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Zoning Rewrite Public Comment Extended by a Year and a Half? Not Quite.

One short press release, and the Twitterverse went nuts. Mayor Vince Gray's office just sent out an email to reporters announcing that the Zoning Committee had voted to extend until Sept. 15, 2015 the deadline for public input into the city's first comprehensive rewriting of its zoning code since 1958. "I want to thank Chairman Anthony [...]

A Dance Party in Protest of Harriet Tregoning

Yes, you read that right. This afternoon, a coalition of groups and individuals opposed to the zoning, Height Act, and other changes proposed by the Office of Planning and its director, Harriet Tregoning, are staging a catch-all dance-party protest.
"Has D.C.'s Office of Planning pissed you off and screwed over your community?" a group called DC for [...]

Zoning Update Won’t Eliminate Parking Minimums in Transit Zones

The headline of this post has been updated to reflect a clarification from the Office of Planning that the change to the parking minimum plans is only for transit zones and not for downtown.
Big news on the rewrite of the city's 55-year-old zoning code: In a reversal from previous plans, the proposed update from the [...]

Out, Damned Spot! How D.C.’s Onerous Parking Requirements Slow Development

Last Wednesday, representatives of the Office of Planning held a private meeting with developers and community leaders in Anacostia to discuss how to create a bustling retail zone in the Ward 8 neighborhood. Assisting them was something called the D.C. Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit, a document prepared for the Office of Planning by the Bethesda-based [...]

Zoning Rewrite Hysteria Continues

Man, these Neighbors for Neighborhoods people raising hell over the Office of Planning's proposed zoning overhaul sure are masters of the hyperbolic email. In addition to the one David Alpert debunked at Greater Greater Washington yesterday, an organizer named Linda Schmitt had the Committee of 100's Alma Gates—she of the Harry Potter-style publicity campaigns—post another on [...]

New Rules for the City: What to Look For in D.C.’s Zoning Makeover

As promised, last week I sat down with the Office of Planning to talk about something that will change how your city looks and feels: An overhaul of the zoning code, which has remained largely the same since it was instituted in 1957. Trust me, it's more interesting—exciting, even!—than it sounds.
The rewrite has been underway [...]

Wondering About the Zoning Update?

Last week, the Washington Post's ombudsman relayed his conversation with a group of activists from the D.C. Federation of Citizens Associations, who—super-blogger Mike DeBonis excepted—are none too happy with the paper's coverage of local issues lately (the Federation's chairman, Robert Brannum, has used more extreme means to voice his displeasure with the Post before). Among [...]