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Subject #12: Tim Cohen

Filmed December 11, 2007
The Belfry
San Francisco, CA
Tim Cohen is a poet, visionary artist, and the guitarist/vocalist of the San Francisco-based band Black Fiction. I met Tim in 1994 at a small New England liberal arts university we both attended. On a break from school one year, Tim and I once drove to Richmond, Va., where [...]

Subject #11: The Bus

Filmed December 9, 2007
15th and San Bruno
Under the 101 Freeway
San Francisco, CA
"The Bus" is a mobile venue usually parked somewhere in the Bay Area. A visionary Californian converted this former MUNI vehicle into a moveable concert space, complete with miniscule stage, microphones, monitors, and, unbelievably, a kind of balcony loft above the performance area. Fans [...]

Subject #10: Marcella Gries

Filmed December 10, 2007
The Fucking Ocean Practice Space
San Francisco, CA
On April 6, 2007, I played a show in a strip mall in Richland, WA. The next day, I played a show at the Hemlock in San Francisco. Unfortunately, 750 miles separate these two venues, and these miles could only be traversed overnight by automobile. Fortunately, [...]

Subject #9: Secret Highways

Filmed December 6, 2007
At their Seattle home after a show in
Olympia, WA
Meade Krosby and Eric Bruns, Washington D.C. ex-patriots, are 2/3 of the Seattle trio Secret Highways. Meade is an ex-member of Diastemata, the only band I was never a member of whose record I released. Eric is a member of EBSK and a former [...]

Subject #8: Drew Woods and Art Santana

Filmed December 5, 2007
Backspace Photo Booth
Portland, OR
Art Santana (R) is a pleasant fellow from Portland, Oregon. Earlier in 2007, Mr. Santana asked my musical touring ensemble to play a 21+ show at Ground Kontrol, a "barcade" where he is employed. Though Mr. Santana offered free quarters for video games to supplement my ensemble's extensive rider, [...]

Subject #7: Upskirts

Filmed December 3, 2007
Aquarium (Dempsey's Upstairs)
Fargo, ND
Upskirts are a drums/guitar/vocal trio from Fargo, North Dakota. Before December 3, 2007, I had never played in North Dakota, and did not know what to expect from a city famously skewered in an Oscar-winning Coen brothers film. I was pleased to share the stage with Upskirts, [...]

Subject #6: Big Quarters

Filmed December 2, 2007
Triple Rock Zaxxon Machine
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Brothers Brandon Allday (left) and Medium Zach (right) are the Minneapolis hip-hop duo Big Quarters. When I arrived to play the Triple Rock Social Club, whose menu sports overly-enthusiastic descriptions of vegan cuisine, Big Quarters was in the middle of its set at an early all-ages show. As [...]

Subject #5: Bring Back the Guns

Bring Back the Guns
Filmed December 1, 2007
Slowdown Balcony
Omaha, Nebraska
Bring Back the Guns is a four-piece rock band from Houston, Texas. I met them on March 22, 2007, when my band opened for them at Walter's on Washington, Houston's premier dive bar. When Bring Back the Guns took the stage that night, they wore [...]

Subject #4: Damon Locks

Subject #4
Damon Locks
Filmed November 30, 2007
Empty Bottle Photo Booth
Chicago, Illinois
Damon Locks, a Silver Spring native, is the dynamic frontman of the genrebusting Chicago trio the Eternals and a former member of the postpunk quartet Trenchmouth, which enjoys an enthusiastic cult following. I met Damon on February 22, 2007 when I played with [...]

Subject #3: Brian Straw

Brian Straw
Filmed November 29, 2007 at his loft after a show at the
Grog Shop
Cleveland, OH
Brian Straw, 31, is a solo singer-songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. I met Brian in 1999 when he played a show with my now-defunct band at the now-defunct Speak in Tongues all-ages venue. Few people came to this show, but I was [...]