Loose Lips

Undecided: Good Listener Edition

AUGUST 10: Visit from a Man in Green

Today’s Event: A visit from a Fenty door-knocker. It's a Sunday afternoon and my wife is out shopping with her mother when a middle-aged Green Teamer shows up with a pamphlet featuring a photo of the cool new Wilson Aquatic Center. I already have that one, but I'm alone and sort of bored, so I step outside to talk to him. I start to feel an election-themed rant coming on: The man lets me go on and on with obscure gripes about Attorney General Peter Nickles gripes and the mayor's failure on First Source jobs. He listens impassively, and then asks: Well, what has Gray done? I am suddenly stumped. I can only offer that Gray has run a strong campaign and appears to be trying harder to win. The volunteer just smiles. He's got me.

Influence: Strong. The Fenty volunteer wasn't a Peaceoholics dude or a crony with a fat contract. He let me talk and explore the issues without interrupting me to make fun of Gray's vampiric features or bring up Gray's early '90s DHS tenure.

Net impact: Leaning Fenty.

But: The guy never contradicted me about any of Fenty's failings, either!

  • Ward 5

    HA! My fenty-door-knocker was someone I knew from around the hood, who couldn't give me a good reason to vote for Fenty but pleaded with me to sign her clipboard (as undecided) because it was her job and she couldn't get anyone else to do it. Which sucked, considering I would have welcomed the dialogue.

  • larry

    Are you really leaning Fenty because you couldn't come up with anything for Gray? That's pretty depressing.

  • linda

    You had a much better experience than I did. I was approached in my front yard by a fairly agressive Fenty person, who kept reciting a script I'd heard once before from a canvasser and twice on the phone. When I countered that some of the issues he was telling me were not factually true as I had worked on them at the Council and that I was concerned about certain issues, he followed me onto my front porch and physically cornered me--I finally had to demand that he leave--several times.