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Yvette Alexander Gets a Challenger in Ward 7

image (1)The special elections in Wards 4 and 8 will be over in a week, but it's already somehow time for another race. In Ward 7, D.C. Democratic State Committee bigwig Ed Potillo is gearing up for a potential 2016 run against incumbent Yvette Alexander.

Potillo, the DCDSC's vice chairman, registered his exploratory committee last year but has kicked up his campaigning this month. Potillo isn't sure how much his connections will help convince party stalwarts to choose him over Alexander.

"They may want to hold back a little bit because she is an incumbent," Potillo says.

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Gray Endorses Ward 4 Candidate With a Dig at Bowser Favorite

Vince Gray has kept a low profile lately, but the ex-mayor can't resist a chance to foil old nemesis Muriel Bowser. In a press release sent out this afternoon, the former mayor endorses Dwayne Toliver for the Ward 4 special election—and includes a not-so-subtle dig at Bowser favorite Brandon Todd along the way.

In a press release from Toliver's campaign, Gray calls the Shepherd Park advisory neighborhood commissioner "the best choice" to represent the ward. So far, so boilerplate, but Gray follows up with the good stuff, saying that it's "a hugely important time to have an independent Council to ensure there are solid checks and balances across the District government."

In other words, if you don't vote for Toliver, in Gray's telling, Todd will win and do whatever his patron says.

Gray has also endorsed in the Ward 8 race, where Gray favorite Sheila Bunn faces Bowser ally LaRuby May (and a whole lot of other people). Campaign finance reports from the two mayors' candidates tell the difference between being backed by a former mayor and a current one. As of March 10, May had raised $239,621.03. Bunn, on the other hand, had raised just $54,062.74.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

What to Expect at Jim Graham’s Strip Club Shows

On the D.C. Council dais, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham's histrionics earned their own nickname: Grahamstanding. Now that he's off the Council, though, Graham is putting his promotional skills to more lucrative use by organizing strip club shows.

Graham, as first reported by the Blade, now works for Georgia Avenue NW strip club the House as a special events director. His gay strip night series, "Rock Hard Sunday," kicks off this Sunday, while his series for straight women continues tonight at the club.

"I wanted it to be fun, and I wanted to make some money," Graham says.

But Graham isn't just pushing hard bodies. He's aims to bring in a male belly dancer from abroad, if the dancer's visa clears, and he wants more choreographed routines.

"In addition to being edgy and erotic, it'd be nice to have something that has real merit to it in terms of dance," Graham says.

Graham hopes to convince the dancers to wear one of his signature bow ties, then throw them into the audience. Whoever catches the ties, Graham plans, will be able to turn them in for a free drink. The ex-councilmember, who leaves talent auditioning to others, says he's been "quite amazed" by how much some of the club's female customers tip.

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Photo: Emancipation Day


6th Street and Constitution Ave. NW, April 16

Ward 8 Candidates Will Debate Monday at Uniontown

Washington City Paper/WPFW At-Large D.C. Council Debate

Candidates vying for the D.C. Council seat formerly held by the late Marion Barry will debate Monday at Uniontown Bar and Grill in Anacostia.

Ward 8 hopefuls Marion C. Barry, Sheila Bunn, Eugene Kinlow, Trayon White, and Natalie Williams are confirmed to attend the Washington City Paper-hosted debate. Our moderators for the evening will be Loose Lips columnist Will Sommer, Nikki Peele of Congress Heights on the Rise,and NBC4 reporter Mark Segraves.

The debate will be held on the second floor of Uniontown (2200 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE) and will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 20. Doors open at 5 p.m., and space is limited to around 100 people. Send questions using the #LLDebate, and check back next week for audio.

Sulaimon Brown Falls Out With Muriel Bowser, Makes His Endorsements

Sulaimon Brown has been keeping a low profile since the scandal he kicked off took down Vince Gray's re-election hopes last year, but now the 2010 Gray campaign stalking horse has reemerged—and he's not happy with new Mayor Muriel Bowser. Via press release, Brown has some hot takes on the new administration and the special elections.

Brown, who endorsed Bowser's mayoral bid, has soured on her since then, apparently over her power tussles with the likes of Attorney General Karl Racine.

"It’s been a long time since we had a female mayor, my hope is she’s successful but I must admit, right now it doesn’t look that way," Brown writes.

Brown even implies that he could kick Bowser out of office, a threat that LL suspects may not be realizable.

"If anyone knows anything about removing a mayor from office, or making their life miserable its [sic] Sulaimon Brown, so take my advice, be cool, your political capital and job is at stake," Brown writes.

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Marion C. Barry: I’m Not Dropping Out!

IMG_3620For LL's money, there's no faster way to spread a rumor than to hold a press conference denying it. But that didn't stop Marion C. Barry from organizing one this afternoon to insist, contrary to rumors, that he isn't dropping out of the Ward 8 special election to replace his late father.

Make no mistake, says the younger Barry: He's still in it. Barry blames the rumor that he's leaving on rival campaigns, although he won't say which of the ten remaining candidates he suspects.

"This is the time where all the treachery comes out," Barry said outside an early voting location at Judiciary Square.

Does the need to insist that he's still in the race bode ill for Barry's candidacy? LL doesn't remember, say, Muriel Bowser claiming on the eve of last year's primary victory needing to claim that she was still in the race. But Barry insists that, despite the hassle, the rumor is good news, "a sign of desperation" from opponents afraid of his success.

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