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Adams Morgan Hotel to be Filed by July 29

Not much new came out of a Saturday ANC 1C planning and zoning committee meeting on the proposed Edition hotel for Adams Morgan (the design, apparently, hasn't changed significantly since it was first presented three years ago). But developer Brian Friedman did give a date certain by which he plans to file his planned unit [...]

Anthony Hood Renominated for Zoning Commission

Way to rock the boat, Vince: The mayor has re-nominated Zoning Commission chairman Anthony Hood, who's served on the five-member commission since 1998 and is generally seen as a "community advocate", for another term to end in February 2013. It's about time; his term expired over a year ago. Last year, Vince Gray refused to [...]

What Happens When Arcades Disappear

Last fall, the Zoning Commission okayed getting rid of the awkward, shady urban awnings that the city once encouraged. Within the last week, the building for which they made the change–One Dupont Circle–has filled in its arcade, building out the interior for Ping Pong Dim Sum. I think it makes for a much more welcoming [...]

NCPC Grumbles About Burnham Place, But May Be All Bark

It's time for the National Capital Planning Commission to weigh in on a new zoning district for the air over the Union Station railroad tracks, and in its staff recommendation, the federal body found that the proposed heights of the new buildings would threaten the city's "horizontal character"–but stopped short of outright condemning the measure [...]

ANC 2E’s Georgetown Student Containment Strategy

We've noted here before the warlike nature of the relationship between Georgetown University and its neighbors (students are like terrorists: If you see one, there must be 10 others hiding in the bushes). If the upcoming Zoning Commission hearings are like truce negotiations, then Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E's recommendations regarding the University's 10-year campus plan [...]

Should We Care About Views of Union Station?

In today's Post, Jonathan O'Connell sums up the squabble between Akridge and preservation groups over the definition of "sidewalk": That is, from where the developer should be able to measure the 130 feet prescribed by the federal Height Act for its Burnham Place project over the tracks leading into Union Station. Akridge–with the Office of [...]

In Zoning Changes, Timing Matters

If the word "zoning" makes your eyes glaze over, get yourself some coffee or something and try to focus for a second.
Here's the thing: For a few years now, the Office of Planning has been working on revamping the rules that govern how the city looks and feels. Regulations that dictate how many parking spaces [...]

High Stakes at Highland Park: Donatelli Wants to Build More Apartments, But La Casa Might Hold Him Back

Chris Donatelli is stressed out.
He’s been trying to build the second phase of the Highland Park Apartment complex on Irving Street in Columbia Heights ever since he finished the first phase a couple years ago. He learned from that project: The apartments were too big for buyers these days, who want small and cheap. Also, [...]

Zoning Commission: Arcades Can Go

Back in the 1950s, the pedestrian arcade was thought of as a civilizing architectural feature–semi-enclosed avenues off the bustle of the sidewalk, vaguely reminiscent of elegant Parisian walks. Encouraged by D.C. zoning regulations, architects incorporated them into office buildings all around downtown Washington, particularly along the grand boulevard of Connecticut Avenue.
In the 1990s, though, the [...]

Zoning Commission to Hear Big Bear’s Case, But Concerns Raised

The back and forth over the Big Bear Cafe's battle for a liquor license reverberated through the internet after ANC 5C withheld its approval last week. And on Monday, owner Stuart Davenport's application for a zoning map amendment from residential (R-4) to commercial (C-2-A) hit the city's highest court: The Zoning Commission, which decided to set [...]