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Banneker Ventures Sues D.C.

Banneker Ventures has filed suit against the District of Columbia, online court records show.

Attorney General Peter Nickles said the suit was in response to the D.C Council's refusal to honor a settlement between the city and Banneker over cancelled park contracts. (But since Nickles negotiated the settlement without telling the council, which irritated lawmakers, it's not exactly a surprise that he blames the council for what came next.)

Banneker is owned by Mayor Adrian Fenty's frat pal Omar Karim and is at the heart of a council investigation into alleged corrupt contracting practices by Fenty's administration.

LL will update after he pulls the file. Unless the thunderstorms wash the courthouse away.

  • DC Guy

    Can we add the costs for actions like this to the documented $82 million in Fenty costs?

  • LOL

    You have got to be freaking kidding me.

  • candycane1

    One more nail in Fenty's coffin. The Frat bros are a mess. Damn

  • tired


  • Mr. Bigglesworth

    If Marion Barry can get re-elected AFTER being busted by the FBI, it is no surprise that Banneker thinks it can win this an indefensible case.

    LL: when you go to the court house, you might see if there are any court records for "Banneker v. Baby with Candy."

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com unbelievable

    Not surprise @ all.

  • Bigflipperdipper

    Sure Omar Karim is Fenty's friend. That is why he is suing him...right?

    There are 150,000 Kappas in the country. Probably 2 or 3 thousand in the DC/MD/VA area.

    We are not all friends. Skinner was Fenty's friend. They both pledged nupe in fall'89-spring '90 year. One in alabama the other in Ohio(i think)

    Omar is some skating ass cat whose brother was in the class up. Omar is a friend of Skinners. Fenty and Omar don't like each other and never have. The idea of Fenty rigging a contract for Omar is crazy.

    Sinclair might have been able to lobby for Omar. But, Adrian, personally, wouldn't give Omar a dirty jock strap. Nor, Skinner by the way. Sinclair got offered a 50k job by Fenty after the election. And, he refused to give him a high position. Skinner still hold that in his belly against Fenty. That, in my opinion, is why skinner is so reckless with Fenty's name.

    Fenty real friends can't pay Skinner or Omar to go away. Trust me...people have tried.

    But Adrian aint helping them out. Maybe someone else, but not Fenty.

    And that is real. Not fiction baby. Fenty snatched that parks contract back so fast he damn near got whip lash. The council just won't let it die for political reasons.

    The truth is Adrian didn't know crap about that deals specifics. He knew it was a hot button and stayed out. Unfortunatley for him, some folk got greedy and stupid.
    But, they didn't break the law (they are lawyers...ya know...it isn't guess work for them) so, the city is going to have to pay up.

    I don't think it was a coincedence that this happened after Dan Tangherlini went to the Feds. He would have killed that deal. I think Richardson got caught off guard a bit during the transition.

    In the end, that is all that stupid report of Gray's will wind up saying. Because that is all that happened.

  • LOL

    Omar isn't suing Fenty. Omar is suing the city. I am glad he is gonna go to court. Maybe that precedent Mendo mentioned will be brought up.

    As for Omar and Fenty. They were quite inseparable at the Deanwood Rec Center.

  • S.E.


    You've got to be kidding!!!

  • DC Guy

    Ya, I am going to agree with S.E.

  • Tformation

    So bigflipperdipper.... Is that what the story is now? Omar isn't really Fenty's friend, he just allowedthis to happen because he knew it was a hot button, and then HE pulled the contracts after being questioned? Lol Please tell me you have something better than that!

    Omar isn't sueing Fenty, he is during YOU (assuming you are a DC Resident). After the Council wouldn't allow Peter to give Omar MORE money, Peter decided the only way to do it is if he files court papers, then arbitration and settlement will automatically come up and Peter can give him the money that way. You all must really think we are stupid.

  • David

    Great! Omar is suing the city, now he will be deposed under oath and all the secrets will have to come out. I hope in lands in court. DC do not pay him. Let him sue. This is good for the taxpayers.

  • *******

    This lawsuit will never make it to court. Once again Peter Nickles will step in and give Banneker Ventures a nice settlement under the table while no one is watching. Then the Council will get pissed, and Nickles will respond that it's just a legal matter and they don't understand.

  • Marie Jackson

    August 12th, 2010
    5:53 pm #6

    You and Fenty put Kappas to shame.

    What a bunch of bullshxt. Do you have a DC contract?

  • Adrian Bent-Me.

    Bigflipperdipper- you are either the dumbest human being alive or a close second.

    Karim proudly promotes his business to legitimate developers wanting City contracts as being Fenty's buddy who can get you the deal if you break me off 15%.

    Let's suspend reality for a moment and assume that Fenty and Karim weren't friends or don't even like each other as you claim. A couple of things just will not add up if this is true. Fenty's known to be one vindictive little bitch. I highly doubt Karim would be doing any business in the City to begin, but by some fluke chance, the oh-so-elonquent Skinner manages to butter Fenty up and gets Karim these contracts. I doubt there is any way in Hell, Fenty would sit by and say or do nothing when all of this is being played out publicly. Another thing that really does not make sense according to your stellar logical deduction is why Fenty chooses to Veto any action taken by the Council.

    This City is getting screwed and it's idiots like you are making it so easy for them.

  • downtown rez

    you are right, of course. Fenty's first choice of who would get this contracts was OPEFM's well-regarded Alan Lew. But the council blocked that. Of course, now they are back in Lew's shop. What a surprise.
    In my opinion, the council was just pissed that they didn't get to name their own favored contractors and subs.
    For example: Did anyone else notice that the principal of disgraced Prince Construction was on the stage with Barry at his presser- the one he held after his committee chair was taken away?
    Now, of course, it's more electorally political. But it wasn't always so. They just wanted a piece of the action.