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Vincent Gray, The Friendly Looking Vampire

Folks have been tough on Mayor Adrian Fenty lately—booing him at forums (and at funerals), slapping posters mocking him up around Adams Morgan, voting against him at straw polls. At times like these, a guy needs to know he's got a friend he can count on.

Fortunately for Fenty, he's got Ron Moten.

Just in time for the mayoral primary, the Peaceaholics founder (whose group has reportedly received $8 million in city contracts in the last four years) has dropped a new issue of The Otherside Magazine, a publication whose chief purpose seems to be to convince people that they don't really want to vote for Vincent Gray, after all. Take these two cartoons, featuring Gray as a friendly looking vampire:



Eat your heart out, Tom Toles! Much like the Moten-produced rap songs, these cartoons are heavy on talking points, light on any real artistic inspiration. (Though LL chuckled at the B-movie dialogue in the second one.)

Also in The Otherside is the "true story" behind the Fenty administration's ill-fated attempt to donate a fire truck and ambulance to a resort town in the Dominican Republic. The magazine correctly points out that the Dominican Republic is on the same island as Haiti, but boldly claims that neither country has "emergency service vehicles," and that if only the fire truck donation had gone through, the earthquake response in Haiti might have gone smoother. (LL went to Haiti in 2001 and cannot recall if he saw a firetruck or an ambulance during his visit.)

"We have seen where Haiti could have put fire truck and the ambulance to great use during the earthquake that struck its residents," the magazine reports, not entirely grammatically.

Moten was passing out The Otherside last night at the Ward 8 forum. He says he printed up 10,000 copies.

  • Ward 5

    Funny, I recently put a Vince Gray for Mayor sign in my yard and had the luck of coming home yesterday evening to the above named "magazine" on my lawn. I guess placing it in my mailbox would have been too complicated. How nice of them to give me a complimentary copy. Good thing it was recycle day.

  • Indeed

    I'll give it to whomever drew this: very good likeness of the vampire Gray.

  • Charlie

    Wait! It is super cool to be a vampire these days isn't it?

  • http://twitter.com/monkeyrotica monkeyrotica

    Okay, first of all, Gray is a REVERSE vampire, so he only comes out during the day. And second of all, he still sucks.

  • DC Guy

    Moten printed them up?


    Is there a "Paid for by the Fenty Campaign" on it?

    If not, is the money spent on this registered with DCBOEE?

    Is this taxpayer dollars via Peaceaholics going to this effort?

  • Alan Suderman

    DC Guy: Moten said he paid for the printing of the magazine by selling ads. There are ads for clothing stores, an attorney and a real estate agent.

  • DCGuy

    Most of my fellow friends who supported Fenty in '06 and the few who still do, remain utterly amazed that he is allowing this guy to turn this race into utter DC's installment of hotghettomess.

  • DCGuy

    That should be most of us who supported Fenty.

  • S.E.

    He must be drinking the Kool-Aid by the gallons if he thinks one (1) fire truck and one (1) ambulance could have made a difference in a earthquake.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Ron Moten is an idiot.

  • SuperS

    Vote the bums out!

  • http://lifein.mvsna.org niello8

    I foresee the Mo' reality show in our future.

  • tired

    wow. What is he smoking!! Did he do spell check? What a moron!!!!

  • http://.. Marie Jackson

    Come on "GIFT". Keep giving.

  • Diggums

    I was for Fenty... but I loves me some True Blood!!!

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com unbelievable

    WTC is he doing? I'm truly amazed at the things this idiot says. Wow. Go Gray go....

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com unbelievable

    @ MJ....so true. Keep on giving Moten u idiot. Lol

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com unbelievable

    All I can say is "wow". Lol gift just keep on giving.

  • Taye

    When will the cartoons emerge of Fenty as uncle Festers long lost son from the Adams Famiily. He truly looks like a baby Fester....


  • Bisexual Vampire

    "True Blood" rocks and Vampires are the in creatures of today. I wouldn't bite and turn Ron Moten if he was the last human on earth. Can you imagine Ron Moten as an immortal? LOL LOL

  • Ward 4 Resident/Voter

    The mayoral campaign in the District of Columbia has turned into a circus with name callling and ugliness. As a registered D.C. voter, I am turned off by the actions of some like Ron Moten.

  • somebody

    Nothing but "Jail House" cartooning

  • Jack

    Fenty is the ONLY choice we have..... elected Gray would be like electing NO ONE......

    4 More Years for Fenty

    No Years for the Vampire!! who will suck the city dry

  • SuperS

    I apologize Jack, but Fenty has already sucked the coffers dry. I will be so glad when we wake up September 15th and the District residents have a new Mayor.

  • Northwesterner

    Fenty has done nothing of the kind. Get real.

  • Tired fo the Bullshit

    First off I still find it funny how LooseLips only reports down items on Fenty. So are you blowing the Gray campaign manager, sleeping with his press person or do you just have a adult crush on Gray because I swear reading what you post on a regular basis he pisses liquid gold. I swear I wish we had any of the old Loose Lips back, any of them, I repeat any of them. My cat could do a better job than you, my bad, my cat would at least do a job.

    Now to this add, who cares, this city is damned if we get Gray and funny enough, the folks in this city would prefer a person who makes them feel good about being sub par instead of delivering results.

  • Amber

    Isn't it a bit ballsy of the Mayor's supporters to call out Gray for homeless families being on the street? According to the Fenty Administration's own stats, there were 593 homeless families on the WAITING list for emergency shelter as of August 1: http://ich.dc.gov/ich/site/default.asp.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com unbelievable

    What an idiot. We love you Ron Moten. Keep on giving dude. Go Gray Go

  • Justice4DCTaxpayers 2

    Keep the obese lying fat female church folk out of politics who have that church next door to 7D police.

    ALSO, WHEN WILL FENTY ADMIN,DOT OR MPD ticket the Van with DC tags driven by one Deborah Jackson with VA tag#SPH-6336 WHITE KIA SEDONA
    who lives and parks the illegal tag-bearing in the 2300 Block of "Q" St., SE. Enough with the liars and tax-cheaters in church and may the best crook win the election for Mayor.

  • Really!?!

    Let me put this out there. With Barry we had money spent all over the place. Contracts going to his friends. A pretty bitter relationship with the press. Some could say that Barry and Fenty have a lot more in common than people think.

  • http://www.hopeprojectdc.org me

    A true alternative to Ron Moten and the peaceaholics. The HOPE Project. http://www.hopeprojectdc.org

    HOPE is REAL

  • DC Resident- Ward 2

    Woah. Didn't Fenty just attempt to steal $11 million from homeless services and pump them into the Summer Youth Employment Program? The program went overbudget AGAIN this year and this time Fenty's people knew there wouldn't be enough money in MAY!

    They overspent the money anyway, misused stimulus $$$'s that were meant for homeless services (in the FY 2011 budget), and then got caught by the Council with their hand in the cookie jar while they had the audacity to ask for MORE MONEY to keep the program running for 7.5 weeks instead of the legally mandated 6 weeks.

    If Fenty's making claims about Gray's handling of an agency in the 1990s, can we please bring to light Fenty's mishandling of the city budget over the last four years?

    Oh, and if LL is blowing Gray's campaign manager, then the Wapo editorial board and Jonetta Rose Barras are drinking right from Fenty's teet. At least with the City Paper someone's telling us what's really going on.

  • incredulous

    So Peaceaholics pays people to print and distribute these magazines; and the Fenty administration finds funds to cover the operating losses of the organization which, same day, is reported to have a severe cash-flow crisis.

    Man there are so many nice and fine people with addictions and spending habits that are pathological.

    Time to bring back boring Anthony Williams normalcy. Audit, please?

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