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And Now for Something Completely Libertarian

ReasonTV, the visual operation of the prominent libertarian magazine, is out with a video that highlights the challenges faced by the builders of D.C.'s tiny houses, on an alley lot in Stronghold. The houses are compact, energy-efficient, and cheap to build—in the video, tiny carpenter Jay Austin says they can be constructed for as little as $10,000. [...]

Office of Planning Neuters Zoning Update, and Then Some

Last summer, smart-growth advocates were horrified—and car defenders delighted—to learn that the Office of Planning had decided to scale back its plans that would have allowed developers to construct fewer off-street parking spaces near high-capacity transit lines. As part of an update to the city's 1958 zoning code, the office, led then by Harriet Tregoning, had proposed eliminating parking [...]

A Very Illegal Apartment Building Gets a Second Life

On the 700 block of Morton Street NW, a stretch of modest rowhouses, one building stands out. Set back from the street and reaching far higher than its neighbors, 723 Morton St. looks like it doesn't belong.
That's because it doesn't. The developer of the property received permits in 2004 for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing and [...]

War of Addition

Earlier this year, a three-story addition rose up above a two-story rowhouse like “a big middle finger” to its V Street NW neighbors. That was how the website DCist described it at the time. Commenters on the PoPville blog were less charitable. “So freakin’ ugly,” wrote one. “HIDEOUS! How’s this legal?” asked another. “There was [...]

More Life for Old Warehouses: Distillery Coming to Ivy City

I got pretty excited about the idea of a biodiesel plant and medical marijuana cultivation centers coming to the city's dwindling industrial areas. Much has also been made about the brewing now underway at Chocolate City Beer and D.C. Brau. Now, another use for an old industrial building: A District-based team is about to start [...]

Zoning Fights That Make Me Sad

I had the pleasure of attending two ANC meetings over the last two evenings in which zoning for two specific parcels was discussed: One, for the Curtis Chevrolet site on Georgia Avenue, and another, for the Big Bear Cafe on First and R Streets NW. Both left me feeling even more depressed than ANC meetings [...]

Zoned Out: The Anatomy of an Arts Overlay Disaster

Aman Ayoubi thought he was golden. One year and half a million dollars into retrofitting a long-empty building at 14th and U streets for a new restaurant and nightclub, he had a 15-year lease and two liquor licenses in the bag. Permit-wise, he figured the hard part was over.
He was wrong. On April 5, the [...]