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Trayon White Wants Another Shot at Ward 8 Seat


Last year, Marion Barry protege Trayon White lost the special election to replace Barry in the Ward 8 D.C. Council spot by less than 100 votes. Now the seat is up again, and White's back.

This morning, White registered as a candidate for June's Democratic primary, a decision that sets him up again the primary rival for Ward 8 Councilmember LaRuby May.

White, a former member of the State Board of Education and Attorney General Karl Racine's staff, says he's running because the ward needs "an independent councilmember that represents the people." The implication, although White demurred from saying it, is that May is too close to Muriel Bowser, whose fundraising apparatus boosted both of May's Ward 8 campaigns.  Read more Trayon White Wants Another Shot at Ward 8 Seat

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Gray Launches Ward 7 Bid With Jabs at Alexander


Ex-mayor Vince Gray is back on the campaign trail already taking shots at his main opponent. In an appearance on WAMU announcing his bid for the Ward 7 D.C. Council seat that he once held, Gray criticized Ward 7 incumbent and former protege Yvette Alexander.

In Gray's telling, Alexander's constituent service operations are so bad that Ward 7 residents ask him for help instead. If he hadn't gotten into the Democratic primary race, Gray says, someone else would have tried to oust Alexander anyway.

“There’s wide dissatisfaction at this stage," Gray said. Read more Gray Launches Ward 7 Bid With Jabs at Alexander

Behold: Vince Gray’s Ward 7 Campaign Website

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.59.48 AM


It's official: Vince Gray is running for the Ward 7 Council seat.

Original post

Ex-mayor Vince Gray hasn't officially announced his D.C. Council plans yet, although he must have something to announce on today's noon appearance on WAMU's The Kojo Nnamdi Show. Until then, check out Gray's Ward 7 campaign website placeholder, available at vincegray2016.com.

"Let's join together again," the site says. "Our work is not finished."

Gray's campaign also has a Twitter account. Judging from the website, it's Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander—and not At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange—who needs to worry about Gray running for Council.

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Campaign Finance Round-Up: Orange Leads At-Large Race Fundraising

At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange likes his houses tiny and his campaign treasuries large. Orange, who has more cash on hand than any other at-large candidate, turned in his December and January campaign finance totals Monday along with the rest of this year's declared candidates. Read on for the results.

(For now, LL won't be posting Ward 2 and Ward 4 breakdowns, since Jack Evans and Brandon Todd aren't facing any significant challengers yet).

Read more Campaign Finance Round-Up: Orange Leads At-Large Race Fundraising

Vince Gray on WAMU Tomorrow to Talk About… Something

Programming alert for LL readers: ex-mayor and maybe D.C. Council candidate Vince Gray is going on WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi Show tomorrow at noon.

Exactly what Gray will discuss isn't clear. Still, with nominating petitions already available for the Ward 7 and at-large D.C. Council seats, Gray either has to start running or bow out soon.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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Activists Question FreshPAC Chairman’s Lobbying Report

Former FreshPAC chairman Chico Horton didn't lobby Muriel Bowser's administration on Exelon's takeover of Pepco—or so he says. Some activists aren't convinced so convinced.

In a letter to the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability, Public Citizen asks the board to look into why Horton, whose control of FreshPAC made him one of the mayor's most powerful supporters, registered as an Exelon lobbyist while also not reporting any lobbying with the District.

"The activity reports show a number of inconsistencies," the letter reads.

The letter also asks why a pair of other Exelon lobbyists—Tina Ang and former councilmember John Ray—reported several thousand dollars worth of lobbying activity in 2014, only to report little lobbying on Exelon's behalf in a critical stage of the merger debate. In October, Bowser settled with Exelon and Pepco and agreed to support their merger. Read more Activists Question FreshPAC Chairman’s Lobbying Report