really stop getting all of your information from this sad ass excuse of a reporter who calls their self Loose Lips and start doing some damn research.

  • Ha!

    lock all of their azzes up and give me my tax money back!!!

  • LOL

    "The fact that the outside investigator hired by the council who wants to hang Fenty out to dry can not find any wrong doing and yet to continue to talk about how there is wrongdoing."

    I think you over-simplified the situation. We are free to disagree. But let's not try to spin each other.

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  • tired

    ie: the truth you are exactly why the problem exist in this city. No one held this man accountable .Why are you so damn concern when I am a taxpayer and I will smartass voice my opinion. You sir or mam are the stupid one ,or are you receiving some of this money. Why when a person states Federal Investigation you start crying like a bitch. I am stepping out of my character because you attacked me. If something was done wrong and not ethical you damn right a investigation is needed. So get over yourself I have more class in my toe then you do in your entire body bitch. I must have hit a nerve.

  • downtown rez

    Whatever and whoever else The Truth is, they are speaking The Truth when they point out that there will be no findings of wrongdoing from this investigation, just as there were none from those that proceeded them.
    There will just be a whole lot of taxpayer dollars, council time (more taxpayer dollars) and media attention wasted.
    Unless, of course, creating and maintaining the appearance of illegality through the election has value in and of itself to someone(s).
    Given that this investigation was supposed to have been wrapped up over a month ago, and given that at this late stage in the election cycle Gray is speaking to the press and not the council's "independent" investigator, I think it's worth seriously considering whether manufacturing that appearance was the intent in the first place.
    Because that's all this investigation has accomplished so far, and it's all it is ever likely to accomplish.