Subject #8: Drew Woods and Art Santana

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Filmed December 5, 2007
Backspace Photo Booth
Portland, OR

Art Santana (R) is a pleasant fellow from Portland, Oregon. Earlier in 2007, Mr. Santana asked my musical touring ensemble to play a 21+ show at Ground Kontrol, a "barcade" where he is employed. Though Mr. Santana offered free quarters for video games to supplement my ensemble's extensive rider, we chose to play another Portland show that I believed to be all-ages. I later learned that this show was not all-ages, and regretted not exploring Mr. Santana's proposal further and, if possible, engaging in a few free games of Silent Scope under his auspices.

When my band returned to Portland this September, I contacted Mr. Santana again for an update on the whole "free quarters" situation. He suggested that I perform at Backspace, a coffeeshop/computer center where his friend Drew Woods (L) booked all-ages events. I agreed, and filmed Mssrs. Santana and Woods in a photo booth at the venue. After the show, Mr. Santana implored me to visit Ground Kontrol the next day to play video games with free quarters he would provide. Unfortunately, I-5 closures forced us to immediately flee Portland and get on the road to Olympia, where we were scheduled to play the next day. In this way, Olympia robbed me of a game Silent Scope.


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    this video reminds me of when i lost my virginity, except with slightly less clothes... and more laughter. (and i think there was a girl present.)

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    I was recently in Portland and went to Ground Kontrol. I don't think they had Silent Scope but they did have several Ms. Pac Man machines!

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    it was harder to watch than to film.

    the last hurrah.

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