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Subject #2: Laura Harris

Subject #2
Laura Harris
Filmed November 28, 2007
Black Cat
Washington, DC
Laura Harris, 25, is a drummer for Benjy Ferree, the Aquarium, and is a student at the Corcoran School of Art. When not pursuing an aesthetic lifestyle, she is a devoted employee of the Black Cat, Washington, D.C.'s premiere independent rock venue.
Though I had seen Laura perform with [...]

Subject #1: Raquel Vogl

Subject #1
Raquel Vogl
Filmed November 27, 2007
Glasslands Gallery
Brooklyn, New York
I met Raquel Vogl on June 27, 1996 at my first show in Washington, DC. My then-band played "Fat Cats" a poorly-named nightclub in Adams Morgan later reborn as "Asylum," which now serves a popular brunch. I did not say much to Raquel at Fat Cats, [...]


Dear Iceland Experiencer:
Recent CNN/YouTube presidential debates and the success of internet pornography prove that individuals interacting with new media expect a visual component to their online entertainment experiences. Literary musings and a rapier-sharp wit are not enough to satisfy Spaceship Earth's citizenry, whose bottomless appetite for filmed distraction grows somehow more bottomless with each evolution [...]

Return Flight

Dear Mr. Moyer:
As a representative of the Transportation Security Administration, I write to criticize your recent travel itinerary and address related issues in re: your alternative lifestyle.
Our records indicate that you flew from Philadelphia to Rome on 9 October 2007 to complete a European tour with [...]

Show No. 30: London, England

Dear Govinda's Pure Vegetarian Restaurant:
I am writing to inform you that I can no longer patronize your establishment. I recently ate at your London Soho location and, while I enjoyed my low-priced meal, cannot return because Govinda's has failed the "Orlons Ideology Test."
I was born in large city in the United States of [...]

Show No. 29: Swansea, Wales

Overheard on the commons in Swansea, Wales:
Mrs. Cow #1: Why, helllooooo, Mrs. Cow!
Mrs. Cow #2: Why, helllooooo, Mrs. Cow!
MC1: All right, then. Well, I'll just stand right here, then. Huddle-up, huddle-up. Let's get warm. Block the wind.
MC2: Oooh, indeed, block that wind. 'Tis quite cold out here on the commons. Quite cold indeed.
MC1: Indeed. (Munching [...]

Show No. 28: Sheffield, England

Sheffield, a friendly university town nestled in South Yorkshire, is home to a well-informed student community and other assorted wildlife. For example, cuddly monsters (see above) provide hours of entertainment and can be adopted for £4. Those not wishing to splurge on a full-size monster can take home a small monster for £1.50. The small [...]

Show No. 27: Glasgow, Scotland

To: 048473893939392927X
From: 8743278924789489Z
Date: 7 November 2007
In re: Humans
Hail 048473893939392927X! I bring you the latest news of my continuing clandestine observation of Milky Way Galaxy, Sun 3x323dd23f, Planet 3, popularly known as "Earth." I must say, I find the inhabitants of this galactic backwater remarkable!
On Earth Date 7 November 2007, I piloted my starcraft over a [...]

Show No. 26: Liverpool, England

Dear John Lennon,
I am writing to inform you that, after your assassination on 9 December 1980, Liverpool mourned, but, 27 years later, is now soldiering on quite ably without you.
I hope you do not think me the bearer of bad tidings. Rolling Stone magazine has long emphasized that you are a rock and roll [...]

Show No. 25: Derby, England

Overheard at a venue in Derby, England.
Me: Hello. I'm from the band playing here tonight.
Derby Club Representative: Hallo.
Me: Hallo.
DCR: Hallo.
Me: Thanks for having us tonight. We're excited to play this venue. All right.
DCR: Awl right.
Me: Awl right. We're excited because we think it's a sushi restaurant. It's called Susumi, right?
DCR: Awl right, guv'nor.
Me: Awl right, [...]