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Zoning Commission Chairman: No One Bikes to the Grocery Store

The Babe's Billiards saga continued last night with a hearing before the Zoning Commission, which adjourned after several hours and will continue Monday. As usual, there was a contingent of neighbors opposed to the parking-free Tenleytown development, and the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission reiterated its support for the plan. With ANC backing, odds of approval [...]

St. Elizabeths Master Plan Drops With Pretty New Pictures

Do not underestimate the power of charismatic renderings in getting people on board with a development vision. That's what's been missing at the St. Elizabeths east campus in Ward 8, where the District envisions a mixed-use urban center full of tech companies, educational institutions, retail, parks, new residents, a new "transit center" next to the [...]

Blame the Feds, Not a Functionary, For Pot in Ward 5

That precious C-M-1 zoning.

The Ward 5 Heartbeat has a story in its most recent edition exposing how Zoning Administrator Matt Legrant "steered" would-be marijuana cultivation centers to their neck of the woods, alleging that even though the regulations did not themselves require the facilities to locate in manufacturing zones—which are found almost exclusively in [...]

More Campus Plans! Catholic University Looks to Densify, Gallaudet to Open Up

With the University of the District of Columbia, American and Howard Universities' 10-year campus plans all put to bed, and Georgetown's to be dispatched shortly, just a few of D.C.'s major academic institutions remain in this cycle of campus plans: Catholic and Gallaudet. The Ward 5 schools have historically had better relations with their surrounding [...]

NIMBYs Win One, Lose One in Upper Northwest

In case you didn't have a chance last week to locate a hard copy of the Northwest Current, a few stories of note:

Sure enough, the developers of the new Tenleytown Safeway backed down in response to neighborhood concerns (which verged into veiled threats of Giant-style litigation) over the monstrous height of a mixed-use project. They [...]

Why Occupy D.C. Is Wrong About the West End Library Deal

Looks like a Zoning Commission hearing this evening on Eastbanc's plan for the West End Library and Firehouse is going to be more exciting than normal, with folks from Occupy D.C. and other assorted activists on hand to protest "the arbitrary suspension of existing zoning rules in the interest of multinational corporations." As part of [...]

Green Light

It was an hour and a half into the Zoning Commission’s tenth hearing on American University’s campus plan this fall, and chairman Anthony Hood was asking how the school planned to respond to days of testimony from neighbors, mostly complaining the plan would bring a crush of new cars to their residential streets. Hood leaned [...]

Kazam! Developers Try to Make Adams Morgan Hotel Disappear

Faced with a community that's of many minds on their proposal for a 227-room luxury hotel, developers Brian Friedman and Matt Wexler have tried to make the building as inoffensive as possible while making good on their investment. In the latest revised submission to the zoning commission, the building's facade—which began, several years ago, as [...]

Guns Could Soon Be Sold At Police Stations

For several months now, it's been even harder to purchase a gun in the District than our draconian regulations allow. Make that impossible: The one guy licensed to sell guns in the District, Charles Sykes, lost his lease and is no longer able to operate.
That could be a problem for the District, legally speaking. In [...]

New Zoning Commission Nominee Has Heavy Duty Housing Experience

Mayor Vince Gray is making good on his promise to rebalance the composition of the Zoning Commission from developer types to community types. After re-nominating chairman Anthony Hood, he's picked a former top official with AFL-CIO's development arm to fill small-time developer Greg Selfridge's spot. Nominee Marcie Cohen spent nearly two decades financing affordable housing [...]