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Shows No. 6 and No. 7: Bilbao, Spain and San Sebastian, Spain

Though their weathered, culturally-sensitive writers may deny it, travel guides traffic in generalization. I quote my Lonely Planet Western Europe (Lonely Planet Publications, 2005): "The Scottish regard themselves as a separate race occupying the same island as the English and Welsh" (p. 221); "Some 90% of France's Muslim community are non-citizens; many are illegal immigrants" [...]

Day Off #1: The Age of Innocence

A day off while on tour in Europe? Who wouldn't want one? Perhaps Mike Watt best addressed the advisability of a "day off" on tour when he said: "If you're not playing, you are paying." Though a day off on the continent may provide an opportunity for sightseeing, resting vocal chords, and watching MTV Europe, [...]

Show No. 5: Verbania, Italy

For eighteen months in the late 1980's, I wore braces. My braces corrected my overbite, but the braces-wearing experience was uncomfortable, and I will not repeat it. However, human society has been beset by a phenomenon I like to call "adult braces." I am not a dental historian, but suspect that adult braces (a.k.a. grills) [...]

Show No. 4: Livorno, Italy

My first European booking agent was an Italian from Pisa. On my first day in Italy, we wandered around the streets of Pisa killing time until our first show. At one point, my booking agent pulled me into a pizzeria, pointed at an unfamiliar food item, and said, "Eat this." What my booking agent pointed [...]

Show No. 3: Prato, Italy

Who will sing the praises of visionary Italian musician Samuel Katarro who, last night, opened for my band in Prato, Italy? Herein, I praise the music of visionary Italian musician Samuel Katarro.
Beyond the obvious—that he is an Italian man with an acoustic guitar—I do not know much about Samuel Katarro, and my conversation with [...]

Show No. 2: Bologna, Italy

"When you play in Europe, where do you sleep?" a friend inquired.
"Different places," I replied. "Sometimes at a person's house. Other times, in a hotel, or at the club."
"At the club?" my friend persisted. "You mean the club you just played?"
"Yes," I admitted.
"That sounds terrible," my friend observed.
"Actually, sleeping at the club is quite [...]

Show No. 1: Pescara, Italy

Milan's sharp fashion sense and wealthy citizenry make this glimmering metropolis the Paris of Italy. Rome is poorer, dirtier, hipper, and artier—think Dublin or San Francisco. Pescara, a charming city of 200,000 nestled into Italy's West Coast, is neither fashionable, glimmering, poor, dirty, hip, or arty. Because it overlooks the Adriatic Sea, I do suspect [...]

Departing Flight

As you may be aware, Europe is a distant continent accessible only by steamer or expensive, unreliable plane travel. To reduce costs for my touring musical ensemble, I found what may be the cheapest flight from the middle-Atlantic states to Rome, Italy. Not surprisingly, this flight departed from one of least reliable travel marketplaces in [...]

Iceland: European Edition

My name is Justin Moyer and I am a rock and roll musician from Washington, D.C. This weblog, which I call "Iceland," details many wonderful and terrible adventures undertaken between Oct. 8 and Nov. 11, 2007, the dates of my band's upcoming four-week European tour. Failing financial disaster or personal tragedy, I expect many noteworthy [...]