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Gray Campaign Claims It’s Victim of Crank Caller

crank-yankers_281x211This couldn't have come on a worse day. Just as campaigns are trying to squeeze out some more cash from their supporters before today's filing deadline, the Gray camp has fallen prey to a prank caller. According to the press release:

"The Vince Gray For Mayor telephone numbers have been hijacked by someone who has masked their telephone number identification with the campaign's number.This person is making prank calls to residents. Hundreds of residents have called into the campaign office, complaining that someone is contacting them from the campaign and hanging up. Verizon security control and the Metropolitan Police Department have been notified of the calls, and authorities are seeking to identify the person or persons responsible. We ask that anyone who receives these calls to contact Verizon security control at 1-800-483-6922."

Gray Campaign Spokesperson Traci Hughes tells Loose Lips that the crank caller has yet to even speak to residents. "They're not saying anything," she says. "As soon as the person picks up, they hang up." She says campaign headquarters has received hundreds of complaints since 5:15 p.m.: "The phones have been ringing off the hook."

Hughes says Metropolitan Police Department officers are on the scene at Gray's headquarters.

*photo courtesy of MTV.

  • Jason Cherkis
  • downtown rez

    This news cycle is done- and the header stayed up throughout so it's over. Jason wasn't the only one who acted like a tool. Kevin Roubillard at TBD did too with this title: "Hundreds" of D.C. residents "irate" over crank calls from hijacked Vince Gray phone lines". But at least this reckless and false statement by the Gray campaign didn't get more favorable play than that.
    My question would run more to what the Gray staffers told those "hundreds" of people who called their HQ to complain. What were they told by the Gray campaign? I mean, if a press release alleges dirty tricks, what are campaign staffers saying in a one-on-one over the phone?

  • tired

    @DCGuy you are right on the money, dwntrez is a Fenty lover pure and simple.

  • Northwesterner

    DCGuy, you can't follow what I write and are off on all these tangents. I'll put my degrees and my company up against yours for comparison any day.

  • Bill

    Northwesterner, does it matter that the Giant opened while Fenty was mayor? He did not "deliver" the Giant in any way, shape, or form as his campaign claims. DC, under Mayor Williams, sold the land to the developer with the stipulation that part of it be used for a grocery store. All of the hard work, zoning and land acquisition was done well before Fenty took office. That's the truth.