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Show No. 18: Braunschweig, Germany

Dear Sir,
I am writing to inform you that I have photographed you without your permission. As I do not know your name or current address, I ask that you, my subject, identify yourself.
This photograph of you was taken on Monday, October 29, in Braunschweig, Germany. I took this photograph around 11:00 p.m., or 23:00 in [...]

Shows Nos. 16 and 17: Leipzig, Germany and Berlin, Germany

"There are many sad people in Berlin," commented the promoter of my band's Berlin show. It's no wonder—all happy Berliners have relocated to Leipzig, where former Communists merrily play foosball (see above) in dirty basements before enthusiastically demanding that punk bands from the United States play multiple encores. Though the basement-cum-rock venue I visited in [...]

Show No. 15: Prague, Czech Republic

"I promoted your show in Prague," remarked the unidentified promoter of my show in Prague (tall man pictured above). We sat in Club 007, where my band had just played a show.
"Hello, sir," I replied. "Might I point out that you are enormously tall?"
"Perhaps," the promoter shrugged. Glancing around Club 007, I noted that I [...]

Show No. 14: Salzburg, Austria

"What kind of strudels are these?" I asked. A very considerate woman had just walked backstage, uttered a few choice German phrases, and departed, leaving two strudels in her wake.
"We do not know," answered a Austrian member of the Austrian opening band (pictured above). "It is a surprise."
"That's the kind of strudel I like," [...]

Show No. 13: Linz, Austria

The would-be graffiti genius that recorded the non sequitur above on the bathroom wall at Kapu in Linz was neither a trendspotter nor a trendsetter. After all, similar non sequiturs can be found on bathroom walls from Tallahassee to Timbuktu. But not all the graffiti that adorns this storied punk venue—a fine grand dame nestled [...]

Shows No. 11 and No. 12: Saarbrucken, Germany and Wurzburg, Germany

"There were some vegan min-muffins here," my bandmate informed me. He lay prostrate on a leather couch backstage at a German venue, face covered with crumbs of unidentified origin.
"Vegan mini-muffins?" I repeated. My band had recently fled Southern Europe, where free, promoter-provided "Southern food"—bountiful feasts of expertly seasoned meat, steaming bowls of pasta, and dewy [...]

Show No. 11: Paris, France

Partial transcription of live audio recording. Unnamed "Performer" at Nouveau Casino, Paris, France, 21.10.07, tentatively identified as Justin Moyer, 30-year old white male, 5'8", 140 lbs. brown eyes, brown hair.
Peformer (P): Hello Paris!!!!
Crowd (C): (silence).
P: HELL YEAH! Baby, get ready to rock!!!! (guitar tuning sounds)
C: (silence).
P: OWWWWWWWW!...Uh...(guitar tuning sounds)...I see you exhibit that particular French [...]

Show No. 10: Barcelona, Spain

"You will find that Barcelona sits astride the mountains and the Mediterranean," my friend informed me. She carried both U.S. and British passports, and had recently relocated from New York City to Barcelona to escape the Big Apple's noisome je ne sais quoi. "If you walk uphill when in Barcelona, you are walking away from [...]

Show No. 9: Sant Feliu, Spain

Overhead at a bar (pictured above) in Sant Feliu, Spain:
A Gentleman of Sant Feliu (GSF): You see this girl, here?
Me: Si. She is American. Listen. She speaks English.
GSF: No, she is English. But listen. She speaks English.
Me: I will listen. Si. Si, you are right.
GSF: So, the English girl here is talking to this guy.
Me: [...]

Show No. 8: Zaragoza, Spain

"Josef K" (pictured above—not his real name) was a regular teenager suffering under the Communist fist in Cheb, Czechoslavakia. I know much suffering existed in Cheb because, in 2002, I played a show there, and refused a young boy's offer to sell me cocaine or his body—he did not specify which. But this is not [...]