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N.Y.’s Bloomberg Coming to Stump for Fenty Tomorrow

Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Adrian Fenty

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is coming to D.C. tomorrow to help support Mayor Adrian Fenty's re-election bid, according to a Fenty campaign source.

Bloomberg is Fenty's "political godfather" as Colby King puts it, and Fenty has tried to style himself as D.C.'s version of MB, famously copying Bloomberg's idea of tearing down walls in the mayor's office to create a "bullpen." Fenty also brought D.C. schools under the mayor's authority, much like Bloomberg did in New York. The endorsement could help shore up one part of Fenty's base—the good government-loving type of voters who admire the way Bloomberg has made his city's administration work better. (But it's not clear how much a plug from a short Jewish billionaire helps Fenty in, say, Ward 8.)

Details are still in flux, but the source says Bloomberg will be at the newly opened Carmine's Family Style Italian Restaurant on 7th Street NW tomorrow afternoon.

Will they talk about triathlons or making billions? And will Bloomberg counsel Fenty to push for a limit on mayoral terms just so he can then push to overturn it if he wins this fall? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Photo by Ralph Alswang via Flickr/Creative Commons 2.o

  • nunyabiz

    Well strike up the band.

  • Brian

    Please no more Fenty, and you can thank Ron Moten for my anti-fenty remarks.

  • blkwrestl

    He, Bloomberg needs to be concerned about running new By the way bloomberg almost lost his mayoralty to an unknown last year

  • RSVP

    Really, now really... well I am guessing then the Mayor of Newark is coming to stomp for Gray? Ooops that wouldn't be a good idea...because rumor has it that Gray is seeking to steal Janey away from Booker. One thing for sure...with Bloomberg in town...he is definitely going to generate some money for the Fenty campaign... So I am guessing there's going to be a pay raise for those workers...let's see they are already getting $20.00 a hour...with this boost...it might go to about $40.00 a hour. Just fabulous...simply fabulous!!!

  • Ward8forreal

    They also formed the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition with Boston Mayor Thomas Meninno. It was oh so convenient that in mentioning Mayor Fenty and Michael Blomberg's similarities that you excluded this accomplishment.

  • Ward8forreal

    Bloomberg and Menino that is....

  • …….

    Well here comes daddy!

  • Trulee Pist

    Adrian Fenty is one Big City Mayor!

  • maserfentyaintnogood

    Well, with the heat on Bloomberg in NYC and the state over his decision to support the building of the mosque near the 9 11 attack sites, he needed a get away since he will be paying dearly for his support, and that is not playing well with voters there.

  • Howard Park

    I wish the Mayor would concentrate more on making DC affordible for the middle class and less on the type of policies that characterize New York where it seems like everyone is either super-rich or homeless. The Mayor has gotten the big things right but please, leave Manhattenization to Manhatten.

  • http://.. Marie Jackson

    Go gives a happy s--t!!!!!

    First Ron and now Bloomberg. Big Mouth and Deep throat Ron the crook and Money Bag Bloomie.

    Now we see why King really vetoed the "anti-buy vote bill."
    Remember Bloomie spent millions to nearly lose the NYC election. Please check out his luggage. Hey Ron, the red one has your $400,000 tucked under the towels.

  • larry

    Wow - another friend. Let's see HIS contract. Fenty can't even get E.Holmes-Norton to stand next to him (she's "remaining neutral" read that as you like). I am supporting Gray. If he wins I will ask him, the inspector general and a couple of council members, hell anyone I can think of, if they will finally do the right thing and have an independent investigation into Fenty, his contracts, Nickles, Moten and DYRS. Wait a minute! Bloomberg took Vinnie Schiraldi (narcissist and miracle worker who was nationally recognized for what he did with DYRS before Bloomberg recruited him in January of this year.) I'll bet Bloomberg's endorsing our desperate little mayor, but he's making us take Schiraldi back.