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FOIA Reveals Peaceoholics Have Cool Video Game Set-Up

The Fraternal Order of Police has finally received the results of the Freedom of Information Act request they've been trying to pry from the District on what Peaceoholics is doing with dollars provided to the organization via the Metropolitan Police Department—and it's a doozy.

A cursory glance of the documents, provided to City Paper by the FOP, shows a portion of the budget for a program connected to the organization went toward a video game set up that we should all be envious of. Peaceoholics bought an Xbox, Xbox games, Nintendo Wii controllers and a 32-inch television for a rec center game room. A big chunk of the funding the organization has received appears to have gone toward salaries.

The documents City Paper will be digging through may not show all the money that has gone to the organization, but we will continue to comb it for more revelations.

  • THEForce

    Well Duh! We knew it was going to anything too substanative. I can see their excuses now, "the video games are keepin the kids from killin each other." WOW! why not spend it on tutors or GED Classes, or intrument lessons something that will keep them busy but will also give them a skill, That way we arent rewarding bad behavior.
    It always bugs the heck outta me. I was a good kid. Got good grades, never got in trouble and I never got any reward for it other than my own happines for having an education. But SOME of these kids who are constant law breakers are getting rewarded for being bad. Why not have them get a job or have them do community service.... I dont know but we have to stop paying people to behave like normal citizens, otherwise when the money runs out or they arent eligible for the program anymore they will start reaking havoc again. Life doesnt work like that.

  • DC Guy

    Man, and I had to buy my Wii myself with my own money, that I, you know, earned. What an idiot I am.

  • downtown rez

    DC Guy LOL and to think you could have just gone down to the local rec (or the police boys and girls club) and played the one there for free.

  • Bill

    That's all ya got downtown? Where's your "smart analysis" of or excuse for this falderal?

  • SuperS

    Where is the money for GED classes or remedial classes for college or even therapy? This stinks to high heaven. Throw the BUMS OUT!

  • incredulous

    The money for salaries is what most of the public too rarely pays much attention. So, Fenty outsources counseling and community services to his selected portion of the private sector which could otherwise not get employment by professional criteria.
    Cynically, sure the FOP is pissed off. Maintaining integrity and work by cops, uniformed or plain-clothes, is major work and responsibility. Fenty / Peaceaholiks maintains a private, salaried, and works-for-Moten's-tips undercover unarmed para-police force.
    What Moten needs is for one or more of his people to be videotaped being injured or killed in the line of duty. Then, they, like cops, can make claims for sympathy and lifetime income benefits, including disability from stress, like the cops in MoCo who cruise in their cars for twenty years before claiming theirs.

    Same difference, but for contract-terms, armament, and public tolerance.

    Correction: Cops need HS diplomas or equivalency.

  • downtown rez

    @ bill
    A/V systems, computers, and games are pretty standard in newer and renovated DC rec centers. I don't see anything wrong with them being there.
    There's really no further analysis needed- "smart" or otherwise.

  • DCDem

    I want to see more. The peacaholics have been granted millions in government contracts. Are there any internal watchdogs in the District government who review deliverables to ensure that the District is getting what it is paying for.

  • THEForce

    @Downtown Rez, Yes thats what rec centers are for, so if they just wanted to have a rec center then why not take the kids to one already equppied with those tools need to ENTERTAIN kids. The mission of peaceoholics isnt to entertain well behaved kids. it is to try and reform violent youth before they turn into violent adults, and I dont think providing (maybe) violent video games and providing a nice fluffy comfortable enviornment for bad kids is fair, when the kids who are doing what they are supposed to do have little to nothing.

    And since when did local non-profit leaders get high paying salaries.

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  • Ward4mom

    I call for a full audit on the contracts, grants, partnership pass -through and fee for service money the Peaceoholics has raked in the past four years. They have a set number of staff that are paid a fair base salary. All the contracts, grants… they received allot money for salaries, fringe benefits and other line items like office supplies and general operations (rent, bills…etc).
    Also, where are the stats on the number of children they serve (per year, per quarter), kind of interventions, services they provide and outcomes (reduced risk, school attendance, etc)? Simple stats will help everyone measure their impact.

    Off the wall question: In the business world, your success and quality of product is measured by the amount of money you earn. Since Peaceoholics is a top-runner in the District, how many of their clients have re-offended? Colbert King would want to know.

  • THEForce

    Their mantra is: “It’s not a job; it’s a ministry.”

    I dont remember the leader of the music ministry at church making that much...hmph

  • downtown rez

    @ THEForce
    Please read the story. In it it states thatPeaceoholics bought an Xbox, Xbox games, Nintendo Wii controllers and a 32-inch television for a rec center game room.

  • tformation

    What I want to know is whos house was the "rec center game room" in? The only receipts they can come up with so far to justify 10 million dollars is for a tv, a game console and some games. Lol. They must really think we are crazy. Well, I hope they put a few bills away for their rainy day because its coming soon.

  • larry

    These funds that they received last year were to go to their monitoring of the most violent repeat youth offenders who have been placed back in the community. If DC won't be responsible for investigating this (there was a damn contract) then we need assistance from a federal agency.

  • SE Resident

    I have been pressing DC Auditor Deborah Nickols for a full audit of the Peaceholics. She has not acknowledged any of my calls or emails. Larry, you're right, we need a federal agency to step in on this.

    Anyone know a fed?