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The Undecided: Negative Ad Edition

August 12: Fenty Attacks!

Today’s Event: The mayor's negative ad drops, attacking Gray's record running the Department of Human Services in the early 1990s. One of my sources sends me a YouTube link to the ad with this angry note: "Does Fenty have room to talk here?" He apparently doesn't: In fact, Fenty doesn't talk at all in the ad, instead choosing to let the mournful piano music, negative headlines, unflattering pictures, and a stern female narrator testify against Gray. But, for me, an ad about how bad homeless-services were under Gray only backfires. It reminds me what a horrible job Fenty is doing with homeless children.

Influence: Huge. Fenty's homeless services still include many of the same symbols from that era: inhumane warehousing, trailers behind high fences, and indigent families sleeping in cars or being put up in hotels. D.C. General is Fenty's D.C. Village—just another notorious facility housing homeless families.

Net impact: Leaning Gray.

But: Ad also shows Fenty talking and laughing with average residents. See, he's changed!

  • Ward8forreal

    You can't be serious. Do you not know that Fenty has housed 1000 homeless people since he took office?
    He launched the HPRP program which is targeted to homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing?

    Come on, Gray sent payments for 300 foster children that were never placed or moved out of the homes. In fact the entire foster care system has been deemed unconstitutional by the federal government who took it over. The city lost a million dollars thanks to Mr. Gray. DC had to pay over a million dollars in fines for not housing the homelessness.(Washington Post 07.20.1993)
    The main point about Mr. Gray and his tenure at DHS is that under his direction, DHS went into federal receivership.

    More presently, what about how he cut the funding for the H Streetcar project in the middle of the night? Or how he cut the Summer Youth Program short, even though those funds were federally appropriated and approved in a letter to be airmarked for the program? Please fact check that.
    Lesson of the day: If you have money to throw away than go with Gray.

  • Sally

    So another month of the same b/s from Cherkis about how he's not sure who he's gonna vote for?

    Oy. It will be a huge shock when he announces his support for Gray next month.

  • http://.. Marie Jackson

    The summer Youth Program was not cut short. It was funded for six weeks and Fenty asked to have it extended to suck up to people like you.

    A week and a half extra pay for teens whose parent cannot find work is not a smart choice.

    Also, get the hell out of the 1990s. You folks claim to be so progressive and living in the past.

    Talk about how Fenty is trying to pay Ron Moten's thugs $400,000. This is happening now. This is not 1993.

    You must be one of the paid volunteers for Fenty.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com unbelievable

    Fenty is a liar. Go Gray Go.

  • tformation

    Marie Jackson, you forgot to mention the payment he tried to give to Banneker Ventures (Omar) too.

    There are lawsuits pending against the city that have gone on for years with no resolution but I bet you this Banneker lawsuit will be settled by the first court date.

    I wonder if any other lawsuit filed against the city since Fenty was elected had been resolved/settled.

    On top of that, we have our lawyer, who is supposed to represent us, giving news interviews saying there is no way he can represent us. WHAT LAWYER DOES THAT? Only one hired by Fenty et al.

  • downtown rez

    Fewer families are waiting on the rolls now than then, and at the same time the city has more people than it did then.
    So we are doing better at housing and caring for homeless both in absolute numbers and percentages.
    Perhaps the reasons for this are deep and complex, but that does not negate the fact that this administration is far more successful at this- one of your pet metrics- than the one Gray served in.

  • Bill

    No "informed" voter has not made up his/her mind at this point. Really CP, spare us all.

  • Adrienne

    The DCHA waitlist for housing vouchers is and has been at 20,000 for years. That doesn't include the waitlist for subsidized housing or public housing. So housing 1000 homeless people in a 4 year period is no big deal. Can the recipients maintain the housing? Is it really an end to the issue of chronic homelessness in this city? I doubt it. Also, Fenty's launching of the HPRP is simply a re-packaging of programs initiated by previous administrations through federal funding - so again it would appear that Fenty is taking credit for something that he really did not accomplish on his own - sorry ward8forreal and downtownrez. Your boy needs to prepare for his lost and maybe go back to school - he definitely won’t be hired as an attorney and as we can see he has very poor management skills. Like Icarus, Fenty flew too close to the sun. He was a great councilmember, which is where he should have stayed...

  • downtown rez

    The DCHA waitlist for housing vouchers includes people who are dead, who live in other cities, and who have since found housing.
    It's worthless.

  • downtown rez

    By this I mean the BOEE roles are better. And that's really not saying much.

  • Data on DCHA

    The DCHA waiting list is actually at 28,000 HOUSEHOLDS. What that means is there are actually somewhere close to 50k + residents on the waiting list for public housing or a housing choice voucher. Contrary to what Drez asserts the list was purged a few years back with help of an outside firm (it sat somewhere around 46k households at that time) and is constantly updated. The list as most housing advocates will tell you is a very good measure of the need for affordable housing in the District. This administration has never made an attempt to propose or execute a comprehensive affordable housing strategy. It’s a shame because we have one of the most robust and active nonprofit and for-profit affordable housing production and advocacy communities of any jurisdiction in the country. The free research, brain power and capacity are ignored and allowed to die on the vine by this Mayor.

  • http://ABF ABF

    Jason, Vince Gray will be the new mayor of DC and we need him in this city!