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Subject #22: Penney Balmes

Filmed December 22, 2007
11:11 Teahouse
Atlanta, Georgia
Penney Balmes is the owner/operator of 11:11 Teahouse, a teahouse/venue in Atlanta, Georgia. Before I arrived at 11:11, I suspected that this "teahouse," like many so-called "teahouses," would really be a generic coffeeshop in a hippieish, new-age disguise. I am happy to report that America's ubiquitous bourgeois coffee culture has [...]

Subject #21: John Iskander

Filmed December 20, 2007
City Tavern
Dallas, Texas
John Iskander is a promoter in Dallas, Texas. I played a "Christmas show" John Iskander organized with Attractive and Popular, a hardworking band from Hot Springs who claimed to have been on tour for five months straight, and Oklahoma's own El Paso Hot Button, one of the best one-man bands [...]

Subject #20: Soundperson

Filmed December 19, 2007
Austin, Texas
In our society, recorded sound is everywhere. Frequencies low, middle, and high are routinely emitted by televisions, radios, computers, CD players, cell phones, cars, subways, airplanes, department stores, roller coasters, and, I suspect, the Hubble telescope. However, recorded sound is, by definition, artificial. Every time we hear a sound that is [...]

Subject #19: Matthew Fleeger

Filmed December 18, 2007
San Antonio, Texas
Matthew Fleeger is the operations manager of KRTU 91.7 FM in San Antonio, Texas. When Matthew contacted me about playing in San Antonio, I was enthusiastic. I had "guerrilla gigged" in that city one night in the late 1990's—that is, shown up at a concert unannounced and jumped the bill—and [...]

Subject #18: Colour Revolt

Filmed December 16, 2007
Modified Arts
Phoenix, Arizona
Colour Revolt (Jesse Coppenbarger, Jimmy Cajoleas, Len Clark, Sean Kirkpatrick, and Patrick Addison) is a five piece rock-and-roll band from Oxford, Mississippi. Though I have played in Mississippi, I had never played with or met a band from Mississippi until I met Colour Revolt. For this reason—and because they regaled [...]

Subject #17: Steven Eye

Filmed December 15, 2007
Solar Culture Gallery
Tucson, Arizona
Steven Eye is a sculptor and the Oz-like figure behind Solar Culture Gallery, Tucson's premier all-ages arts/performance space. Eye is known both for his intricate metalwork and inclination to cook for musicians that play at his venue—an inclination all-too-rare amongst American concert-hall promoters. Eye usually makes delicious burritos or [...]

Subject #16: Dahlia Schweitzer

Filmed December 15, 2007
at her Los Angeles apartment
Los Angeles, Calif.
Dahlia Schweitzer is a musician, academic, and author of erotica. She has lived in Washington, D.C., Connecticut (where I met her at our liberal arts university in 1994), New York, Berlin, and, currently, in Los Angeles. I've slept on the floors of Dahlia's apartments in the [...]

Subject #15: Jasmine Watson

Filmed December 14, 2007
The Smell
Los Angeles, Calif.
Jasmine Watson is a Whole Foods employee and a showgoer/promoter at the Smell, an all-ages venue in downtown Los Angeles. Though she recently left her hometown of San Pedro for the much colder city of San Francisco, she found time to attend four concerts I played this month in [...]

Subject #14: Christina Zamora

Filmed December 12, 2007
Moreno Valley, Calif.
Christina Zamora is a concert promoter and record store operator in San Bernardino, California. When I heard Christina booked shows at a venue called "Cheers" nestled near an In and Out fast-food restaurant in a strip mall, I was initially skeptical the prospect of performing at a place where, as [...]