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Fenty’s Green Team Gets Pushy With Signs (Again)

From Keith Jarrell:


Jarrell writes via e-mail: "Fenty people again place an unwanted sign in my yard, this time directly in front of my Vince Gray for Mayor Sign. They are amazingly short on ideas to win support and votes."

  • Mr. Bigglesworth

    Fenty Campaign also seems to think that a "for sale" sign in a yard grants permission to place a green sign there.

  • downtown rez

    Jason- Read the Shepard Park list serve for additional insight on campaign signs.
    By the way, You'll perhaps recall the Fenty folks changed the design of their signs, and may have noticed they have not installed that style of campaign sign in the past several months.

  • Indeed

    Another note to Fenty campaign workers: If someone says that under no circumstances will they vote for Fenty, please do not ask them to talk to you about why and then when they try to leave, corner them. It is none of your business. No one needs to explain their vote to you. You are harassing people.

  • Manor

    Keith Jarrel is a rather crazy attention seeker, I can't believe you'd give him the limelight. My guess is he either did this himself or someone is just messing with him as they know how nutty he is. Join any Ward 4 listserv and read his past, senseless, megalomaniacal posts.

  • downtown rez

    And also check the Shaw list serves for more citizen reports sign shenanigans.
    IMO creating the impression of Fenty campaign wrongdoing, or at least the impression of equal wrongdoing, is the real Gray campaign goal here.
    Nixon ain't got nuthin on Gray.

  • Contrarian

    Actually the Shepherd Park thing was much ado about nothing. The signs were not posted on school grounds --illegal, but rather in the public space between the sidewalk and the street in front of the school which is legal (technically). This is the same area that all the candidate set up their tents days before on election day as the school is a poling place. Gray's folks removed the signs away -- good on them.

    Mr. Jarrel is closer to the truth, as I can give you about a dozen addresses up 16th Street that have the same thing happen over the past two weeks.

  • Hymesb

    This is corney politics 101. Gray blames Fenty for his house bieng broken into. Gray blames Fenty for the fact that he got caught installing a private fence on public property without payment nor permit. Harry Thomas blames Fenty for his car getting booted. Barry blames Fenty for his crack arrest...no, "the bitch" set him up.

    Fenty has served Ward 4 for 10 year and knows everybody in the ward. He doesn't have to plant signs.

    Anyway chance Gray and his over-zealous future felon Mr. Leshuer (sp.) might be pulling some magic tricks. He promised Gray that he would personally deliver Ward 4.

  • downtown rez


  • Brahmin

    I have a few picture of signs in Ward 5 and Ward 6 yards that are owned by the city, for sale,or visibly abandoned.

    I have a theory that has more to do with the campaign staff than Fenty leadership in the campaign. Because that is humiliating to a campaign to have a sign in a yard that is not occupied. It looks desperate,

    Most campaign field coordinators will pull their own signs out of the street boxes even when residents put them in there. Campaigns normally do a thorough quality check of their signs.

    I am guessing Fenty himself would be pissed to learn where his signs are ending up.

    But if the staff is ridden so hard and told to produce results that are not feasible I could see a scenario where they make up houses visited and addresses to plant signs.

    I saw the Fenty team on my block and they seemed a little defeated they didn't even knock on my door. I have a Gray sign. Nor did they stop at any of my neighbors who don't have signs.

    They are probably starting to understand something the Washington Post fails to get--there isn't any more persuadable voters for Fenty to influence. Fenty is a known and unlike factor, visiting people at this stage in the campaign only reminds voters to vote against you.

    it is not a coincidence that there was a Fenty canvass team in Ward 6 and Ward 4 right before the Ward organizations saw record turnout and a landslide victory for Gray.

  • candycane1

    Don't throw them away. Keep them for Sept 14th. Paint a big no over the Fenty signs and place them in your yard on Primary day. I have two waiting from attacks on my yard.