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In Zoning Changes, Timing Matters

If the word "zoning" makes your eyes glaze over, get yourself some coffee or something and try to focus for a second.
Here's the thing: For a few years now, the Office of Planning has been working on revamping the rules that govern how the city looks and feels. Regulations that dictate how many parking spaces [...]

High Stakes at Highland Park: Donatelli Wants to Build More Apartments, But La Casa Might Hold Him Back

Chris Donatelli is stressed out.
He’s been trying to build the second phase of the Highland Park Apartment complex on Irving Street in Columbia Heights ever since he finished the first phase a couple years ago. He learned from that project: The apartments were too big for buyers these days, who want small and cheap. Also, [...]

Zoning Commission: Arcades Can Go

Back in the 1950s, the pedestrian arcade was thought of as a civilizing architectural feature–semi-enclosed avenues off the bustle of the sidewalk, vaguely reminiscent of elegant Parisian walks. Encouraged by D.C. zoning regulations, architects incorporated them into office buildings all around downtown Washington, particularly along the grand boulevard of Connecticut Avenue.
In the 1990s, though, the [...]

Zoning Commission to Hear Big Bear’s Case, But Concerns Raised

The back and forth over the Big Bear Cafe's battle for a liquor license reverberated through the internet after ANC 5C withheld its approval last week. And on Monday, owner Stuart Davenport's application for a zoning map amendment from residential (R-4) to commercial (C-2-A) hit the city's highest court: The Zoning Commission, which decided to set [...]

Skyland Gets Final Nod From Zoning Commission

It's finally over for Skyland Town Center in Ward 7: The approvals part, at least. After a process lasting for the better part of a decade, involving an eminent domain fight and strong protests from the neighbors, on Monday the Zoning Commission waved off a last-minute appeal from the homeowners on Fort Baker Drive–who had [...]

Council Okays Selfridge for Zoning Commission, Rejects Wall

As expected, Council Chairman Vince Gray allowed only one of the two developers nominated to the Zoning Commission by Mayor Adrian Fenty to move forward in the Council's last legislative meeting before their summer recess. Calling Fenty's nominations an "unprecedented attempt to stack the Zoning Commission" with people in the real estate industry, he recommended [...]

Council Likely to Reject at Least One of Mayor’s Zoning Commission Picks

Mayor Adrian Fenty gets three appointments to the five-person Zoning Commission. All three of his latest picks have been developers—and on account of their professional homogeneity, the Council is likely to only confirm one of the two nominations currently pending.
Stan Wall, whom the Mayor nominated to replace menschy chairman Anthony Hood, has already run into [...]

After Small Bump, ARTS Overlay Amendment Looks Set for Smooth Ride Through Zoning Commission

A few weeks after boosting the ARTS Overlay restriction on bars and restaurants in Midcity on an emergency basis, the Zoning Commission reconvened to hear arguments as to whether or not it should be permanently raised, as recommended by the Office of Planning.
Except nobody showed up to oppose it.
ANC 2B commissioner Ramon Estrada, who had [...]

City Council Postpones Vote on New Zoning Commission Chair

In its legislative meeting just now, the D.C. City Council voted to put off its decision on the confirmation of developer Stanley Wall to chair the Zoning Commission. A couple weeks ago, Councilman Phil Mendelson raised objections to the nomination of Wall, who would replace esteemed civic figure Anthony Hood, and reiterated them today.
"There is [...]

Zoning Commission Grants 14th Street a Little Breathing Room

At last night's Zoning Commission hearing to consider an emergency text amendment to the Uptown Arts Overlay, area businesses got a bit of a reprieve: Commissioners took emergency action to boost the 25 percent cap to 30 percent, effective immediately. According to a ZC spokeswoman, for the next 120 days, businesses can apply for their [...]