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The Signspotter: Kwame Brown

The Signspotter: Kwame Brown

Candidate: At-large Councilmember Kwame Brown, running for D.C. Council chairman

Colors: Royal blue and white

Graphic Elements: Tiers of text separated by white lines

Slogan: "Vote Kwame Tuesday September 14, 2010"

Spotted: Arkansas Avenue NW and Taylor Street NW

The SignspotterSignspotter says: In the Tarantinoesque cavalcade of candidates of color—ballots will feature a Mr. Gray, Mr. Orange, and a Mr. Brown—the sitting councilman didn't take aesthetic inspiration from his name. In fact, Brown's signs dispatch with his last name altogether. He is just Kwame, in three different places on his sign, a blunt familiarity that banks on some existing name recognition and an unsubtle reminder of the candidate's race.

Brown also uses his sign to make the most direct ask, unfurling the date of the primary election with uncommon specificity. He is clearly not counting on Fenty and Gray to flush his voters out to the polls for him a month from now; Brown is afraid of an electorate forgetting that there's an election altogether.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • OTBerbur

    In fairness, Kwame Brown's use of his first name is likely less an "unsubtle reminder of the candidate's race" than an attempt to distinguish him from all the other Browns who have run in citywide council races: the Michael Brown who currently holds an at-large seat and the distinct Michael Brown who is seeking one of the other at-large seats. (One wonders just how much the Signspotter knows about DC politics as opposed to, for instance, sushi.)

  • DCster

    Yeah. I wonder if campaign signs for 'Phil' or 'Mary' are also carrying reminders of their candidates' race with various subtlety. Who cares.
    More interesting I thought was the blandness of the sign -this is something you might see in any suburb or state - no attempt to play up DC bona fides using a star or red/white stripe pattern. Maybe he doesn't feel the need.